Laser projector opportunity (MetaZtron Vision)


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Laser projector opportunity (MetaZtron Vision)

  1. 1. • Introductions • Background • Benefits • Patents • Competitive Products • Applications • Next Steps Laser Projector Opportunity (Z*Tron Vision)
  2. 2. • Iowa State University– Television/ design, University of Iowa: hands on TV/ film/ multi media/ play writing. Graduate Writer’s Workshop: Z*Tron Vision was conceived when Kurt Vonnegut (Troyer’s teacher) asked her advice: design virtual futuristic staging for Cat’s Cradle (Broadway). Curved depth sets were conceived. • Hollywood/ Silicon Valley 20 years; Metatron Inc. 1992 – 2003; Metatron LLC (Delaware) 1996 – 200? (LLC Merv Griffin Group & Metatron Inc. partners). • Pre-Invention: Troyer represented the TRW military laser projectors to the Studios –theme parks and entertainment Industry (Hollywood). Troyer purchased Air Force war room wall projectors (SAC, MAC and NORAD) when mothballed (Desert Storm). She also received boxes of studies from TRW. Troyer and team upgraded the TRW projectors for theme park clients. TRW projectors were under FDA code. • Patents: Troyer invented a streamlined method: more eye safe laser spatial modulation light valves replace AOM; fuller color spectrum –true whites and black; less speckle ; infinite focus (Z depth factor): KISS: keep it simple : streamline ---(70% less optics in train) Introduction: Diane Troyer
  3. 3. 3 DLP: reflective mirrors (MEMS) Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) ILA: Light Amplifier Arc lamps used (reflective light valves: RLV) – Arc Lamps: not green, hot – Power hungry, short life time (500 hours) – Decay unevenly -- less brightness and less color – Technician nightmare to keep arc projectors merged/ color matched – 3D Process: Real D-- filter over lens, polarized glasses: reduces brightness – Large arc lamps: dangerous to change (technician needs suit) Troyer demonstrated to these clients that lasers can be used in place of arc lamps: IMAX, Sony, Disney, Warner, Dolby, Kodak, Panavision, Universal, Griffith Park Planetarium, Air Force, etc. All High End Projectors use Reflective Light Valves
  4. 4. 4 • Troyer Patent Claims: Full film color spectrum: use > 635 nm. red • User friendly: lasers can be guaranteed for over 20,000 hours • Laser colors: no fading, no decay, simple to match • Small foot print – lasers can be placed separate from projector head • More light efficiency with targeted expanded laser beams • Cost saving: no constant bulb changes, technician costs • If right optics design: can produce infinite depth of focus • Evans & Sutherland and Kodak used grated light valves to modulate • Grated light valves (mothballed): less bright; artifacts, no infinite focus Industry now recognizes lasers best: LIPA Consortium Lasers are Better than Arc Lamps with Reflective Light Valves Full color- Long life - Coherent light
  5. 5. 5 • Infinite depth of focus- on any surface (Z depth factor) • Safe for eyes (reflected expanded laser beams versus direct beams) • Vibrant full color spectrum –saturated filmic colors (purple, mustard) • Limited speckle in moving images • Over saturated center is eliminated • Heat mitigation with moving lasers • High contrast– good blacks and whites • No color shift / does not fade over time • No blurring artifacts (smearing in fast moving images) • Z depth factor in each image pixel, but no pixilation artifact • Real time adjustment to curved screens with image depth conversion Troyer’s Patented Laser Projector Benefits
  6. 6. 6 Laser + Reflective Light Valve + full color spectrum + infinite focus US Patent Feb. 14, 2012; Diane Troyer; Laser apparatus. Camera & projector; full color dimensional images without glasses *Canadian Patent: 2,372,833 Feb. 28, 2011 Notice of allowance; Diane Troyer *United States Patent: US 7,055,957 B2 Jun. 6, 2006; Diane Troyer *United States Patent: US 6,910,774 B2 June 28, 2005; Diane Troyer *Mexican Patent: PCT/US99/09501 November 18, 2004; Diane Troyer Mexican patent number: 224274 *Indian Patent: IN/PCT/2000/00676/MUM; August 25, 2004, Diane Troyer *United States Patent: US 6,183,092 B1; February 5, 2001; Diane Troyer Laser Projection Apparatus with Liquid-Crystal Light Valves & Scanning Reading Beam *United States Patent: US 5,317,348 May 31, 1994; Dr. Randall J. Knize (owned by Diane Troyer) Full color solid state laser projection system; Troyer’s concept; Knize, solid- state laser expert, wrote patent Additional patent pending; submitted March 2006 Telecine and digital intermediate; Dimensional layering real time images; Provisional: new patent pending--- 2010 (Very important break through that adds much value to previous patents.
  7. 7. Over 40 patents reference the Troyer patents • Coherent; Santur Corporation (Fremont, CA) ---- (3 patents) • Motorola: Stratos International, Inc. (Chicago, IL) • Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (Houston, TX) (3 patents) • Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. (Irvine, CA) (2 patents) • Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY) (3 patents) • Trumpf Lasertechnik GmbH (Ditzingen, DE) • Technifex, Inc. (Valencia, CA) • Matsushita Electrical • Intel Corporation (Santa Clara, CA) h • EADS Deutschland GmbH (Munich, DE) • Hewlett Packard and Epson • Note: 2005: Intel developing LCOS reflective light valve display. An Intel VP contacted Troyer about the patented approach with lasers. Intel engineers explored Z*TV infinite focus architecture to enhance and simplify and more competitive. Lasers were not mature and Intel dropped the 100 million dollar display project. Many were waiting for the Intel display and Intel stock fell. The world market is still waiting for such a display. Finally the lasers are mature.
  8. 8. Laser Beam expander Polarizing Beam Splitter Reflective Light Valve Directing mirrors Beam Combiner Lens (for size) 8 Theory of Operation
  9. 9. 9 – Kodak digital cinema: RLV DLP demonstration model (IMAX, BARCO) – Microvision: RLV–mems – Light Blue Optics: RLV -- LCoS – AaXaTech: RLV – LCoS – RED (HDI): two polarized channel RLV LCoS 3D Troyer claims Directed expanded laser beams to reflective light valve Speckle reduction; Red 635 nm or above High contrast ; good blacks and whites; no blurring Infinite focus and sharp image retained to screen Even brightness across screen (curved image) Adjusts to the curved screen or irregular surfaces Laser Projector’s Using Troyer’s Patented Process MicrovisionLightBlueopticsAAXG
  10. 10. Laser + Reflective Light Valve + full color spectrum + infinite depth – Kodak patents (DLP) Do not cover large dome screens, infinite focus, full color, etc. Licensed to IMAX/Barco (Troyer patented process) – Sony (LCoS): Laser projector with Laser Light Engine – Evans & Sutherland (Grated Light Valve); mothballed (design bad: low light, eliminates infinite depth of focus; bad optical efficiency – RED Camera (using HDI LCOS approach-stereo) 10 Laser Projector Patents- Diane Troyer
  11. 11. 11 Many companies have attempted to deliver (not successful) Government poured in millions; Only TRW successful Evans & Sutherland projector: problems (moth balled) Troyer/ team had hands on with TRW projectors (upgraded) High end industry experts provided feedback & advice Troyer realized how to solve problems and patented process a) Eye safety: reflect laser slots instead of direct beam out of lens. b) Use deeper red (over 535 nm. instead of 610 nm. (orange red) c) Open architecture: high resolution. Evolve with vendor advancement d) Patented process: Reflective light valve: streamlined; 12 optics e) TRW had >46 optics; Z*TV is twice optic efficiency with infinite depth of focus, speckle control, full saturated color spectrum. Laser Projector Background
  12. 12. 12 Non-planar projection surfaces (Domes). Evolved CAVE for Virtual Reality (HIVE): Holographic Immersive Virtual Environment-- Equipment Designs, Enhanced user experience; Augmented Reality, Synthetic Vision, -- New Businesses: Hardware Projectors- Pico, suitcase, full size . Giant 3D dome Human Factors; Projection in vehicles: navigation Simulation Business- Military contracts, etc. Leasing (short and long term); IP Licensing Science Centers, planetariums, museums Visualization Centers/ labs/ John Deere Museum Media/Entertainment Note: John Deere has major virtual reality (CAVE) designs Applications for Industry
  13. 13. Laser Projector Opportunity Assembly Modular; Strategic vendors; Deliver full component parts. Projector base: MetaZ Kit: engine, server, storage Lasers: modules that can be stacked for power needed Laser Optic Box: Delivered to snap into projector Cookie Cutter parts: Mixed and matched for applications HIVE: holographic immersive virtual environment (platform apps) Signage: 40 – 100 ft. wide; very bright Cinerama screen/Conventions Example: Miller’s Girl on moon waving from a balloon far above stadium. Huge water screens with video images instead of cartoon vector graphics Suggest: Provide non-profit Amphitheaters: MetaSphere: Big Cinerama Movie Screens; Planetarium; Back set staging for performances; Z*TV better than big screens now: Compare to Caesar Palace backset screen (Celine Dion)- cost ($9M): 100 ft. wide; stacked LED squares. Not good TV close ups. Z*TV much Improved: MetaSphere Z*TV platform: 1/10th the cost , twice the color/ contrast/ quality with dimensional images. Great TV and featured staging; Also with floor video for complete HIVE. .Great13
  14. 14. 14 John Deere tech. research person visited the Iowa City Z*TV lab to see projector. He studied the Troyer patents and interviewed Troyer. John Deere has a CAVE in Moline, Illinois (human factors studied). Thus John Deere understands the need for CAVE streamlining. Deere is a prime mover in virtual reality (supported Iowa State University CAVE). Deere purchased 24 Sony High resolution (4K) arc lamp projectors (two for stereo) for flat wall CAVE (10 by 10 ft.). SOLUTION: Z*TV is only way to deliver the HIVE (holographic immersive virtual environments. Real time curved walls >14 by 14 ft. 6 - 8 projectors, ½ the cost, full colored saturated realistic images, auto dimensional images, etc. Example of Client – Discuss with John Deere Specialists Z*Tron Vision (Z*TV) Introduced
  15. 15. Virtual Reality; CAVE, Simulation Military Contracts: Example of how John Deere works with clients Army: John Deere (model 200) evacuator operative training (EOTS) John Deere and other virtual reality projects (CAVE) Ohio Lab: great web site to understand providing training tools for many (centers) Blue Collar Virtual Reality Simulation Example of potential dome theaters and virtualization Giant Screen Cinema Digital New Special-Venue-Domes Kodak demonstrates laser 3D projector (two channel stereo) Troyer patented process IMAX CEO claims to have Kodak patents that cover big screens/ domes What patents does Kodak have for laser domes and big screens? Example: Light Blue Optics raises money (same process as Troyer patent) Laser Illuminated Projector Association launched 2011– LIPA members saw Z*TV demo Slide show presentation: Z Factor with MetaZtron – auto dimensional images 15
  16. 16. 16 Patented Laser Projector Attributes Full Spectrum Colored laser images (Solid state lasers installed, tested, and proven: > 20,000 hours, sturdy, ready to deliver in quantity) Slotted expanded laser beams in general sync with imager– no ghosting artifacts in fast moving images; high contrast (High contrast; IF IT IS retained in expanded laser beams. IF (Infinite Focus); IS (Instant Transformation); IS (Innate Sharpness); Expanded laser beams retain collimation and do not bleed into the black). Collimated laser beams are kept parallel and non-crossing to create images with infinite depth sharpness (Color Laser spatially modulated beams retain depth in pixel images) Ability to be in focus on any surface, the images having dimension; In focus images can be viewed from any angle (Smoke, ice, water, fog, clouds, balloons, Cinerama screens) Amplification of the images (Large analog images do not have pixel artifacts or big squares or reduced resolution as the images get larger). Z*TV missing linchpin for 3D in curved space inspires new platforms
  17. 17. 17 • Laser expanded beams directed to reflective light valve (no ghosting) • Star Field Contrast: No light bleeds into black --Laser raster • Optical efficiency: Laser expanded beams in sync with input video • Laser brightness contained in slots that moves on screen (not flooded) • Parallel spatially modulated expanded laser beams to screen • Depth Images (Z Factor); Each pixel retains infinite depth of focus • Even distribution of slot brightness on curved or irregular surface • Infinite focus: very little space needed with rear screens • Concave or convex adjustments (infinite focus) • Reduces speckle through displacement and full color spectrum • Heat mitigation (moving expanded laser beams do not create heat) Troyer’s Preferred Method For Design
  18. 18. Advantages: IF IT IS Any feed is transformed (TV, Video, Streaming, etc.) Full color spectrum vivid saturated images Dimensional on curved dome/ simulation screens (Foreground separate from back ground) Amplification: sharp images w/o pixels or artifacts Great blacks– good enough for Star Fields Planetarium type space images Images focus automatically: adjust to dome curve • IF: infinite focus --- no need for focusing the image • IT: instant transformation – real time -- automatic • IS: innate sharpness – instilled in any image
  19. 19. • 1 9 Suggested Deals --Mature •Edutainment Global (many venues– all waiting) • Metropolitan Opera interested in dimensional Z*Rama; back set staging. • Hollywood 3D movies and 2D legacy transformed to 3D (main director showcase) • Curved dimensional 3D walls for sports, extravaganzas. TV and signage • Location Based Design Work– (discuss) •Military/ Government (NDA Rockwell/ Raytheon -lapsed) • Air Force & Army R&D experts suggest cooperative agreement: They need Z*Tron Vision platforms for simulation and immersive Training; Command & Control; Visualization/ Virtualization: next big thing; Dual use: with gamers •License/ Partner/ Patents Cover Small Devices: NDA/arrangement/in discussion: • Motorola Mobility, Dell, SAIC, Medical; Simulation • Mobile/Suitcase. Troyer supported Symbol redesign of Pico (based on patent); • Motorola: purchased Symbol: sold Pico patents to Microvision – do not cover Infinite focus or full color (Troyer’s patents); Apple: No Pico laser projector patents •Giant 3D Digital Dome Screens: Meta-mash theaters • Science Centers, Museums, Planetariums, Institutions, Municipalities, Communities, Conventions, Conferences (like TED), Public/private extravaganzas, Outdoor amphitheaters and Drive Ins, MetaSphere (holodeck playpen with TV studio)
  20. 20. Business Model for Screens Over 30 ft. Cookie cutter strategic vendors Big screens: always lease (short and long term leases) MetaOwn: Holding company owns projectors that will be leased MetaTech: Regional houses: custom assemble, test, install, support Short term lease (very lucrative): Panavision camera model; U haul model Long Term lease: Licenses (sectioned licensed areas/ franchises) A: Chartered interactive Edutainment network– 200-300 domes waiting B. Franchise: Teen Green Screens, Outdoor (Dive In. etc.); Location Based Themed; Bucket of Dreams (kids-evolved chucky cheese); First IPO--MetaZone Gaming theaters/ WarpZone—transforms arcades. C. Cooperative Gaming/Security/Command & Control suitcase on ground/Disaster and medical HIVE training, Remote; Situation awareness D. MetaLight: signage: water/ buildings/ big screens/ sports areas E. European fountain-performance (vector graphics - can be raster video F. Sports Arena Screens; Industry screens, Surveillance, etc. G. ZPA: laser healing devices/ light therapy/immersive training/ medical sports/ virtual behavior modification/ aging/ beauty/ vet. - dog arthritis20
  21. 21. CONSIDERED OPPORTUNITIES/ CONNECTIONS Merv Griffin Group Investment: Metatron LLC. (loans written off) Robert Sofia (former colleague): Producer of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy (Main player with IBM Watson Computer Project) Short Term and Long Term Leases: Z*TV and HIVE platforms Indian patents: Bollywood; Big Dome. Industrial, Home, Mobile. Mexican and Canadian Patents: Support groups Suit Case/ mobile: C2 on the ground, gaming, industrial, home Z*Rama (Depth images with Planetarium/ Cinerama, Big Dome) Meta-Mash Venue: Studio/ Staging/Cinema/Club/TV Studio/Lab ZELF Lab: Zone Enhanced Location Fusion (Z*TV HIVE platforms/ apps); Themed entertainment designs: Star Trek– Riverside/ Casinos; Teen Green Screen: United Action for Youth/ Foundation support; Metropolitan Opera: back set staging, Performance, Award shows/ Giant Z*Rama 3D digital for over 200 dome screens. 21
  22. 22. CONSULTANTS/ TECH SUPPORT SOFTRONICS: ROBERT STERNOWSKI: • Contracts. Ex: drone camera Office: 319-447-1446; multi-talented team; Sternowski (owner), • RF expert: Government a (RF); C2 on ground; (MetaSphere) • DARRYL PETERSON: superior display video engineer; formerly with Rockwell Collins. • Darryl has been hands on engineer for our JVC ILA laser projector in the Iowa lab. OPL: TOM SCHNELL: (University of Iowa) Synthetic vision, Simulation, Cockpit, Human Factors • directory/mie/schnell_t.php MARK COLLINS: Marcus Theaters: CTO; Z*TV consultant. Digital Cinema expert • hancoc.php DEAN LYON: Los Angeles partner. Lyon helped set up Peter Jackson’s studio • Lord of the Rings. Expert in Holodeck playpen and Studio of the Future; immersive venues
  23. 23. CONSULTANTS/ TECH SUPPORT Dr. Randall James Knize (Wrote the 1994 patent for solid state laser projector) Now back in Colorado Springs -- Air Force Academy (Dr. Knize is helping with the next steps – right laser approach) • Was visiting Professor, Division of Microelectronics School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Nanyang Technological University • Singapore, 639798 Singapore: Robert Sofia: producer of Wheel of Fortune/ Jeopardy • Former partner with Griffin Group: Metatron LLC (Delaware) • Supported partnership: Metatron (Troyer/ California) and Griffin Group. • Supported Troyer’s invention: building prototype proof of concept Z*TV John Mosley: MetaSphere consultant: Retired– was head of refurbish for Griffith Park Planetarium: Wanted Z*TV for Griffith; Designs and creates planetarium space content; Astronomer/ Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). MetaSphere content: JPL/ NASA images with Dr. Gurnett’s space sounds.
  24. 24. CONSULTANTS/ TECH SUPPORT Jim Web: Make it up / Make it real Dr. Skiff: (U of Iowa physics): supports space/ sound/ Dr. Gurnett Jim Fancher: (color consulting); New Company; was with Deluxe; Was with Technicolor; R&D for Thompson Tom Peterson: Consultant, Philanthropist, Advisor Air Force R&D laser expert endorses the Troyer patented process as the answer for HIVE/ CAVE immersive training; simulation, command & control on the ground; etc. Military, government and companies would like to support the ZELF Labs (Zone Enhanced Location Fusion) HIVE platform based -- Corporative Agreements.
  25. 25. Legal Representative and Intellectual Property John Shors: • • US Patent representative • 515-246-7983 (John’s office) 515-288-2500 (Main Office) David Woolfson: • • • 416-630-1801 (office) 647-828-9657 (cell) PATENTS – CANADA: Smart & Biggar • Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh Canada’s leading intellectual property firm • Oliver Stone: 613-232-2486 • INDIAN PATENT OFFICE • Chandrakantjoshi ( • Chandrakant M. Joshi 5yh & 6th Floor; Vishwa Nanak, Chakala Road • Andherei (East) Mumbai- 400 099, India MEXICAN PATENT OFFICE • Javier Uhthoff-Orive