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Roles Of Teachers


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As teachers we have roles identified by the different established organizations, edicts and philosophies that would serve as our Bible in this noble profession. These are the RA 7836, ILO, Code of …

As teachers we have roles identified by the different established organizations, edicts and philosophies that would serve as our Bible in this noble profession. These are the RA 7836, ILO, Code of Conduct and the UNESCO.

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  • teachers are the makers of all professionals. they deserve a high regard and salutation.
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  • Teachers are considered leaders of the society where they live and merit the respect and admiration of the people in the community, living a morally, upright life.
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  • 1. ROLES OF TEACHERSBLENDINGEVIDENCESThe teacher is a facilitator of learning.In order for teachers to facilitate student learning several things need to occur. The processes that the teacher as facilitator needs to undertake are as follows:assess the students;plan the learning;implement the plan; andEvaluate the process.ILOUNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836Recognize the talents of potentialities of each learner.As mentioned in the Code of Ethics, RA 7836 and the Joint UNSECO-ILO resolutions. Teachers are expected not just for the intellectual growth of the learners but also for the development of their talents and skills that are recognized through Multiple Intelligences. ILOUNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836Provide leadership and initiative to actively participate in community movements for moral, social, educational, economic and civic betterment.This is mentioned in the ILO, UNSECO, Code of Ethics and the RA 7836. Directly or implied that teachers are considered as leaders in the community and as such, teachers should provide technical support to the community, leadership and liaise for the school to further the partnership between the school and the community.ILOUNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836ROLES OF TEACHERSBLENDINGEVIDENCESMaintains harmonious and pleasant personal and relations not just with the learners but also with peers and others people around the community.This is mentioned in the RA 7836 and the Code of Ethics, that as professionals, a teacher maintains a cordial and professional relationship with peer and also the students. Though promoting openness and free interaction, the teacher must maintain the line between the relationships between them in a professional manner.ILOUNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836Promote close co-operation between teachers and parents in the interests of pupilsTeachers are not just responsible for the learning and intellectual development of the students, they are also responsible to the parents who have entrusted their children to them. And as such, teachers must maintain a healthy and professional relationship with the parents to enhance the learner’s support system and morale.Code of ConductRA 7836Develop the skills of the learners into becoming persons of intellect and character.Schools are not just expected to become the source of the intellectual development of the learners, but also their characters, what they become in the future is the product of how they are raised and part of it is in the school. Teachers must ensure that learners develop a sense of personhood and good manners in relation to others.UNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836RESPONSIBILITIES OF TEACHERSBLENDINGEVIDENCESRecognizing that the status of their profession depends to a considerable extent upon teachers themselves, all teachers should seek to achieve the highest possible standards in all their professional work. Excellence is not just being taught, it is being practiced. And as such, teachers who are also preachers of lifelong learning must demonstrate excellence in all their work. Not just for aesthetics but also academically. Highest standards are achieved through writing, whether an article, essay, research or a book. Teachers must demonstrate first and foremost that excellence is not just a motto but a way of life.ILOUNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836Teacher shall help the school keep the people in the community informed about the school’s work and accomplishments as well as its needs and problems.The community is an integral part of the social environment of the school. This community provides the school with social, moral and other support in relation the development of the learner’s intellectual and character growth. Teachers must be able to liaise with the community and keep them updated on the activities of the school so that the community will be able to proved prompt action to support the learners.ILOUNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836RESPONSIBILITIES OF TEACHERSBLENDINGEVIDENCESIt is the responsibility of the teacher to pursue continuing professional education not just for professional growth but also for intellectual and social improvement.Teachers are preachers of lifelong learning, and as such they must be able to practice what they preach. Teachers are expected not just by the Law which is RA7836, the Code of Ethics and the UNESCO as stated in the Pillars of Learning. That teacher should be able to pursue continuing professional education for the improvement of their intellectual and professional growth.UNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836The teacher is a public servant, and as such it is expected that teachers would adhere to the code of conduct as stipulated.This is stipulated in the UNESCO, ILO and the Code of Ethics and even in the RA 7836. Those teachers are not just community leaders, mentors, and intellectual advisers of the local leaders. With such heavy responsibility coupled with the lives of the learners, the teacher must maintain the highest quality of a public servant. Teachers must at all times maintain professionalism not just in school and in the community.Code of ConductRA 7836RESPONSIBILITIES OF TEACHERSBLENDINGEVIDENCESThe teachers would ensure that the learners are provided with safe and adequate learning environment that is conducive for the students to learn.It is the responsibility of the teachers to ensure a learning environment that is conducive for learning is provided to the learners. A place that would enable and encourage the learners to think and improve themselves not just their intellectual development but also character. A learning environment that is free from hazards and provided with learning tools for the learners to use.UNESCOCode of ConductRA 7836The teachers must able to provide moral advice not just to the learners but also to the parents when they are in need. If the parents are emotionally distraught or having an emotional problem. The learners would be affected as well; particularly the learners who have a very high aptitude for learning, their focus would be affected in the school. And as such, the teachers must be able to directly communicate with the parents and provide advice to ensure that they both carry the responsibility of ensuring that the learners focus and improve their intellectual and moral abilities.Code of ConductRA 7836<br />