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Elex 2011


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  • 1. ELEX- For developersYour best publishing partner to the world outside Facebook
  • 2. Not just a “middle man”
    GDP Unified API aggregating 100+ different APIs+Ascend CloudGame oriented cloud computing solution+China Your best partner to Chinese market
    But a series reliable service
  • 3. GDP
  • 4. GDP: Global delivery platform
    90% of the Chinese top social game are published under GDP
    One-time integration
    15 languages + 40 platforms
    Global Delivery
    Cover the world outside Facebook
    Acquisition + Retention + Monetization
    Global payment collection, strong profitability.
    Global monetization
  • 5. Without GDP, developers need to
    Negotiate various promotion resources on various platforms one by one
    Only ELEX can assure high-quality promotions on 40+ different platforms outside Facebook
    Manually difference of various platforms and payment channels one by one
    Hundreds of different API to study
    Hundreds of paper works and application forms to fill
    Research culture difference and platform variation
    Time zone + languages + virtual good price
    Build up real-time customer service for different countries
  • 6. With GDP
    Integrating + user acquisition + monetization just in one hour
    Achieve maximum coverage with minimum cost
    Ensure the fastest time to market for Non-English market
  • 7. Ascend Cloud
  • 8. Ascend Cloud aim to
    power small developers with the leading infrastructure
    Backend framework + Frontend Framework + Analytics + Cloud hosting + Publishing + Globalization
    Cloud based browser game development platform
    Cut down R&D cost
    By generalize infrastructure & service
    Broaden the reach
    by multiplying the language & platform
    Bridging the gap
    between an idea to the worldwide market
  • 9. With ascending cloud, developers don’t need
    To build a Znyga like analytics platform
    To take care maintenance of server
    Monitor Server down and server up, add servers and remove servers
    Deploy servers worldwide to ensure shortest delay
    To build a robust backend infrastructure
    Server -saving and scalable
    To manage the localization into 20+ languages
    Select and communicate translation agency
    QA and manage the process of translation
    To managing the difference of various hardware
    Ascend cloud will do automatic conversion for iOS, Andorid
    Solely need to focus on the game
  • 10. Best partner for Chinese market
  • 11. Your best partner to Chinese market
    QQ.comis our strategic investors.
    We can help you port the game into
    Strategic business partnership with other China’s leading internet platforms
    Help you handle the complicated environment
    Government regulation + strict platform policy
    Help you outsource R&D in China and cut cost
  • 12. ELEX- For platformsYour best partner to monetization through virtual good
  • 13. ELEX can provide platforms with
    More localized game contents with highest quality
    Improve the engagement of your platforms because of more interactive content
    One stop service for building up a game channel
    Diversify the revenue constitution
    Not only advertisement but also virtual good ( like TencentDeNA and Gree )
  • 14. Selling advertisement vs. Selling the virtual good
    Visitors are to leave your websites when they click your advertisement
    Visitors are to be more engaged with your websites when they play the game inside your website and buy the virtual good
  • 15. One stop service for building up a game channel totally managed by ELEX
    Program the overall game channel
    Design the web pages and integrate into your own account
    Include the badges and challenges and credit system
    Select and license the promising browser games
    Keep game pipeline more smoothly.
    Hosting, integrating and localization
    Localization usually require 3 iterations and 5 months
    Optimize the monetization
    Optimize the revenue between offer & subscription fee & virtual good
    Optimize the channel cost between different payment channel
    Optimize the economic system by adjusting the price or the challenges
    Operate campaign and promotion
    Handle the client service and manage the communities
  • 16. For platforms Just need to say YES
    Integrate the game channel is within 24 hours.
    Monitor the daily revenue report and see the money flow in
  • 17. Conclusion
    Top web games + Top social games
    Rich experience in cooperating with local platforms
    Rich experience in monetization through game
    Revenue & Traffic