London 2012 olympics powerpoint show


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London 2012 olympics powerpoint show

  1. 1. By Megan SollowayLondon 2012 Olympics
  2. 2. Task: Design an Olympic Villageto cater for the different athletesand their ethnic groups.
  3. 3. General researchI felt it was important to do general research on the Olympics and in particular to geta feel for how they run and learn what goes on in those all important 6 weeks.Here are some facts I found out about the Olympics in general:• 87 countries won medals at the previous Olympic Games in Beijing.• Pierre de Coubertin was the founder of the modern Olympic Games.• The first Olympic Stadium was built in less than a year.• At the 2012 Olympics all of the public bars, food concessions, information and retail points have been designed as individual pods, grouped together outside the stadium in "villages".• 17,000 athletes from 205 countries will compete at the 2012 Olympics.• The USA have won 2,189 medals, the most at the summer Olympics than any other country.
  4. 4. 2012 Olympic research• A total of 205 countries/nations will participate in the 2012 Olympics.• Around 17000 athletes will compete against each other.• The opening ceremony for London 2012 will be on 27th July.• At least 1million people are expected to attend the Olympic games and a massive 4 billion people from around the world will be watching on television.• Women’s boxing will feature in the Olympics for the first time.• A BMX track has been built for the London Olympics and this will be the second time that the sport has been a part of the Olympics.• Manchester, Coventry and Cardiff will all host Olympic football games. Essex will host mountain biking and Dorset will host the sailing.• It is the first time that London is hosting the Olympic games since 1948.• The London Olympic stadium is the lightest stadium ever built.
  5. 5. Where will my Olympic village besituated?The Olympic park will be in Marsh gate, Stratford, London.This means the Olympic village will need to be nearby –walking distance from the stadium. I have picked Three MillsGreen – also in Stratford. It is a great open space and only1.3 miles away, which is a 15 minute walk door to door.Three Mills Green is far enough away from the Olympic parkso that athletes can relax in their village and have quietpreparation time for their sport, but not too far away thatthey would have to take a form of transport to get to theOlympic stadium.
  6. 6. What was the plan for myOlympic Village? My first plan was good, however when I looked at possible materials I could use, it did not realistically work. My new plan which I developed, was easier to build and had more links to the Olympics. On the next slide is a replica of my plan.
  7. 7. Gym and swimming Open pool Hospita l space/garden Running track and training ground Super marke Accommodation Restaurant t Multi faith room and function room Accommodation Accommodation Place to hang outShopping Place to hang outcentre
  8. 8. What materials did I use to buildthe model of my Olympic Village?• For my accommodation towers, I used clip lock round plastic containers.• For the base I used cardboard.• For the rest of the buildings, I used recycling materials such as; juice cartons, cereal boxes and other cardboard etc.The reason why my model is made mostly out of recycledmaterials is because recycling benefits the planet and materialslike cardboard work best when building a model!
  9. 9. SupermarketThe supermarket will have everything fromgroceries to clothes like a huge superstore. Thesupermarket will have food for all nationalities ofthe athletes and the signs and labels will be onelectronic screens in one particular language,however each athlete when entering the store,will have the opportunity to use a languagescanner. The athletes will enter their chosenlanguage and then the scanner will translate anytext it is pointed at into that specific language.
  10. 10. Place to hang outThe two places to hang out in my Olympic village arevery important. It is the main place designed forathletes to have a social life and meet new people.Consoles such as the Wii and Xbox Kinect are set upin the places to hang out so that athletes can playgames against each other and have anotheropportunity to socialise with new people.
  11. 11. AccommodationThe accommodation towers are the key concept to my wholeOlympic village. They are designed in the shape and have theirroofs the colour of the Olympic rings. The open top roofs of theaccommodation have been designed as a quiet place to sit andread and look at the beautiful surroundings of London for thoseathletes who’s first time it is to the capital. Each athlete will havetheir own small flat in one of the designated towers. The flat willconsist of a hall way and to the right, the lounge. To the left is thebathroom and through the lounge is the small kitchen. This only hasa microwave and fridge as athletes are encouraged to eat at therestaurant so that they meet new people. Finally, the bedroom islocated second on the right.
  12. 12. RestaurantThe restaurant is one of the best buildings in myOlympic village. Athletes get to dine 5 star whilsthaving a view of the whole of London. Athletescan choose any of the 25 floors each with adifferent theme. Some floors are a buffet, however,others are order and dine. The Olympic restaurantis really an experience that the athletes will notforget.
  13. 13. HospitalThe Olympic hospital is smaller than a normalhospital, however it has all the facilities to treatathlete’s injuries. If necessary, the hospital can doemergency operations. The Olympic hospital willprovide a service to any athlete with any healthissue.
  14. 14. Shopping centreThe Olympic shopping centre is exclusive to theathletes. It will have all the shops needed fromclothes to beauty and electronics to the cinema.Also, there will be a library in the shopping centre aswell. The athletes will be spoilt for choice with a widerange of high street and designer shops.
  15. 15. Multi faith and function roomThis is a two roomed building. The multi faith room is designed for allreligions of all athletes. It allows athletes to pay respect to their religionin an open and relaxed environment without them feeling uncomfortableor embarrassed. There is a ‘no talking’ rule in the multi faith room andathletes must only go there for religious reasons. The multi faith roomhas lots of equipment such as prayer mats and copies of every religiousbook for the athletes to read.The function room will be down the other end of the building and can beused for athletes to celebrate things such as birthdays and success.Meetings can also take place in the function room as it is a very usefulspace.
  16. 16. Gym, swimming pool andtraining ground.The gym and swimming pool will provide athletes theopportunity to carry out their exercise regime and forswimmers to practice. Athletes can also go to the gym orswimming pool at their leisure. Outside, as part of the fitnesscentre, are tennis, badminton and netball/basketball courtsfor athletes to play on.The training ground will have a marked track but can be usedfor an array of other sports such as cycling and long jump.The training ground will allow the athletes their very importantpractice time before their big event.
  17. 17. Outdoor spaceOut door space is very important when building anOlympic village. When athletes look out theirbedroom windows, they should see some greenery.My Olympic village has one main outdoor spacewith other small ones dotted around. Green grassand plants will make the Olympic village feel likehome for the athletes and will give a relaxed andspacious feel.
  18. 18. Thank You for watching thispresentation on my OlympicVillage.I hope you enjoyed it!