I tunes for k 12


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I tunes for k 12

  1. 1. iTunes for K-12Giorgio Sironi (Nest Group)
  2. 2. Description• Service: K-12 category of a famous online podcasts platform – Audio and video in periodically updated feeds – Crowdsourced podcasts creation – Distribution via freeware proprietary program• Users: teacher and students• Main actors: content creators and Apple
  3. 3. Description• Didactive objective – Provide a categorization of content to help navigation – In order to add value to the iTunes platform• Business model
  4. 4. Business model• iTunes is free to download• Podcasts cannot be sold according to Terms of Service• Where is the money? – Selling DRM-free music (low margin) • Profits go to Apple and record labels – Selling iOS devices • Profits go to Apple – Selling a service/product where podcasts are a complementary good • Profits are retained
  5. 5. Browsing the website: homepage
  6. 6. Browsing the website: homepage• Provides navigation – Of categories – Of appropriate podcasts• Other filters – Popularity – Alphabetic
  7. 7. Browsing the website: example of podcast
  8. 8. Browsing the website: example of podcast• Description• List of episodes – Number – Description – Date – Price, which must always be free• Customer ratings• Related content – From the same publisher
  9. 9. Browsing the website: no web fruition
  10. 10. Browsing the website: no web fruition• Proprietary, free of charge software – No HTTP link to the podcasts• Gives access to the iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad) market• Platforms – Windows 32/64 bit – Mac OS X
  11. 11. Browsing the website: software
  12. 12. Browsing the website: software• Features – Library management – Music purchasing – Playlist – Device loading• Only way to – Access podcasts content – Load content on iOS devices
  13. 13. Browsing the website: marketing
  14. 14. Browsing the website: marketing• Downloading the software is an additional step and must provide value – Single platform to access all multimedia content – Mandatory integration with iOS devices • iTunes can load content on an iPod – In-application purchase (of songs and movies)• The only web-based component is the directory for discovering podcasts – It is replicated inside the application – Continuously links to the software
  15. 15. Strengths & weaknesses• Network effects from the diffusion of iTunes• Integration with iOS devices• Content cannot be sold – Not that the market for digital content allows for a good price margin
  16. 16. Conclusions & take-aways• The platform itself does not allow third parties to make a profit directly, unlike for iOS applications• Categorization of content is necessary and can be performed by humans• Selling a complementary good (devices) is a profitable strategy if you commoditize the primary one (iTunes) – Paid services or products that exploit free podcasts