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Cheyenne Indians
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Cheyenne Indians



Published in Education
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  • 1. Cheyenne Plains Indians By: Nicolette M. Joseph H. Logan F. Steven B.
  • 2. History
    • The Cheyenne first lived in the Eastern Portion of the United States.
    • Some moved west and southwest.
    • Eventually they moved into the plains area in the woodlands of the Mississippi River Valley.
    • They lived in fixed villages and used the land for farming.
  • 3. Environment/Resources
    • The Plains Indians lived in the area of our country known as the great Plains.
    • This group was known for its use of the buffalo.
    • Their religious ceremonies, the use of rewashed tepee, and their war- path customs.
    • The Buffalo was the most important national resource of the Plains Indians.
    • The Plains Indians Were hunters.
    • They hunted many kinds of animals, but it was the Buffalo that provided all their basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter.
  • 4. Environment/Resources
    • The Plains Indians believed in many gods.
    • They believed the gods showed themselves in form of the sun, moon and stars. Anything strong and strange.
  • 5. Environment/Resources
    • No part of the buffalo went to waste.
    • The horns were used as spoons, cups and toys.
    • The bones were used as tools and weapons.
    • The tale was used as a fly brush or whip.
    • The stomach and intestines were cleaned and used to carry water.
    • Plains Indians ONLY killed what was needed to survive, never more.
    • It was only used when the white man started moving West that the SLAUTER UNNECESSARY killing, of the buffalo occurred.
    • Thousands of buffalo were killed for sport or to clear the land for the railroad.
    • These animal “bodies” were just left on the prairie to rot.
  • 6. Environment/Resources
    • The Cheyenne Indians lived in the Great Plains Area, East of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Mississippi River.
    • Today they are settled in Montana and Oklahoma.
  • 7. Culture/Art
    • The Plains Indians lived in the area of our country known as the Plains.
    • The Indians are well known as the Great Plains Indians.
  • 8. Food
    • During each season, sometimes they had to go outside their villages to get food.
    • Millions of Buffalo used to live on the Grassland too.
    • The ground shook when the Animals ran across the land.
  • 9. Homes/Shelters
    • The Native Americans of the Plains lived in one of the most well known shelters, the teepee also (tipi or tepee].
    • Another form of housekeeping and village life in the Eastern Plains cultures is that of Earth homes.