MetaZtron holographic Z depth factor


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3D Dome, ZRama (3D Cinerama); Real time 2D to 3D with Z depth factor.
IF IT IS: Innate Focus, Intra Transfer, Infinite Sharpness

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MetaZtron holographic Z depth factor

  1. 1. METAZ TRON VISION (MZTV) Presented by Diane Troyer‘THIS IS THE TIME— SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY’ We are now transitioning from flat screen 2D vistas to the dimensional “cloud” MetaZtron Vision is Keystone for the Transition Diane Troyer (inventor) 818-795-2407 (cell) 319-512-1009
  2. 2. Real Time 3D Cinerama/DomePROBLEM: No 3D in Curved SpaceNo projector (film or video) can project 3D in real time Have you seen 3D Avatar on an IMAX dome screen? Star Wars or Matrix (2D legacy features) in Cinerama? Music Tour streaming in 3D on a Drive In Cinerama screen? Boxing or soccer match in real time 3D on a dome? Metropolitan Opera real time dimensional feed? Hospitals displaying vivid endoscopic dimensional capture?Solution: MetaZtron Vision (MZTV)Z Rama: Auto Dimensional Cinerama Dome, Cinerama, Omnimax, CAVE, Virtual Environments, Augmented Reality, Simulation, Auto-Dimension, Meta-mash-up, HIVE, Telexistence,
  3. 3. MetaZtron Vision is to the HIVE what the Printing Press was to PublishingAudiences want 3D because images appear more realistic.Today 3D is all the rage, but the industry is still stuck in creatingdimensional images on 2D flat screens. Why?Because there is no projection/display method on the market toplace 3D in curved (depth space) such as Cinerama, Omnimax, ordome screens?• Metatron laser projector is called MetaZtron Vision (MZTV).• MZTV provides a new attribute, not available in other projectors.• MZTV patent process modulates Z (depth) in each image pixel.• Depth is needed for best 3D: X (width), Y (height) and Z (depth).• Cinerama/domes are the choice of audiences and gamers.• The depth (Z) images show best on curved screens.• We call this attribute the Z Factor
  4. 4. Z Factor: Vivid Sharp Depth Images In Each Pixel• Human’s view the world in sharp vivid dimension.• Holograms are formed by infinite sharp laser beams.• MZTV images are with infinite sharp laser beams.• Images have full spectrum natural colors.• MZTV transforms 2D media to vivid auto dimension.• Images adjust to curved or irregular screens.• No headaches, no glasses, no blurry images.• Dimensional images can be viewed from any angle.
  5. 5. The display is the computer," says Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. "Anywhere there‘s a pixel, thats where we want to be.“Leonardo DaVinci:The eye has a central line and everything thatreaches the eye through this central line can beseen distinctly.
  6. 6. Z Rama Curved Screens Depth for MZTV Z Factor Images.• Many have attempted 3D film/digital images on domes.• MZTV provides a vehicle for finally projecting holographic type dimensional images (with depth) in real time (without post house expensive processing).• The Troyer patented process retains the pixel Z depth with full color natural images using laser beams scanned on a reflective light valve (lasers instead of classic arc lamps).• Z (depth) spatial imaging is formed with modulated collimated coherent laser beams that keep their polarization. All digital cinema projectors use reflective light valves (DLP- Texas Instruments mirrors); LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon)
  7. 7. THE PLANETS HAVE ALIGNEDMZTV: 3D DIGITAL DOME DIMENSIONAL SOLUTION MetaZ Tron Vision transforms 2D images to 3D Automatically adjusts to curved screens Dimensional 3D on domes in real time Expensive two channel stereo images not needed Gaming and simulation become more realistic3D content transforms to auto dimensional (no glasses) Great Holy Grail Experience Opera on Z Rama (3D Cinerama) 2D Video Becomes Dimensional See 3D Avatar On MZTV Dome See STAR WARS in 3D – Real Time Experience “Being There ” Simulation
  8. 8. MissionIntroduce holographic vivid images, anywhere anytime frommobile devices to huge domes.Premise: Flimsy Logic- attempting to place 3D images on 2D flatscreens. Why not streamline by creating images in curved space?How: Projector with Z Factor: Spatial modulation in each laserpixel creates sharp depth focused images. Ability to create 3Dimages in curved space in real time. The images automaticallyadjust on any irregular surfaces or dome space.Goal: Deliver MZTV streamlined dimensional platform solutions ZELF: Zone Enhanced Location Fusion (MZTV platforms) HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments Z RAMA: Curved dimensional Cinerama/dome screens
  9. 9. First Stage: Vehicle To Display 3D Images in Curved Space• Holograms are possible because of the inherent quality of focused laser beams.• Ambient light scatters the brightness, like the sun.• Ambient arc lamp projectors are incapable of creating infinite sharp images with depth of focus.• Arc lamp projectors do not work on curved screens because most of the brightness gathers in the center.• The patented MetaZtron Vision provides images that automatically adjust to curved screens.• How? Collimated laser beams deliver spatial images.• Z depth pixels images are scanned on the screen with even distribution of brightness, transforming 2D images to 3D (with depth).
  10. 10. Why Is MetaZtron Vision Disruptive?• Transforms 2D images with real time depth (3D)• Enhances images of any content feed• Sharp infinite depth• Vivid blacks with high contrast images• Saturated full spectrum colored images• Auto dimensional (3D) without glasses• Focused sharp images on curved dome screens• Realistic-- like the eyes see nature.MZTV is the Keystone for the HIVEMZTV transforms images to immersive dimension--- as dramatic as when silent films became talkies andcolor replaced black and white.
  11. 11. WITH THE Z FACTOR YOU CAN EXPERIENCE• Immersive dimensional themed dome rides.• Realistic images--- more like the eye sees nature.• Planetarium immersion: Saturn, Jupiter lighting.• Star fields: vivid blacks and saturated colors.• 3D interactive dome gaming immersive theater.• Teen Green Screen with Meta-Mash horror worlds.• Performance curved video staging backsets?• Opera dimensional staging transformed in real time.• Sports as happening in true visual capture quality.• Hand held mobile bright large 3D images.• 2D legacy features in real time 3D Cinerama?• Medical dimension images not flat screen distorted. 11
  12. 12. HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual EnvironmentExperts state MZTV patented open architecture is themost streamlined solution for auto dimension images—amplifies captured images with sharp depth focus.Experts evaluate MZTV patents as “strong”Patents cover whole laser projector architecture.Many company’s patents refer to Troyer’s patentsIntel, HP, Kodak, Epson, Coherent, Motorola --etc.Frustrated industry: no effective laser projectors inmarket. Many placed millions into laser projectordevelopment. To no avail--- they failed because theyhave the wrong architecture approach.Thus, the Industry is very nervous when it is declared:“Long sought “ Holy Grail” HIVE solution found” 12
  13. 13. MZTV Review: Real Time 3D Depth Solution• Spatial modulation of laser beam image creates the Z factor.• The Z factor laser beam projects natural depth in the image.• Z Depth causes automatic image separation in curved space.• The foreground image is separated from the background.• Facts: Humans see focused sharp images in dimensional space.• The true Hologram is always in sharp focus in dimensional space.• MZTV infinite focus transforms 2D images with depth (3D).• Flimsy logic : Attempting to place 3D images on 2D flat screens.• Curved screens provides depth (3D), streamlining the process.• Flat screens: X (vertical) and Y (horizontal). No Z depth factor.• Curved screens have added dimensionality for the Z depth factor.• Cinerama/ domes/ curved space provide added dimension (Z).• MZTV images on irregular surfaces hover with more dimension.• Arc lamp digital projectors use 2D flat screens: no Z infinite focus.• Arc lamp images: Out of Focus and Blurry on curved screens.
  14. 14. Break Through Realistic Images with Lasers Laser vector graphics – A mirror moves the laser beam.An outlined image is created. TRW created raster scanned video with RF modulation. Troyer streamlined laser projection: Innovative way tomodulate scanned laser beams, retaining the Z factorfor full color auto dimensional imaging.
  15. 15. watch movie TRW War Room Projector to Streamlined Patented MZTV TRW TO MZTV: Troyer up graded TRW model: Reduced0ptics, installed 24 watt gas laser. She tested red dyes for bestwhites and disproved classic industry myth: Use 610 nm. orangered for brightest image; Troyer proved 635 nm. deeper redproduced better white and film like digital bright colors.Infinite depth of focus laser attribute introduced to Hollywood.
  16. 16. Troyer Streamlined Modulation Design (User friendly) Built Prototype and Patented the ProcessTroyer represented TRW Projector for entertainment.TRW projectors: ran 3 years; 24/7; 98% up time (War Rooms)Troyer purchased the 8 mothballed war room laser projectors.TRW provided R&D documents/drawings.Troyer/team had hands on experience/many upgrades.Roy Disney/ Al Mirabella (Disney Imagineering) mentor/ guide.Design limitations discussed with expert feed back.Metatron Projector 2000: Griffin Group invested with supportfor Troyer’s innovative proof of concept model.First patent: Solid state laser projector (1994)Laser Reflective Light Valve: 2001, 2005, 2006, 2011 (Canada)USA, India, Mexico: Patents pending US: Telecine, Camera, etc. LEAP TO STREAMLINED DESIGN
  17. 17. Three laser beams (RGB) are scanned on reflective light valvesand combined or there can be two channel streams for stereo Laser beams expanded; scanned on reflective light valve. Even distribution of laser beam light across scan. Spatially modulated laser images have depth Z factor.
  18. 18. REFLECTIVE LIGHT VALVE MODULATION Troyer wrote patents on her new streamlined approach. Troyer/ team tested JVC Hughes ILA light valve projector. Arc lamps were replaced with lasers and a new optic train. Troyer/team demonstrated innovative model: Disney, Kodak, Sony, IMAX, Panavision, Technicolor, Warner, Dream Works, Famous Players, Griffith Park Planetarium, Raytheon, Air Force, Universal, Evans & Sutherland, Digital Domain, Telcordia, etc. Metatron Inc. (Troyer company) made OEM deal with JVC. JVC assembled first 10 projectors for Metatron clients (2003). Lexel Laser built first 30 lasers.Troyer patents protected the technology--sabotage and attempted take over.Modern Luddites stopped Metatron project.They stole the 11 JVC projectors. They werenever delivered to clients or recovered.
  19. 19. Lasers Able to Be Directed Precisely• Infinite sharp images adjust to any irregular surfaces.• Z depth adds (dimension) to the image.• Good blacks: Better depiction of capture contrast.• Contrast: Laser scanning does not bleed into black.• Heat mitigation: not hot compared to arc lamps or flooded laser light.• Twice arc lamp color spectrum with saturation.• Lasers take less power than lamp sources: GREENER.• Lasers guaranteed: >20,000 hours (lamps 500 hours)• High laser power delivered for much bigger screens.• Lasers --small foot print: modules for more power.• Scanning lasers with LCoS light valve: no ghosting.
  20. 20. Troyer Patented Laser Projector This Model Uses JVC (ILA) Reflective Light ValveThis projector used high power gas lasers to show 80 ft. imageson an IMAX dome. A satellite image of a boxing match adjustedto the screen, the boxers hovering in space. The images were fullcolor spectrum and without artifacts. A DVD features of FifthElement shown in depth Cinerama.• A
  21. 21. MZTV Automatically adjusts in thewall corner. Of course the imagesadjustment is more even on a domeor Cinerama screen.
  22. 22. watch video Z Depth Factor, Auto Dimension, Background separation, Eye safe• Watch the bugs float• They separate from background• Notice more dimension on the engineer’s curved shirt• The back wall provides a flat screen surface• Auto dimension is best in curved space• 3D captured images can be shown in curved space• 2D to 3D software/ chips: Z factor simplifies the design.• Z factor: always in focus on any irregular surface• Watch the dimensional images. No glasses needed.• MZTV is eye safe: fast scanning reflected laser lines• Two channel stereo can be combined into one channel and chip adjusted for 3D on the dome screen
  23. 23. Eye safe: engineer is looking into the lens. Fast scanning reflected raster laser lines are as eye safe as big arc lamps
  24. 24. Troyer’s Eye Safety Design• Troyer first worked with Greg Axtell (TRW)• Axtell negotiated with FDA for TRW for first laser clearance.• Air Force Command and Control War room walls.• Troyer has copies: first FDA paper work and interlock designs.• Interlocks shut off laser light if problem: FDA approval.• TRW laser beams straight out of lens, so dangerous .• Troyer needed FDA approval with every location move of upgraded TRW laser projectors. Video music (Stevie NIX)• Troyer’s patented designs and claims: more eye safe.• Laser beam generated into elongated line beam; fast line scanning reflected off light valve. Merged into one image. Laser lines scanned on screen. No direct beams in eyes.• As safe as looking into bright arc lamps and big slide projector.
  25. 25. 3D DEPTH BUGS FLOATINGZ Factor More Dimensional in Curved Space Images are Flatter on the Flat Back Wall
  26. 26. KISS: Keep It Simple StreamliningWatch Movie carefully to see foreground andbackground separation– Z Factor.• Images are always in focus---even in the wall corners.• Images in curved space: pictures have more depth.• Room is small: gas laser power is turned down.• More depth dimension on a Cinerama or Dome• More depth with irregular screen: water, fog, steam, Balloons, clouds, ice, scrims, etc.
  27. 27. METAZ TRON VISION AMPLIFIES IMAGES• In real time to dimensional space• Auto stereo (without the need of glasses)• Full spectrum infinite depth of focus• Saturated film like broadband colors• Scalability with image enhancement• FDA approved: reflected scanned laser lines• Reflected scanning does not harm eyes• Lasers scanning lines create bright images• Enough laser power: bright as a slide projector• Bright as 80 ft. screen IMAX arc lamp film projector with the right laser power
  28. 28. IF IT IS IF (innate focus) IT (instant transfer) IS (infinite sharp)• True auto stereo is only possible with IF IT IS.• Lasers are the only way to deliver IF IT IS.• Laser Z factor provides vivid sharp depth images.• 2D to 3D chips adjusted for infinite depth add to 3D.• 3D captured images combined to one lens.• IF IT IS is the long awaited auto stereo solution.The Z factor depth focus can be used across spectrum:Mobile, home theater, medical, microscopic, out door extravaganzas, Drive Ins, DigitalSignage (adds), Sports, Planetarium, Cinerama, Digital cinema.IF IT IS images on a curved screen produce a moredimensional image, thus a more realistic image thanwith flat screens.IF IT IS translates images to a better picture with morerealistic vivid full colors, high contrast and automaticdimensional Z depth quality.
  29. 29. Long Range Goals• Deliver MZTV platform for a much needed convergence solution for global Edutainment, Industry, and Government.• Provide inexpensive MZTV platforms for non-profit dimensional Cinerama in museums, science centers, planetariums, institutions, municipalities and communities.• This extends to scientific, industrial, instrumentation, gaming, home theaters, suitcase and mobile display devices.MetaZtron Vision Keystone Platforms ZELF: Zone Enhanced Location Fusion HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments Z Rama: Auto Dimensional MZTV Cinerama ScreensMZTV produces real time streamlined dimensional full color, highcontrast, high resolution 2K/ 4K resolution images.
  30. 30. “IF IT IS” 2012 PREDICTIONSIF (innate focus); IT (intra transfer); IS (infinite sharpness).Real time image delivery is important for simulations / gaming.Audiences will demand IF IT IS more realistic experiences.Audiences will demand being immerged.“IF IT IS” attribute is next digital evolutionIF: innate focused auto dimensional images (true Immersion).IT: Instant transformation to enhanced imagery.IS: Infinite sharp depth images are formed and retained in beam.IF IT IS create exciting augmented next system integration.Auto Dimensional imaging displays used across the spectrum.Any time, anywhere in real time. Auto Dimensional imaging:Necessity.Camera sensor images have evolved way past display imaging.
  31. 31. Innate Focus, Instant Transfer, Infinite Sharp (IF IT IS) Troyer 2001 patent drawing Adjusts to the projection media in real time without the need of algorithm manipulation ZTV in real time Fig. 31: interior of a dome—ellipse• Fig. 32: MZTV projects on water, steam, fog, etc. Fig. 33: Images go through different scrims (always• In focus) creating a wonderful dimensional reality. Also the image can be seen on each side of a scrim or captured by camera for special effects Fig. 30 Images can be used for curved backsets providing realistic staging depth images.
  32. 32. MetaZtron Vision transforms society with a morestreamlined realistic 3D imaging. MZTV takes imaging to another plateau -- dimensional worldsANY IRREGULAR SURFACE: MZTV transforms video intoinfinite sharp images that are in focus on any irregularsurface (convex, concave, water, balloon, fog, building).Imagine viewing a World soccer cup game, MetropolitanOpera or Gone with the Wind on dimensional Z*Rama.MZTV PLATFORMS: TRANSFORMATIVE TOOL KITS: Nomore expensive pre-processing and gerry rigging tocreate the "CAVE“(immersion realities). No more flatscreen distortions for dimensionally captured images.Simulation, virtual and augmented realties transformwith the new tool kit – building blocks for the holodeck.
  33. 33. Troyer Patents Cover All Reflective Light Valves1994: Solid state laser projector2001: Laser elongated beams addressed to liquidcrystal reflective light valve modulation; streamlinedoptic layout, even distribution of laser light on screen;Laser beam keeps attributes to screen. Full colorspectrum with images that adjust to irregular surfaces.2005 patent claims further mobile and suitcase images.2006 claims broaden to all reflective light valves,including DLP, LCOS, MEMS or any other invented.Patents pending: Camera & Laser Projector, Telecine,etc. Patents: USA, India, Mexico, CanadaFeb. 28, 2011: Received Canadian patent --
  34. 34. 3DTVEBUs head of emerging media David Wood said at IBC: “There is a degree of skepticism that we have enough technologybreakthroughs to make 3DTV work at the moment………. Thetechnology is seriously flawed in two main areas. The furthest point onthe screen needs to be fixed at 6.5cm - the same as the distancebetween human eyes. This can be achieved by projection in a cinemabut theres no way of knowing what size a viewers display will be.Secondly there is a conflict between the focus and the convergence ofour eyes when viewing 3D. These psycho-physical limitations can neverbe solved with a stereoscopic system….The real long-term future of3DTV - - is Object Wave recording, a subset of which is the hologram"
  35. 35. Troyer Patents: Laser TV• Patent Claims: protect broad spectrum colors; infinite focus.• Eye safe: scanning lines instead of direct beams.• Laser elongated beam reflect off reflective light valve.• Laser beams keep coherence, collimation, and polarization,• Patented process shown as the best for laser TV projection.• MZTV provides best streamlined approach for auto stereo.• MZTV patents are the answer to the next display evolution.• Endorsed by experts as best image available for big screens.• Inexpensive streamline dimensional images.• Troyer patents are “strong”-- endorsed by experts.• Patents referred: Intel, Kodak, HP, Mitsubishi, Coherent, etc.• Previous sales show client endorsement.DR. ADAM DROBOT: TELCORDIA (FORMER BABY BELL LABS)Metatron projector (MZTV) is the missing canvas for the CAVE.The patented process streamlines, simplifies, and reduces costs.Creates Images motion picture quality images in immersive space. 35
  36. 36. PATENT IMAGE: SCANNING SYSTEMOpitc19 generated to laser beam expansion.Laser beam line swept through optic 23 to PBS.Optic 23 re-collimates laser beam lines.Optic 23 spreads line to width of light valve .Raster scanning sweeps light valve amplifier ( LVA).Laser beam rays do not cross: (pseudo collimated)Fig 10. Cube or plate delivers polarized readingLIGHT EFFICIENCYScanned polarized laser beams directed out of lens.Laser lines are scanned down projection medium.All light is contained in the laser line -- much morelight efficient than a light flood of the screen.Scanned laser beams delivered to screen have evendistribution of light and retain their coherence,polarization, collimation.Pristine laser beams produce sharp focused imagesthat have depth (Z factor). This is accomplished byspatial modulated non-crossing coherent beams toscreen. The images automatically adjusts to the PBS (polarizing beam splitter)dome, Cinerama, water, fog, irregular screen. Plate/ cube directs laser line to RLV 36
  37. 37. TIME LINE1994: Upgraded TRW projectors; 7 theme park orders; Troyer worked with Al Mirabella (Disney Imagineering). Roy Disney, Michael Jackson approved Essence of Wood (replace 3D Captain EO); Stopped by Wasserstein IMAX preferred stock holders: going for IPO; Metatron Laser TV was taking their theme park clients; IMAX stock would crash. MZTV reduced costs by ¾ (No prints); Provide interactivity (Still holds true).EARLY 2000’S: New innovation; patented MZTV laser projector. JVC ILA projector with lasers. Metatron Inc. JVC OEM: Laser scanning solved technical problems (ghosting, heat mitigation, contrast). Clients: Famous Players (8), 46 theaters (waiting); Griffith Park Planetarium, Air Force, etc. (others) Thwarted again: JVC projectors stolen (11). Lexel Lasers destroyed: (documentation on discs -- )2004 -2011: R&D, MZTV upgrade, 2005, 2006 patents, Mobile (Symbol); Suitcase models; Troyer had solid state custom made laser- (China). Vendors mature. Industry finally recognizes laser TV; patented MZTV specialized attributes.
  38. 38. Troyer had China Solid State Lasers CustomizedApproximately 6 watts eachColors mix for the best white.Solid state lasers, 110 wall socket, air cooled (silent fan)Guaranteed for over 20,000 hours --- inexpensiveRGB (3) laser set assembled for small displaysModules combined for higher brightness for larger screens
  39. 39. Evolved Camera SensorsMZTV capable of displaying high end 4K dimensional sensors.4K LCOS: delivers high resolution 4000 pixels horizontalDimensional images: captured and delivered in > 4K resolutions.Medical, NASA, Drones, Satellite GPS, Instrument, Security, etc.2D legacy and 3D 4K features can be shown on Z Rama screen.Camera sensor images have evolved way past display imaging.Camera sensors progress like integrated circuit-- Moores law.Flat screen displays compromise dimensional sensor image.Flat screens distort high resolution dimensional sensor data.Needed -- real time display of the true sensor captured image.Best picture: imaging exactly depicts the camera sensor capture.Sensor images: real time dimensional space for Holodeck (HIVE).
  40. 40. HIGH RESOLUTION ENHANCEMENTSDisplay for evolved high resolution dimensional imaging sensors.Enhanced display for images from drones, satellite, Mars Rover,MRI, endoscopes, security, instrumentation, scientific,edutainment, space, security, command & control, etc.High resolution works hand in hand with auto dimension.Vivid high contrast images provide best viewingMZTV platform tool kit expands and streamlines HIVE.HIVE enhanced: augmented realties, synthetic environments,immersion, telepresence, healing/learning. teaching.HIVE Holodeck Playpen– finally able to start the evolution.KISS: Keep It Simple and user friendly Scanning lasers eliminate liquid crystal decay lapses Heat mitigation: no added fans or air conditioning
  41. 41. “IF IT IS” MZTV Spatial ImagingMethod To Modify 3D Captured Stereo ImagesMeta Zkit: computer/ set top box/server: -- special software chipDesigned to merge 3D stereo captured date in one channel.Chip is designed to work with the Z Factor (infinite depth focus).NVidia offers support (discussion with other chip groups).Many are doing extensive work with 3D, which is being explored.MZTV automatically transfers 2D images to images with depth(3D) in real time, transforming content to full spectrum coloredvivid focused images.2D to 3D Practice NowJames Cameron is transferring 2D legacy Titanic to 3D.He states it will take over a year and $10 million dollars.Lucas is also rushing to deliver 3D Star Wars.
  42. 42. MZTV AND PATENTS ENDORSED BY EXPERTSDESIGN REVIEWED AND SUPPORTED BY EXPERTSTelcordia experts reviewed, tested and accepted MZTV designs and upgrades.Dr. Drobot was asked by Kodak and Sony to review their attempts at infinite focus.Drobot evaluation: MZTV patents: more streamlined, efficient, auto dimensional.Military experts state MZTV needed for solution to immersive training, etc.(Other expert evaluator list and contact information provided)WHERE WE ARE CONSIDERING DEVELOPMENTMZTV has strong patent coverage with added patented enhancements:USA, India, Mexico, Canada: Mature tested design; Ready for custom assembly.Vendors are mature: ready to deliver in quantity with orders/ financing.Global customers waiting : museums, science centers, institutions, municipalities.Multi-Use Z Rama Cinema/ stage/ studio/club/Opera/performance /conference.Bollywood theaters/ Teen Green Screen/ Signage/ Sports/ Shopping centers/ ThemedEntertainment/ Gaming/ Home Theater/ Recreational/ Drive-In Dome theaters/Government, Military/Simulation/Command & Control/ Immersive Training.
  43. 43. MISSION: DELIVER ZELF HIVE USER FRIENDLY PLATFORMSNon-profit public institutions, museums, science centers, labsMeta-Mesh clubs, Z Rama, 3D studios/ staging.Planetariums & backset performance space.MZTV projector has been successfully shown on IMAX dome.READY: upgraded assembly; much R&D has taken place..FOCUS: on real time auto stereo imaging for all video feeds.MZTV enhances the auto dimensional effect.Meta Zkit: 3D imaging with real time dimensional adjustment.We are collaborating with high end vendors and institutions. 43
  44. 44. LUDDITESMillions spent by many who could not deliver laser projectors:Started from wrong premise; Used wrong design/ architecture.Troyer and team have the luxury of almost 20 years of R&D:• Based on the basic TRW war room laser projector• Accomplished much: limited resources/severe interference1993/1994 : Had 7 pre-orders from studio theme parks for upgraded TRWprojector. Instead of IMAX film they wanted Metatron (digital, interactive,filmic quality, real time dome adjustment). Get rid of costly film prints andtech support (not user friendly). Disney wanted to replace Captain EO withdome train ride. Wasserstein (preferred stock holders purchased IMAX- goingfor IPO) --- stopped us through questionable methods.2003: 11 JVC projectors stolen (never recovered). Metatron Clients waiting:Famous Players (8), 46 European Theaters; Williams Air Force—Raytheon,Griffith Park Planetarium (1), Others-- Universal City Walk Dome, etc.Patented MZTV Suppressed by Modern Luddites
  45. 45. Modern Luddites Have Attempted To Squash MetaZtron Vision’s discusses how main industry players fear that newtechnology will upset the (very profitable) apple cart -- . We understandwhen George Lucas states: “innovators try to introduce a new idea to the industry ----. Instead of being thrown a ticker- tape parade, theyre often met with hostility or indifference. Sometimes, the status quo defeats the innovative concept, or at least “delays in the introduction.”
  46. 46. DISNEY: BOB LAMBERT – INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGYFrom: Lambert, Bob [](Head of International Technology)Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 9:57 AMTo: Diane Troyer; Holliman, Paul (Head of Disney big screen distribution)Subject: RE: from Diane TroyerDiane –Yes, we do look at the whole technical scope.Yes, we are continuing to deploy d-cinema systems in conventional theatricalvenues.In answer to your last question, thats correct -- the d-cinema is what we wantto pursue at this time.Thanks and kind regards,Bob --- (Bob Lambert suggests MZTV for flat screen 3D theaters with DCI mandates).Note: Lambert is an advocate for the DLP 3D flat screen process (RealDglasses). He strongly supports IMAX. He is on the board of the IMAX lasercompany to build new lasers (Laser Light Engine) with the DLP laser light valveto create new IMAX venues.
  47. 47. SONY: ROBERT SOFIA PRODUCER WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND JEOPARDY Sofia helped form Griffin Group partnership; on Metatron LLC committee METATRON LLC (Delaware) Griffin Group/ Metatron Inc.-Troyer’s Co. 1992 - 2002From: Sofia, Bob []Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 9:55 AMTo: Diane TroyerSubject: Laser ProjectorsDiane,It was a pleasure talking to you yesterday. I am very happy to hear that the production of yourLaser Projector is progressing. I greatly appreciate your keeping me in the know.The sooner you can go into production, the sooner I can lease your projectors. Then I can starttaking advantage of your projectors capabilities to solve some of my production problems, andgive our creative minds a new tool to work with to create new vistas.On a recent remote production at SeaWorld in Orlando with Wheel of Fortune, a laser projectorwould have been the perfect tool to use to project on two air balloons that we used on the set,as well as onto the two fountains in the background. The solution we came up with was lessthen ideal, and far more money then I wanted to spend. When dealing with the Art Departmentand our technicians, there were many times I wished I had the laser technology available to me.I look forward to hearing from you soon, with the good news that I can start renting your laserprojectors.Best of Luck, Bob SofiaCoordinating Producer; Technical Supervisor --Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy!(310) 244-5946; off. (310) 729-6001; cell. (310) 244-0325
  48. 48. Congratulations to Robert Sofia former Griffin Group partner with Troyer• Sofia: coordinating producer of Jeopardy• Merv Griffin’s Jeopardy and Wheel are still top TV shows.• Sofia is instrumental in evolution of basic game show.• IBM spent 4 years preparing Watson, the computer, that competed on Jeopardy.• Watson competed with the Jeopardy best winners in February, 2011.• Audiences enjoyed this exciting contest.• Preparing Watson has fast tracked software for machine learning, pacing faster toward artificial intelligence.• Example of how edutainment works: entertainment and education with labs for creating platforms.
  49. 49. "THIS IS THE TIME— SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY""In order to change something, dont struggle tochange the existing model. Create a new modeland make the other one obsolete".Buckminster Fuller“ Revolution is thought carried into action.” Emma Goldman