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MetaZtron, MTZ, Metatron Vision, ZTV, MZTV, This power point helps understand the patented breakthrough-- missing link to dimensional imaging with best picture (full spectrum color, high resolution, high contrast-- good blacks (star field quality) with no artifacts-- in focus on any irregular surface - (Cinerama, Dome, simulation). Missing link to HIVE platforms-- holographic immersive virtual engine (environments/ edutainment). Also provided is background of the technology. White papers, explanation of patent drawings and other technical information is available on request. Laser projectors from Pico (Microvision and previous Light Blue Optics (now do software) BenQ--AaXatech-- to laser digital cinema - Sony, Kodak, IMAX, Barco, Christies, NEC & Red, etc. follow the basic Troyer patented architecture. Rockwell Collins and JVC are also infringing (NDA with both companies). Most of the above companies that are infringing have actually attended the Metatron video laser demonstrations in labs in California-- Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Burbank and Van Nuys. The basic Troyer patent claims have been validated and are "strong" by the granting of the Canada patent: Jan. 15, 2013. Expanding a laser beam that is addressed to a reflective light valve--- DLP, LCoS, MEMS, LED, ILA, or any to be invented. The red laser light is 635 nm or deeper so that there is full spectrum color in the images. It is not known at this point if the LG, Sony, Panasonic, Casio laser LED projectors are infringing. There will have to be reverse engineering. We are now in the process of licensing the technology and working with strategic partners.

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Hive time short 913

  1. 1. MISSION Introduce auto dimensional vivid laser images and HIVE platforms (w/o glasses) for world players MetaZtron Vision is the linchpin for the HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Edutainment Diane Troyer (Inventor) Metatron Zone LLC 319-512-1009 Cell: 818-795-2407 This web site was created as a proposal in 2005 for Coralville, Iowa and Rockwell Collins. Troyer proposed a MetaSphere Planetarium (like what Griffith Park ordered) as a celebration of University of Iowa’s first space physics department, Van Allen’s Belt and Dr. Donald Gurnett’s recorded space sounds synced with NASA and Jet Propulsion Lab’s dimensional space images (proposal not accepted).
  2. 2. HIVE TIME Timing is right for HIVE introduction “Laser-driven movie projectors have long been a tech Holy Grail, but now they’re finally going commercial. Laser-driven projectors are expected to solve many of the problems of dark and muddy imagery that have plagued digital 3D projection throughout the history of the format”. Alex Stedman 8/26/2013 (Variety)
  3. 3. Troyer: Patented MetaZtron Vision This gas laser projector was demonstrated on an IMAX 85 ft. dome at the Tech Museum (San Jose). Laser digital images can replace IMAX film dome/ flat screens. Satellite boxers hovering in space; 2D legacy Fifth Element (each pixel with Z depth). Viewers jumped up in awe at the fact there were no big squares in the amplified images. The filmic dimensional vivid images automatically adjusted to the big dome.
  4. 4. What Does Troyer Bring to Table? • • • • • • • • Troyer has patents on KISS laser apparatus. KISS: Keep it simple---- streamline. Simplest design to create best image. Patents and approved proof of concept prototypes for MetaZtron Vision. That is why many of the companies building laser projectors are using Troyer’s patented process. Companies have spent millions and years trying other designs for laser projectors – to no avail. See Troyer Patent Portfolio
  5. 5. Laser TV is considered next step displays because of color, contrast and better imaging • • • • • Laser TV produces better images. Laser TV provides full colored spectrum (other display ½ color). Laser are finally mature and green (less energy, costly, last for years). Troyer’s MZTV patents cover full color with infinite focus. MZTV patented process KISS: most streamlined, cost efficient approach. Troyer’s patented process: NDA (Non Disclosures Agreement) signed with JVC and Rockwell Collins. Non Disclosure Agreements, even though over time line, do not give companies the right to copy the patents of the people they signed with. 5
  6. 6. • • • • • • • • HIVE TIME Laser projection now has an open path for advancement. The Industry finally accepts that lasers create the best images. Laser images, unlike arc lamps, provide full spectrum colors. Laser vendors are mature for all areas (Pico to large domes). Lasers have naturally polarized coherent collimated light. Polarized lasers provide best 3D that is not dull and muddy. Troyer/ team: hands on R&D with TRW projector upgrades. Troyer’s design is KISS (keep it simple- streamlined) approach for best laser projection architecture and best images. • Real time domes, Cinerama, simulation, immersive training. • Experts agree: Troyer patents are strong and a goldmine.
  7. 7. HIVE Time (continued) • Companies spent millions creating laser video projectors. • Experts now recognize that the Troyer approach is needed for real time domes, Cinerama, simulation, immersive training. • Troyer’s patent claims provide best images for the classic 3D flat screens as well as for domes and immersive realities. • Infringers pretty much have conceded and waiting for our play • Best brokers in the business make offers to pay Troyer up front and start the process of having infringers rightfully pay Troyer what is due. • Troyer is aligning with strategic partners to deliver MetaZtron HIVE platforms with auto dimensional images (w/o glasses). • This imaging provides more realistic vivid images than the standard two channel stereo that most of the digital cinema laser projector infringers are using.
  8. 8. AUGMENTED REALTIES MZTV patents cover best approach for auto dimensional (w/o glasses) vivid bright images. HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Engine/ Environment MZTV is the lynch pin to the streamlined inexpensive HIVE MZTV attributes create the new Edutainment canvas Gamers, Scientists, Engineers, Educators, Artists, Performers, etc. 8
  9. 9. Real Time 3D Cinerama/Dome PROBLEM: No 3D in Curved Space No projector (film or video) can project 3D in real time Have you seen 3D Avatar on an IMAX dome screen? Star Wars or Matrix (2D legacy features) in Cinerama? Music tour streaming in 3D on a Drive In Cinerama screen? Boxing or soccer match in real time 3D on a dome? Metropolitan Opera auto dimensional feed on dome? Hospitals displaying vivid endoscopic dimensional capture? MRI, other scientific imaging not distorted on flat screens? Solution: MetaZtron Vision (MZTV) Z Rama: Auto Dimensional Cinerama Dome, Cinerama, Omnimax, CAVE, Virtual Environments, Augmented Reality, Simulation, AutoDimension, Meta-Mash, Immersive, HIVE, Telexistence, Telepresence
  10. 10. Inspiration For the Invention Troyer wanted to create a more realistic interactive digital canvas for backsets for live performances and TV studios and feature film stages. To be more like the eye sees nature, Troyer knew there needed to be curved screens with vivid natural colors. Images would be as vivid as IMAX film on domes – but most important – staging backset images would have dimensional depth. Troyer set out on the mission to find the new canvas. Of course Troyer realized this was a glorified digital 3D Cinerama/ dome screen (like the prior film screens attempted).
  11. 11. Troyer Background as Inventor Granddaddy’s /Rosebud in Iowa City Troyer is a trained hands on multi-media designer and producer. In Iowa City she designed and built Grand Daddy’s Rosebud – first studio performance club where TV content was created; This multi-use club was a “Studio of Future” in the late 1970’s. Layout (1500 people). Performance with instant changing vivid backset and floors– acoustics, sound; staging, lighting, cameras. Music video clips – examples to create the MTV channel; Cornucopia (Public TV): Tween TV Show (many other TV shows) Leon Russell and Muddy Waters said Rosebud was the best club they had played world wide. Others-- Bo Diddley, New York Party Dolls, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Battle of the Jazz Bands, Benefits, Community center for teens & hospital school, etc.
  12. 12. Discovering Focused Image on Curves Hollywood Palladium • Troyer was asked to design In house TV studio backset staging. • Specification: realistic images, rear projected curved backset, filmic full colors, high resolution images with good blacks. • Troyer scoured labs and found no solutions. She found that TRW had built laser projector war room walls and asked for a demonstration. Troyer placed a white board slanting it in the image path. She found that the image was always focused. • Troyer saw the light– comprehending instantly that infinite focus would make possible KISS -streamlined domes, ‘CAVE” Cinerama, virtual/augmented realties with auto dimensional depth. Images are always in focus– even on curved screens. • Note: War Room walls were big flat screens: TRW found infinite focus a distraction and did not use it.
  13. 13. Break Through Realistic Images with Lasers  Laser vector graphics – A mirror moves the laser beam. An outlined image is formed that is 3D in curved space.  TRW: laser video beams out of lens with RF modulation.  Troyer streamlined laser projection: Innovative way to modulate expanded laser beams for eye safety, retaining the Z factor for full color auto dimensional video imaging.
  14. 14. Troyer TRW Representative • TRW projectors: best video images world wide • Troyer became the TRW representative for the laser projector to the Hollywood studio and Theme Park Designer market -- Disney Imagineering, Warner, Universal and Paramount, etc. • These laser projectors were designed for the Air Force Command and Control War room walls at SAC, MAC and NORAD: 1986- 1991. • TRW has the only laser projector successfully launched: Ran 24/7 for 3 years; 97% up time. Over $500 million R&D; Projector sold: $360,000 each
  15. 15. Troyer Purchases Laser Projectors TRW projectors were mothballed right before Desert Storm--- no room for battery backup power 6 floors under in the war rooms. Lasers need a lot of power. TRW contract was over: SAC, MAC, NORAD. Troyer purchased at auction (SAC base in Omaha) 8 TRW projectors and shipped them to Hollywood. Troyer opened a lab in Los Angeles. Much hands on experience came with many TRW laser upgrades. TRW supported her work with boxes of studies of R&D and drawings, and engineering advice.
  16. 16. HISTORY: TRW transformed to MetaZtron Vision (MZTV) Troyer up graded TRW model: Reduced 0ptics from 40 to 8, installed 24 watt gas laser. She tested red dyes for best color mix, blacks & whites and disproved classic industry myth: Use 610 nm. orange red for brightest image; Troyer proved 635 nm. deeper red produced better film like digital bright colors. She introduced to Hollywood the infinite depth of focus laser images.
  17. 17. Streamlined Laser Display Approach Studio demonstrations: Experts provided great feed back. TRW laser projectors are not eye safe. Laser beams come directly out of lens. The upgrades made obvious the TRW defects and limitations so Troyer created a new laser projector design. TRW modulation: acoustic optic modulation (RF)- hard set up. Troyer Patent: 1994: solid state laser projector; replace gas lasers Troyer Patents: 2001, 2005, 2006, 2012(US), 2013 (Canada) Troyer mixed red dyes to find best full spectrum colors – whites. More user friendly: replaced modulation -reflective light valve. Proved the impossible (infinite focus with reflective light valve) She reduced optics to under 10 for more light efficiency. Eye safe: reflected expanded laser beam (not direct laser beams)
  18. 18. Upgraded TRW model in Hollywood Lab Optics reduced, 20 watt laser added for big screen brightness, red dyes tested for best color, whites, blacks (dye laser) MOVIE: Click on arrow at bottom (does not work with slide share) Movie click does not work on slide share– go to slide 20 for full video. Contact Troyer if you wish to have this power point sent directly.
  19. 19. laser projector image tested for focus Movie: click on arrow below picture Arc lamp projectors do not have infinite focus
  20. 20. TRW Upgrade Path to Troyer Patent Picture of TRW war room projector
  21. 21. OEM JVC 1999- 2003 Original Equipment Manufacturing The only best high end reflective light valve that Troyer could find was the ILA developed at Hughes. Troyer made deal with JVC Hughes to use their reflective light valve projector as a demonstration model for the proof of concept prototype. She signed NDA (non-disclosure) with JVC and became their OEM.
  22. 22. Troyer did KISS-- streamlined TRW Optic Path – many optics Troyer’s optic path– reduced by 20 optics – KISS - Streamline
  23. 23. JVC ILA projector base with new optic path and lasers
  24. 24. Photo of New Optic Path
  25. 25. New innovation: KISS Movie: click on arrow
  26. 26. Shocking for viewers Bugs DVD in focus in room corner Movie: Click on arrow below
  27. 27. Bug images automatically adjust and are in focus on the wall corner. Of course the image adjustment is even more dramatic on Cinerama or dome screens.
  28. 28. Movie: 3D Depth Bugs Floating Movie: click the arrow
  29. 29. 3D DEPTH BUGS FLOATING Z Factor More Dimensional in Curved Space Images are Flatter on the Flat Back Wall
  30. 30. Eye safe: engineer is looking into the lens. Fast moving expanded laser beams are reflecting off the reflective light valve– as eye safe as big arc lamps
  31. 31. Three laser beams (RGB) are modulated by reflective light valves. The expanded laser beams are combined to full spectrum color light. Laser beams expanded; directed to a reflective light valve. Even distribution of laser light across expanded beam. Spatially modulated laser beam pixels have Z depth factor.
  32. 32. PATENT CLAIM ATTRIBUTES: Images always in focus, even in corners –smooth, amplified, without pixel artifacts. Depth in curved space. Room small- laser power turned down. MOVIE: Click on arrow below image CLICK ARROW TO SEE MOVIE
  33. 33. KISS: Keep It Simple Review Watch Movie carefully to see foreground and background separation– Z Factor. gdyo&vq=medium#t=77 • • • • • Images are always in focus---even in the wall corners. Images in curved space: pictures have more depth. Room is small: laser power is turned down. More depth dimension on a Cinerama or Dome More depth with irregular screen: water, fog, steam, Balloons, clouds, ice, scrims, etc.
  34. 34. MetaZtron Vision IF IT IS IF Infinite Focus IT Instant Transformation IS Innate sharpness Mobile Pico and suitcase, Immersive Home Cinerama Theater. Water screens, warping on buildings ----- And beyond!
  35. 35. 2005: Troyer had solid state lasers custom made in China– lower cost/ provided needed specifications Approximately 5 watts each: Blue 457 nm, green 532 nm, red 650 nm Add 488 nm laser color for better white. Solid state lasers, 110 wall socket, air cooled (silent fan) Guaranteed for over 10,000 hours --- inexpensive. RGB (3) laser set assembled as modules for 20 ft. wide displays. Modules combined for higher brightness and bigger screens. -
  36. 36. Troyer Patent Drawing Infinite Sharpness (IF IT IS) Adjusts to the projection media in real time without the need of algorithm, computer or optic optic manipulation. manipulationZTV • • Fig. 31: interior of a dome—ellipse Fig. 32: Water, Fog, Cloud projection, etc. Fig. 33: Images go through different scrims (always In focus) creating a wonderful dimensional reality. Also the image can be seen on each side of a scrim or captured by camera for special effects
  37. 37. Industry Shame Domes, Planetariums, Museums, Digital Cinema could have had laser projection in 2003. They still do not have video laser projection • We have accomplished much, even with severe interference from Zuddites (modern Luddites) who stole the first 10 projectors assembled for clients to shut down our ability to deliver projectors. Zuddites perpetuated other criminal acts to thwart the Troyer patented innovation—a MetaZtron installation with publicity would immediately crash the Zuddite stocks. • Some companies have nothing to show after spending 100’s of millions. They started from the wrong premise – the wrong architecture—the wrong design (Kodak, Sony, Evans & Sutherland, Rockwell Collins used the grated light valve that was a lemon—dull image and no infinite focus). • Today companies are using the Troyer patented KISS –streamlined process because it provides the best images. Troyer developed the laser innovation having the luxury of near 20 years of R&D with the support of the work done by TRW for the war room walls and command and control with laser projectors as the platform.
  38. 38. Troyer’s Eye Safety Design • • • • • • • Troyer first worked with Greg Axtell (TRW) Axtell negotiated with FDA for TRW for first laser clearance. Air Force Command and Control War room walls. Troyer has copies: first FDA paper work and interlock designs. Interlocks shut off laser light if problem: FDA approval. TRW laser beams straight out of lens, so dangerous . Troyer needed FDA approval with every location move of upgraded TRW laser projectors. Video music (Stevie NIX) • Troyer’s patented designs and claims are more eye safe. • Laser beam generated into expanded line beam; fast moving laser expanded beams reflected off the light valve. Merged into one image the expanded laser beams directed to screen. • As safe as looking into bright arc lamps and big slide projector.
  39. 39. • • • • • • • MetaZtron Vision Amplifies Images In real dimensional (w/o the need of glasses) Full spectrum infinite depth of focus Saturated filmic full spectrum colors Scalability with image enhancement FDA approved: reflected expanded laser lines Expanded laser beam; not direct sharp beam. All the laser light is in the fast moving slotted line instead of in a flood– This creates a much brighter image that is optically efficient.
  40. 40. SELF ORGANIZING SYSTEMS ZELF HIVE Troyer patented projector process Like the Gatling gun or printing press • • • • • • Open architecture Not limited by a specific part Streamlined new utilitarian tool kit Modular parts coalesce ZELF: HIVE platforms keep evolving Self organizing open architecture MZTV delivers turnkey (integrated display solution) ZELF— Zone Enhanced Location Fusion (Platform licences)
  41. 41. NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang states The display is the computer– "Anywhere there's a pixel, that's where we want to be.“ The eyes view the world in sharp vivid dimensional curved space. The Hologram is in focus (sharp) at any point in dimensional space. MetaZtron Vision laser images transform any digital feed (video) to IF IT IS: IF: infinite focus, IT: Instant transformation (full color spectrum & Z depth in each pixel); IS: innate sharpness.
  42. 42. MetaZtron Vision ” IF“ When humans experience Holographic images in dimensional space, they will not want to go back to flat screen realities. Mobile, Suitcase, Home Immersive “IT” Theater: Gaming HIVE platforms MetaSphere --- new Planetarium . MetaShell: Performance theaters, “IS” Studio: Holodeck Playpen. Z*Rama: Digital 3D dome Omnimax Cinerama screens Elliptic Curve Huge images on water screens, Wrapping around buildings ----- And beyond!
  43. 43. Troyer’s Patented Process— goes beyond best flat screen image The sought Holy Grail is auto dimensional imaging– not possible without lasers. Troyer’s patents cover creating best filmic (full spectrum color) dimensional imaging. Immersive environments in curved space -- thus 3D domes, Cinerama, Holodeck playpen, simulation, augmented realities, tele-presence – any irregular or flat surface. MetaZtron HIVE platforms are the building blocks for transformational Edutainment Meta Mashups • HIVE: holographic immersive virtual environments. • Thus realistic real time vivid images shown in curved space.
  44. 44. Zuddites (Modern Luddites) • Troyer and team held demonstrations of the patented Metatron Laser Projector in California 2000 -2003 • IMAX dome screen (San Jose Tech Museum), we projected a boxing match and a DVD of Fifth Element • The customers jumped up shouting—in awe. They had no idea that amplification of video images without big pixels squares was possible on an IMAX dome – in real time. • Metatron automatically adjusts the video feed to the dome with Image depth (front separates from background). • Experts from Kodak, Disney, IMAX, Sony, Warner, Technicolor etc. attended Troyer Metatron private demonstrations. • Metatron had set up manufacturing to deliver to many waiting clients. Zuddites (modern Luddites) stopped the Metatron delivery of the first 10 assembled projectors to clients (stolen projectors – never recovered). • They attempted to stamp out Metatron progress and take over technology. The Troyer patents saved the Technology.
  45. 45. Imax Does Not Have Rights • • Kodak did not use their grating light valve laser patents for their demonstration. They used the Troyer patented process. Kodak does not have patents for domes and Cinerama or IF IT IS– infinite focus, instant transfer, innate sharpness. • • This Troyer blog explains the patent situation. This is a letter to LIPA Consortium that asks them to stop stating that their members have patents for reflective light valve laser projection and to stop and desist: Kodak/ IMAX do not have dome patents.
  46. 46. • • • • • • • • • LIPA LIPA (Laser Illuminated Projector Association) Non-profit consortium to promote digital cinema laser projection IMAX, Sony, Kodak, Nec, Barco, Christies are members of the Technology. LIPA promotes the Kodak demonstration design as the prototype to show proof of concept for lasers and reflective light valves projectors. Kodak used the Troyer patented design to share their laser prototype. IMAX and Barco are using the Troyer patented design (also Sony, NEC, & Christies). Troyer has been issued 8 patents on laser projection. The Troyer patent claim cover laser projector with lasers directed on a reflective light valve (spatial modulator) with full color spectrum– 635 nm. red and above, and keeping the polarization/ coherence/ collimation (Laser inherent beam quality) through out the optic path to the screen. Troyer was issued a Canadian patent January 15, 2013. This stands up in court as showing that the Troyer US patent claims are “strong” and stand. Infringers do not have cases to argue. Canadian patent examiners used the most complete global 2012 data searches to agree there was no prior art. Small projector Infringements: Light Blue Optics, HDI, AaXa, Microvision, etc.
  47. 47. Some Organizations Troyer has Served METAMEDIA (Iowa non-profit): 1976 -1981 GRAND DADDY'S/ ROSEBUD TV STUDIO: (1976 -1981) Contracted, designed, built high Iowa City tech meta-mix TV studio nightclub. (1200 capacity). Leon Russell and Muddy Waters said best high tech night club they played --world wide. Benefits and community functions (Battle of the Jazz Bands); Teen & Tween functions: Congregate, Collaborate, Create, Celebrate. Rosebud TV studio club facility: Produced, directed, edited Cornucopia: Pre-teens do Interviews and theater; Public TV one hour show; Rosebud studios: created music clips; used as examples for MTV (1978) (Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bo Diddley, Del Shannon); Produced, directed and edited TV shows, commercials, reading series, etc.; Feature film: Nine O’Clock In the Afternoon (German TV, New York); Fast Freddie and the Play Boys ; Scarecrow/ Lurker pilots: 30 TV half hour mini-mysteries/ surprise endings, commercials, Talent contest, Music, FUND RAISING, PROMOTION , SUPPORT PRODUCTIONS: Day in Life of a Quadriplegic (first law suit video; out of court settlement); United Way Promotional Film; Don’t Let Love Die; National United Way Multi-media fund raiser; Iowa Development Commission Films; Every Summer Now: London symphony winter in Daytona Beach; Ragbrai Iowa Bike Ride: 1981 UNTIED ACTION FOR YOUTH: helped founders with teaching camera, video and editing for teens UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HOSPITAL SCHOOL PATIENTS: Attended twice a month for Immersive music and light therapy, dancing and movement; Grand Daddy’s club – autism breakthrough. HOLLYWOOD: RALEIGH STUDIOS: 1982; Troyer had first video editing and computer at Raleigh. Troyer introduced to Raleigh film makers ability to transfer film to video & edit trailers to sell feature films. Troyer worked with feature film sales /distribution to foreign countries. Taught class for UCLA students video editing. UCLA did not have video editing equipment. TICKET TO HOLLYWOOD (FEATURE) structured old Hollywood footage and edited into TV show. CONSULTANT: TV video feature; Consultant for TV shows and features—write, sell, and produce. HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM: Offices at Hollywood Palladium; Designed production studio, show staging, backsets, Benefits, TV shows, Award shows, Big Ten Iowa Rose bowl Celebration, Comedy Awards, Theme designs- studio feature wrap (when feature over); Nostalgia –so glad Palladium still cooking:
  48. 48. Organizations Troyer has Served-- continued TRW: Troyer locates first high definition projector; Discovers new canvas with infinite focus (TRW uses flat screens). Represents TRW laser projector to Disney Imagineering; Hollywood Palladium; Paramount installation/designs with infinite focus for studio client theme parks. METATRON INC. (California) 1992; Purchased TRW laser projectors; Air Force Command/Control: SAC; MAC, NORAD; Greg Axtell TRW engineer: supported TRW up grade for Metatron Inc. PARAMOUNT: TV show based around laser projected automatic changing back sets AFTER HOURS LIVE: After Hours Live accepted as TV series as great example for new type show. After Hours not produced: lasers not mature for type of installation for a holographic set. After Hours: example of HIVE (holodeck playpen with augmented realties) HIVE Time now!! SCHULMAN STUDIOS: Ben Schulman (patron) Metatron laser projector upgrade/ demonstrated. This is like Disney Land– Roy Disney and Tim (son) attend. Many Imagineering designers in groups attend; Warner head of theme parks: Jim House, etc. Hollywood found Holy Grail! VEDA LAND DESIGNS: Doug Henning, Michael Jackson, Siegfried; Roy Field begin designs around the infinite depth of focus attribute for a children’s dimensional dome theme park. UNIVERSAL CREATIVE: theme park design; Universal: Larry Lester (design for Las Vegas MGM) WARNER THEME PARK: Troyer consultant (Jim House, head) Location Based Entrainment designs. DISNEY IMAGINEERING: Design seminars - infinite focus: Al Mirabella lead; Roy Disney endorses. MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS: Stevie Nix (Bella Donna); others-GRIFFIN GROUP: 1996 – 2000: (investors and partners in developing MZTV). Partnership: Griffin Group and Metatron Inc. Company formed: Metatron LLC (Delaware). Griffin Group supports the design and building the prototype for MetaZ Tron Vision (MZTV).
  49. 49. continued CANADIAN PARK BOARD: Location Based Entertainment design for Niagara Falls chosen as best. Designed Meta-Center: Worked with Canadian architecture firm and contractors. DIGITAL DOMAIN: Cameron/ Ross (see Motion Control) Designed for Experience Museum. PATENT GRANTED TO TROYER: Feb. 2001/ new KISS laser approach for creating infinite focus. FAMOUS PLAYERS: Blackburn; order 8 MZTV projectors for IMAX screens (46 other cinemas) JVC/HUGHES: Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) deal: MZTV uses JVC base, Lexel lasers. WILLIAMS AIR FORCE BASE: wants MZTV for out of window training (Raytheon non-disclosures). GRIFFITH PARK PLANETARIUM: (John Mosley) Design, development, implement dome content with NASA and Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) 3D footage with Dr. Gurnett’s space sounds (U of Iowa); MZTV designs for Planetarium and dome content. (assembled projectors stolen). --Zuddite attacks stopped process; Troyer team frightened -- dissolved; clients all very upset. CARMEL DEVELOPMENT: Zuddite collusion; attempted business deal -- no rights granted. JET PROPULSION LAB: Robert Kerr; designed MZTV dome theater for JPL dimensional images. METATRON ZONE MANAGEMENT LLC (Iowa): Manages patents (licensing, assignment) and R&D (tax credit); Inventor protection; contracts, non-disclosures, deal memos. Patents: 1994, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2012, 2013 (Canada) and Mexico and India-ROCKWELL COLLINS: NDA; Troyer designs: vehicle/pilot 3D displays, simulation, command & control (ground situation awareness), big dome; Asked Troyer to met her experts & vendors JOHN DEERE: TELCORDIA: Dr. Drobot; VP R&D; Telcordia (former Baby Bell Lab) endorses and works with MZTV. SOFTRONICS: (Sternowski): Support MZTV on design and implementation (Marion, Iowa). DELL; NDA: interested AlienWare display; Water Screen, ZPA Healing; MetaZone gaming, Z*Pod ROBERT SOFIA: Producer: Wheel of Fortune/ Jeopardy; Endorses MZTV (Sofia partner with Griffin Group and Metatron Inc. (Metatron LLC -Delaware) SYMBOL/ MOTOROLA: (NDA): patent support for SYMBOL hand held high resolution Pico. RIM/ BLACKBERRY: infringement patent study with Troyer; APPLE: third party offer. RELIANCE (explored mash up cinema domes); SIGNAGE/ SPORTS (circular score video board);
  50. 50. MetaZtron Vision Development • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1990 Troyer promotes TRW Laser Projector Hollywood: Disney - Al Marabella -- lead 1991 Troyer purchases TRW laser projectors from SAC Air Force Base auction. 1992 upgrade military projector and demonstrates for studio theme park heads & designers. 1994 Solid-state laser patent received; Troyer designing for theme park groups 1993 -1994 Studio excitement (infinite focus; Seven orders received from theme parks) Roy Disney/ Tim Disney endorse answer for Virtual Reality; Troyer designs new Captain Eo. Disney (Al Marabella), Universal (Lester), Warner head (Jim House), Vegas IMAX new owners (preferred stock IPO): sign 3 month option to purchase Metatron IMAX group cancels, stops Metatron, takes 7 projector orders for IMAX film theaters 1995 (regrouped) moved from Hollywood to Lexel Lasers (Silicon Valley); Metatron upgrade 1996 Metatron declared best high definition image by group promoting digital cinema. (World Vision, Alcatel, Dean Witter III, HD Vision); 1996 Samsung visits lab and makes offer 1996 - 1999 Griffin Group support for prototype build: Metatron LLC partnership (Delaware) 1999 Patent pending for light-valve laser projector; Published Feb. 2001 2000 Proof of concept MetaZtron Vision laser projector: Companies view & express interest: Kodak, Evans & Sutherland, Panavision, Nocturne, Spitz, Universal, Disney, Sony, etc. Air Force evaluates MetaZtron; declares best for simulation and open architecture. 2000 Raytheon/ Williams AF Base: want MetaZtron:Laser Projector; State design breakthrough
  51. 51. MZTV Development Continued • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2000 MetaZtron Vision Demonstration (Omnimax dome), San Jose Tech Museum Boxing match hovered on dome; Famous Players clients jumped up—awed. 2001: Famous Players (FP) 10 big screen orders/ 46 for European screens. Carmel Development CEO Alan Williams offers to help to develop the business Carmel Development pays lab rent for year (IVC- International Video– Burbank) Locked Troyer team out of lab with collusion with Ken Holland –IVC owner Stopped demonstrations: investors, Nintendo, Roy Disney, Universal City Walk, etc. Troyer patent and legal support thwarts the attempted take over of the laser technology. With legal support, threatened law suits and press releases Troyer and team get access back to lab for demonstration for investors: Dr. Drobot (CTO of Telcordia hired by investors as evaluator of patents and proof of concept Metatron model. Dr. Drobot endorses patents: MetaZ Tron Vision (MZTV) is break through: ― missing link for CAVE‖ – Holy Grail. Griffith Park Planetarium (John Mosley) wants MetaZtron for their refurbish. To no avail: MZTV stolen from Burbank IVC Lab; Burbank Police report. Inside job (optics, lasers, etc.) 10 assembled projectors for Famous Players stolen; Lexel Laser/ lab destroyed Corporate espionage-- California team dissolves-go underground ; Troyer works from Iowa. R&D: Design small Z*TV, auto stereo, consumer, medical, prepare for assembly; purchase custom made lasers (China); Patents- 2005; 2006, 2011, 2012, 2013- Feb. 14, 2012: Camera and projector. Z*TV Telecine, digital intermediary (others) New provisional break through --
  52. 52. SOME MIDWEST DEVELOPMENTS John Shors; Des Moines attorney documenting patents/ technology “clean”. Legal papers: Carmel Development does not have any ownership or rights. New designs (mobile Z*TV) –upgraded MZTV cinema; strategic vendor deals. Patents: 2005, 2006, 2012, 2013 (Canada) issued; Feb. 14, 2012 Laser apparatus –camera and projector with dimensional imaging; Provisional patents. Troyer had custom solid state lasers made in China (according to design). Lasers -RGB (5 watts each); 10,000 hours guarantee; wall plug in; air cooled. Lasers tested; MZTV miniaturized, less expensive. Softronics (Marion, IA): engineering: Sternowski & Peterson. Telcordia consultants evaluates & endorse upgraded designs; NDA: Rockwell Collins has Troyer design: vehicle/cockpit holographic display; simulation; immersive domes; command & control- ground situation awareness; NDA Dell, Symbol, Motorola, Telcordia etc. Meetings, white papers, discussions; Rockwell engineers, John Deere, Dell, etc. David Woolfson (MetaStar networking); Auto dimension MetaSphere platforms (w/o glasses) Dr. Boggess, Dr. Gurnett physicists U of Iowa Simulation; MetaZone gaming; ZPA La La Healing Spa (near infra red healing device device); Augmented Reality; HIVE bio-feedback, behavior modification, phobias, brain injuries; ZPod design, gamification, etc. MetaStation; Symbol: Troyer’s design corrects Pico problems; Motorola purchase Symbol (Symbol & Motorola NDA); Google buys Motorola. Microvision (infringing); R&D: optic holographic imaging & HIVE platforms, etc.
  53. 53. Legal Representative and Intellectual Property John Shors: • • US Patent representative • 515-246-7983 (John’s office) 515-288-2500 (Main Office) David Woolfson: • • • 416-630-1801 (office) 647-828-9657 (cell) PATENTS – CANADA: Smart & Biggar • Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh Canada’s leading intellectual property firm • Oliver Stone: 613-232-2486 • INDIAN PATENT OFFICE • Chandrakantjoshi ( • Chandrakant M. Joshi 5yh & 6th Floor; Vishwa Nanak, Chakala Road • Andherei (East) Mumbai- 400 099, India MEXICAN PATENT OFFICE • Javier Uhthoff-Orive
  54. 54. Multi Purpose Themed Production Center Town meeting hall, Cinerama, Performance stage, Business Conferencing, Extravaganzas, Memorials, Mashup club In the next decade, the ambiance of theaters, arenas, museums, sound stages and other venues is poised to change in exciting ways: new platforms become an integrated part of the structure’s architecture. A new digital theatrical “experience” is born. MetaZtron Vision (MZTV) transforms any feed to dimensional moving images on curved screens for Cyclorama /Cinerama/ Dome Theater clubs. Real time curved backsets, like the film used behind actors in the 30’s, allow a new “Studio of the Future.” Digitron technique: places an actor or actress into the projected Image in real time, thus, creating the long awaited "virtual set.” Augmented realties become simple, less costly processes with the MZTV attributes. Real time dimensional images are viewed in curved Space. In focus sharp vivid images are seen from any angle. The virtual set evolves into the long awaited holodeck playpen.
  55. 55. Regional MetaSphere and ZELF Lab MetaSphere hub: Z*Rama (dimensional dome screen, metashell staging (evolving holodeck playpen); attached ZELF Lab and needed tools for creating content, graphics, stage sets, etc. ZELF Lab: Zone Enhancement Location Fusion MetaZtron platform: Design/implement HIVE applications. Clients: Companies/institutions want HIVE platforms/ apps. HIVE: Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments. Holodeck Playpen (Edutainment: immersive training) Regional: Z*Rama Dimensional Cinerama and planetarium Performance, Sound Stage, TV studios, Meta-Mashup Club MetaSite: Local community Z*Rama with Teen Green Screen MetaLite Signage: balloons, buildings, water screens, big screens Zpa La La: Social club, light therapy, biofeedback, phobia freeing. Immersive holodeck playpen; treatments, IR scanning healing. Bucket of Dreams: Franchise – evolved Chucky Cheese for kids MetaZone Gaming/ WarpZone hyped arcade (private placement)
  56. 56. CAVE DREAM MetaZ Tron Vision transforms Flat Screen Reality to Dimensional Space reality as dramatic as when talkies replaced silent film and color transformed black and white. Cross fertilization of disciplines creates a new paradigm. Networking, content creation transformation, immersion. Realistic immersive environments in real time– the holodeck. Social networking is the global rage – structured with savvy platforms. Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn Chinese under 30 billionaires are taking multi-player gaming to the next level. Asian Internet Cafes transformed -Needed: Portal space hangout for innovators and participants to: Congregate, Create, Collaborate, Celebrate
  57. 57. Suggested Public/ Private/Non-profit Lease Company META OWN: Purchases, owns and holds MZTV projectors for long term chartered clients. 20 ft. – 80 ft. screens with HIVE ZELF platforms. • Purchase MZTV wholesale: $150,000 (40 – 60 ft. screen) -- DCI approved • $250,000 for over 60 ft. screen; Motion Picture quality and brightness: 25,000 plus lumens; 4K resolution; good blacks (star field quality) • Clients: Museums, Science Centers, Planetariums, Government, Labs, Institutions, Municipalities, Co mmunities Centers, Casinos, etc. META LEASE: Leases MZTV turnkey to chartered venues (clients) –IMAX style. Long Term: estimate 5 year turnkey @ $650,000 (screen, sound, cameras, TV content creation VFX tools, HIVE staging tools). Open platform participation MetaSphere Hub with ZELF Lab: Meta-Mash-Up Venue: Planetarium, Cinerama Club, Omni-dome, Z*Rama screens, HIVE platforms, / Sound Stage, Performance TV studio, Holodeck Playpen, Lab HIVE platform innovation. • MetaSite: Community meta-use portal with HIVE platform • MetaStar: Global network of chartered MetaSphere/ MetaSites, etc. Short term lease: conventions, extravaganzas, sports, TV staging, Opera, musing tours, award Shows, etc. (Panavision and U Haul
  58. 58. Laser TV: predict 2 billion a year July 26, 2011: Robert Dwilinski, Ammono’s president and founder, told IEEE Spectrum. “Laser projectors will probably oust big, energy consuming and expensive LCD TVs. It is estimated that the demand for laser TVs will reach up to two billion a year,” adds Dwilinski Digital Cinema: Lasers will replace arc lamps. Theaters are running their lamps longer and dimmer and creating poor 3D experiences because the costs are killing them. ----- increased operating budget for a 14-plex significantly - to cover high lamp costs - even with the above shortcuts, costs are high so reducing operating expense is a big deal for them.
  59. 59. Tech TV smackdown Silicon Valley players vying for control of TV sets Claire by Atkinson Sept. 4, 2010 Silicon Valley's biggest players are battling to bring the TV set into the 21st century. This fall, tech companies, including Google, Apple, Amazon and Sony, are laser-focused on breaking into the living room, using advanced devices and services that marry the television and the Web. Set top box (STB) and Gaming box wars: Apple TV, Droid (Google), Microsoft, Sony --- Gaming will be catalyst for best auto stereo immersive displays. Then the Kinect was introduced and the game plan changed! Many have created apps for the Kinect process.
  60. 60. MetaZkit, Suitcase, Engine • • • • Different MZTV models: MetaZkit software adjusts for applications. Configurations: 4K Cinerama and big signage images on building Sports video dome circular scoreboard: Stacked/merged small Z*TV’s SUITCASE: larger mobile model - big screens, command & control on the ground. Suitcase plugs into lap top, sturdy tablet/ or smart phone, etc. • Front or rear projected; concave or convex pop up screens: 3 ft. to 18 ft. • Glorified laser projector (We know of no competition on market). • SUITCASE: Vivid--twice the color/ curved screens/dimensional images. • ZUITCASE: Backset for Karaoke, signage, industrial, gamers, etc. • SWAP: Small footprint, weight, little power ---but with Big image: • Holodeck playpen platforms developed by gamers and ZEON’S. • ZEONS: experts trained in HIVE art: gamers/ programmers/ artists/ etc. • Security: on the ground disaster; Medical. Immersive training/ teaching Strategic Partners: Design/ Prototype/ Manufacturing/ Vendors/ Licenses
  61. 61. Endorsement by Military Experts • Laser Display experts in R&D in the Army & Air Force need streamlined inexpensive solution with sturdy mobile suitcase for fast set up. • Create HIVE platform applications: command and control (C2) walls; Suitcase C2 on the ground (man made & natural disasters); Immersive training; transforming flat wall CAVE to the HIVE– simulation. • Immersive training: battle; first responder; medical; Injury rehabilitation • Real time simulation with realistic curved HIVE: transforms CAVE flat walls • Vivid real time GPS, satellite, drone etc. - dimensional captured images. • HIVE: immersive platform solution- works with existing infrastructure • HIVE platforms finally deliver streamlined low cost real time immersion • Cuts costs; creates a new game plan for Immersive training, C2, etc. • Immersion: have seen too many failures– need the missing link MetaZtron. • Fast track: gamers design platforms-- Keep strong handle on model design. • Wright Patterson expert suggests: CRADA: Cooperative R&D agreement. Note: Troyer has asked for the expert guidance of the Air Force R&D expert who has dealt for years with wrong design approach and understands that her patented architecture is the long sought solution for dimensional laser immersive training and C2 walls and on the ground.
  62. 62. Simulation Now Cave at Iowa State University Arc Lamp Projectors: •Color and brightness is limited •Color and brightness decay •Do not produce real life colors •Colors do not match in projectors •Merging nightmare •Life: 500 hours (change often) •Cost: $1500 per lamp Flat screen projection is used. There are projectors for each wall. Over 20 Sony SXRD 4K projectors Two projectors together for stereo The CAVE with many arc lamp projectors -- EXPENSIVE!!! MetaZtron: cuts simulation costs Curved walls instead of flat walls Lasers retain brightness Colors stay vivid (do not change) Takes less technical support Laser last thousands of hours No arc lamp bulb changes More user friendly CAVE Uses Matched arc projectors •Seamless Imaging limited •Edges and colors need to match •Expensive Tech support needed Flat screen arc projectors need computer manipulation •Decay at different rates To adjust to curved screens
  63. 63. COMPONENT DESIGN ON TRACK • Streamlined: COTS: Off the shelf parts • Small separate laser projector head with engine server/ evolved blue ray/ set top box (Graphics, SOC, storage/image enhancements). • 2D to 3D enhancement; adjusts for infinite focus (NVidia offers support). • ZELF labs with expert support to implement MZTV platforms (virtual). • Cookie cutter and stacked parts (small or larger) same design & material. • Models fall under cookie cutter umbrella except Pico (miniature world). • Troyer. through working with Symbol, found an approach through her patented process for Pico projector that is brighter, more eye safe with far better dimensional imaging. THIS HAS BEEN A BOOTSTRAPPED PROJECT It is time to create ZELF Labs to test and implement HIVE platforms – the Holodeck Playpen---working closely with corporate partners.
  64. 64. Zuddite Collusion • IMAX CEO and collusion partners realized after Troyer’s IMAX dome demonstration (2000) – that Troyer’s approach would replace IMAX film on domes and flat screens and also replace arc lamp digital cinema projectors. • Companies such as IMAX, Sony, Kodak, Warner, Disney, Universal, Technicolor, Lucas, Dream Works, Christies, Panavision, and others attended Troyer demonstrations. Some wanted to do deals: license or order projectors in the early 2000’s? Roy Disney (when separated from Disney) set up a company with plans to work with MetaZtron. Zuddites jumped in to stop their competition—their stock would crash. • Today infringers seem to have pretty much conceded, waiting. • Those who know about the Zuddite collusion to thwart MetaZtron Vision call it the worst case of suppression of a patented disruptive technology in modern times.
  65. 65. Copycats • Companies spent > 10 millions laser projector prototyping: Kodak, IMAX, Barco, NEC, Christies, Red, Sony, Microvision, etc. • JVC and Rockwell Collins did not need to spend millions. They gathered direct information about every aspect of Troyer’s patented laser projection from Troyer and team through NDA and OEM deals. They worked directly with Troyer knowing she had best patented design. Troyer recommended and introduced Rod Sterling and Dr. Bleha of JVC to Rockwell Collins as best group to work with laser projection- since Metatron Inc. (California laser company1992-2002) was the OEM for the ILA JVC digital cinema projector.
  66. 66. Metatron Zone Management LLC (MTZ) Middle Funding Phase • • • • • • • • • • • • • MTZ manages/signs with best patent monetization licensing. Troyer patents: 1994, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2012; (2013 Canada). Patents: USA, Mexico, India, Canada MTZ manages licensing, franchises, leasing, strategic partners R&D: Zone Enhanced Location Fusion (ZELF) platforms. Goal: Interoperability within the ZELF platform systems Negotiates: strategic partners, consultants, OEMs, vendors. Patents and MetaZtron in good standing (clean). No licensing or assignments of patents No legal encumbrances to patents or technology Lean Team (Consultants instead of staff). Small budgets, Strategic vendor and assembly partners Plan: HIVE evolves exponentially as with Moore law growth. 66
  67. 67. Strategic Partnerships Most important is creating the best auto dimensional imaging with cookie cutter vendor parts for Pico, suitcase, signage, simulation, scientific, digital cinema, performance, TV studio of future, planetariums, museums, municipalities, Institutions, c ommunities – domes, cinerama, themed edutainment, holodeck playpen, etc. MetaZtron is the linchpin to HIVE platform interconnectivity. MetaZtron imaging for Pico to large dome screens --MZTV platforms introduced globally. We are now in the process of locating the right strategic partners that bring savvy “know how” experience to the enterprise. We want to work with strategic partners that are in for the long haul – with a global outreach.
  68. 68. Estimated Worth: Licensing, Assignment, Strategic Partners Evaluators Access MZTV Patents as “Strong” Demonstration models based on the Troyer patents are great proof of Concept, Kodak first demonstrating the natural laser polarization for much improved stereo 3D. Sony, NEC and Barco and Christies give demonstrations, Christies being the most assertive. No one has shown videos of their images except JVC/ Rockwell (You Tube) and Microvision Pico projectors. Infringers are not using the best aspect of the Troyer patented process to best advantage: IF IT IS- auto dimensional images. If the business model is handled correctly and the patents are carefully monitored for infringement, a great deal of income can be received from strategic partner licensing and building new franchise companies and subcompanies. The industry is frustrated. There are no digital cinema laser projectors on the market. But mostly they are waiting – anticipating the Holy Grail-- HIVE auto dimension imaging .
  69. 69. MZTV HIVE Simulation goal: images as near to reality as possible • • • • • • • • • A leap in immersive space with “if it is” Modulated Laser beams dance in space Amplified images adjust to curved space Bright colors create a more realistic space Real time amplified dimensional images Laser brightness & color do not decay like arc lamps Seamless matching of laser displays One MZTV can project images on big dome screen User friendly so less expensive tech support Z*POD A translucent dome can be placed on the Z*POD to create a CAVE reality