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OLPC past and present
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OLPC past and present


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  • You bring the school outside, in the mountains of Colombia
  • Or in the jungles of Thailand
  • Informal environment
  • Change in teaching methodology from a rigid environment to one of coach of a team.
  • Contrive environment.
  • Look beyond the poverty that surrounds them
  • Look at their faces
  • Transcript

    • 1. ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD Northeast GNU/Linux Fest 2013 Sam Klein
    • 2. Experimental Backchannelhttp://
    • 3. Foreshadowing History and Development Designing for Learning Deployments Results so far Whats Next: Tablets & OLPC Academy
    • 4. HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENTOver 2 million children and teachers in 42 countries use XO in education Education Community Society
    • 5. The Vision Every child deserves the chance to learn. Children learn best when they are active -- exploring, collaborating, & expressing themselves. Laptops can enable this active style of learning and transform education.
    • 6. MIT Media Lab• A team of educators andengineers• Convergence of technology,pedagogy, education policy• Focus on solutions for thehardest environments
    • 7. From Theory to Reality 2005: Announcement of One Laptop per Child’ initiative with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan
    • 8. Getting to the Lowest Price Gross Breakdown in Laptop Costs, 2006 Display Sales Marketing Windows Support Distribution OLPC Proposal $100 Laptop Cost 2005 HOW:Display • Minimal Marketing, Distribution • Large Purchases • Linux only x • Reduce display cost
    • 9. 2006: Founding Members
    • 10. MOMA- NYC
    • 11. DESIGNING FOR LEARNINGObjectives:Support creativity andproject-based learning;Teach children toexplore and hack theirown tools
    • 12. OLPCs Five Principles
    • 13. Sugar Educational Software Math Art Music Language skills Programming +300 Activities
    • 14. Sugar Network
    • 15. Educational Origins Jean Piaget Seymour Papert
    • 16. Learning by Doing• Creativity• Curiosity• Communication skills• Critical thinking & problem solving Robotics via the XO laptop: Butiabot, LEGO WeDo
    • 17. Usable anywhere The transflective screen is crisp in bright sunlight, can run without a backlightXOs can be solar-poweredwhere there is no reliablesource of electricity
    • 18. OLPC DEPLOYMENTS 2.5 million XOs worldwide
    • 19. Uruguay• The first country with one laptop per child and wifi in every school and home. 600,000 children and teachers (grades 1-10)• A social transformation project: more enrollment, less violence.
    • 20. Uruguay: National pride
    • 21. Perú• 900,000 XOs in primary and secondary schools• Challenging deployment due to geography and cultural diversity• Small remote communities with limited electricity
    • 22. Perú: Commitment
    • 23. Argentina• 60,000 XOs in La Rioja• Project developed by the provincial government• Complete saturation• Effort to bring Internet to the whole province
    • 24. Paraguay• 9,000 children across Paraguay• Supported by a dedicated national NGO, ParaguayEduca• SWIFT donated 3,500+ Xos to children in Caacupe• Agreements with hydroelectric providers to improve regional electricity
    • 25. Nicaragua• 30,000 XOs distributed by the Zamora-Terán Foundation• Support from public and private companies• Support from other countries (Denmark)
    • 26. Rwanda120,000 children so far, part ofRwanda 2020 vision foruniversal computer access• An OLPC Regional Learning Center since 2009• Feeding mind and body – partnership with World Food Program to distribute food and laptops
    • 27. Nigeria• 8,000 XOs deployed bySchlumberger Seed Program• First deployment in Africa(2007)• First patent troll lawsuit(2008)• Ongoing support fromprivate partners• Currently expanding withsupport of local municipalities
    • 28. Canada• Alliance with the Belinda Stronach Foundation• 5,000 students and teachers across 12 First Nation communities Source: One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Canada: Backgrounder programs
    • 29. US: Miami, Charlotte• Alliance with the Knight Foundation and TFA to reach 500 children in Liberty City, Miami.• A similar partnership this year helping 2000 children in Charlotte, NC
    • 30. Deployment strategiesA Government ownership • Exploratory mission to gauge interest of host government and key stakeholders • Based on the above, work with government and key stakeholders to develop a deployment strategy along the following linesB Develop Community Awareness • Educate population on program benefits and XO functionality • Develop social inclusion campaigns to achieve local support • Launch training programs to promote XO usage, including teachersC Customize XO platform to address local needs • Meet with officials from the minister of education to align on curriculum requirements • Develop customized applications • Digitize textbooks, perform translations
    • 31. Deployment strategies IID Train the core team • Government to select Core Team for execution of local program (IT expertise, etc) • Train core team in all learning and technical elements of the product and program • Train a set of local trainers who will be sent throughout the countryE Develop infrastructure • Provide advisory/ support for government in development of infrastructure (Electrical, IT, network management) • Local capacity building (inventory management, logistics, distribution, maintenance, financial tracking) • Development of Internet access and connectivity infrastructureF Monitoring & Evaluation • Initial field assessment baseline study • Monitor initial program roll out; evaluate social, academic impacts annually
    • 32. Project Components Child and Family Participation
    • 33. IMPACT & RESULTS Human Dignity Human Dignity Poverty Eradication Poverty Eradication Entrepreneurship Individual Empowerment Individual Empowerment Social Inclusion Social Inclusion Digital Inclusion EducationOLPC
    • 34. Supporting UN Millenium Development Goals • Development beyond economic growth: • One Laptop at a time combating social One Laptop per Child exclusion . • Enabling equal access to education. • XO programs in Nepal and Pakistan • Solar power rechargeable • Digital Library: access • OLPC is a Public to 1.6 M books Private Partnership • Knowledge transferred program worldwide
    • 35. OLPC Public Partners
    • 36. OLPC Private Partners • Direct donations • Software development • Hardware production • Promotional campaigns • Public-private partnerships • Matching donations with local Governments • Content distribution • Strategic Initiatives • Internship programs
    • 37. Students exposed to collaborative learningUruguay Interactive collaborative learning and critical thinking proven to increase a childs intelligence, aptitude
    • 38. Dramatic reduction in the digital divideUruguay Children 6 to 11 years with computer access at home, income quintiles. Trends 2008-2009 (%) homes. Jan - Mar Apr - Jun Jul - Sep Oct - Dec Jan - Mar Apr - Jun Jul - Sep Oct - Dec 200 200 Quintile 1 8 Quintile 2 Quintile 3 9 Quintile 4 Quintile 5 Source: Assessment Area Ceibal, DSPE – ANEP / Based on microdata from the Continuous Household Survey 2008 and 2009, the National Statistics Institute (INE).
    • 39. Cross-generational social skillsUruguay 87% YES – 13% NO 63% YES – 37% NO Source: Monitoring and Evaluation Area. Plan Ceibal Families National Survey-2009
    • 40. Improvements in registration and completionNicaragua, 2-year program • School registration rate • Drop-out rate • Repetition rate Source: Results of impact OLPC project in Nicaragua, evaluation Zamora Teran Foundation 2010
    • 41. Improved Math and Language scoresNicaragua
    • 42. WHATS NEXT? How can we ensure that one billion children receive quality education in the next decade?
    • 43. Literacy: NELL and narrative interfaces
    • 44. XO learning tablets
    • 45. Make Your Own Sugar Activities (James Simmons, 2013) • • devel
    • 46. OLPC Academy: apply by March 31
    • 47. Thank you!