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Khan academy

  1. 1. Khan AcademyGiorgio Sironi (Nest Group)
  2. 2. Description• Service: educational videos for delivering content• Platform for exercises• Platform for coaching – Tracking of students and their history as they change tutors – Tracking of topics and their reception by the class
  3. 3. Description• Users – K-12 students – Adults• Main actors – Content creator (Salman Khan) – Platform creators (rockstar developers hired by the foundation) – Coaches: teachers who use the platform as main support
  4. 4. Description• Didactic objective: deliver content... – at the students pace and with possibility of replay – at the students time and will – and provide exercises targeting excellence• Business model – Its a foundation! (IRS-recognized 501c3) – Donation from Google, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation...
  5. 5. Browsing the website: homepage
  6. 6. Browsing the website: homepage• Video explanations of different depths – 2 introductions – TED talk• Promoters are shown – Bill Gates – Google
  7. 7. Browsing the website: curricula
  8. 8. Browsing the website: curricula• Variety of subjects – Mathematics and scientific subjects – Economics and finance –…• Weaknesses – Humanities (History, Literature) • not suitable for teaching with registered videos – Soft skills (writing) • require exercise and human correction
  9. 9. Browsing the website: videos
  10. 10. Browsing the website: videos
  11. 11. Browsing the website: videos• YouTube hosting – Outsourcing lowers costs – CreativeCommons BY-NC-SA license• Features – Categorization and comments – Questions&Answers system powered by students who watched the video all over the world • Its a large FAQ where a students question is usually already been answered by someone
  12. 12. Browsing the website: practice sessions
  13. 13. Browsing the website: practice sessions• Path of exercises of increasing difficulty• Randomly chosen exercises from a particular subjects archive – The student has to get 10 in a row correct • Stage: mastery learning • Students are not left behind: they can continue exercises at different paces
  14. 14. Browsing the website: coaching platform
  15. 15. Browsing the website: coaching platform• Enables usage in classrooms – Students • Knowledge map to get to know their position • Video progress and exercises progress – Data for the teachers – Teachers • Tracking of students in time (their whole academic life) • Profile of students when they where with another teacher • Progress of the single student on a single topic
  16. 16. Strengths & weaknesses• Comprehensive and consistent video content – All videos shot by the same person – Different subjects• Strong platform being built by some of the best developers in the world• No monetization: costs are high
  17. 17. Conclusions & take-aways• Videos and other reusable delivery of content frees up classroom time for exercise sessions• E-learning can track students for their whole academic life• Finer statistics means a better usage of resources – Teacher stays with students currently left behind – Teacher can discover the problematic areas automatically – Proficient students (on a given topic) can tutor the others