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SharePoint Online is offered as part of the Office 365 package and can be used to create websites for external as well as internal use of the business.

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SharePoint Online Services New York

  1. 1. Using SharePoint Online Websites
  2. 2. SharePoint Online is offered as part of the Office 365 package and can be used to create websites for external as well as internal use of the business. The sites will be suitable for small and medium sized enterprises with its simple tools and easy maintenance options.
  3. 3. SharePoint Website • Elements required for creating a SharePoint website including the templates, images, documents, videos etc. stored here SharePoint Libraries • Common (default) web pages – Home, About Us, Contact Us, and Site Map • New pages can be added as per requirement Website • Edit, change site theme, SEO optimize the site, add social media apps and any other feature that is required by the business Customizations
  4. 4. Public Website on SharePoint Online The Public website on SharePoint Online can be created from scratch using Design Manager A customized domain name can be given to the website Technical knowledge of HTML is not relevant for making changes, uploading pages or building new website features.
  5. 5. Features of Public Website Website customization options - Site tab, social media, web blog, publishing features, Design manager etc. Site management features - multi-level, role based permission management, SEO, storage, Search reports, change website address etc. Install and manage apps from SharePoint Marketplace Manage domain names from Office 365 Create subsites and add new subsites to the website
  6. 6. Setting Up a Public Website Create a site collection and designate it as the public facing site. Designate the URL (domain) which people can use to access the website. A default domain is provided when the company signs up for Office 365, Customized domain can be used as default domain name for the public website. The new domain must be registered with Microsoft.
  7. 7. Setting Up a Public Website 1. Sign in to SharePoint Online Administrator Center 2. Click Manage Site Collection on the Home page 3. Under the Site Collection tab – a. Go to Contribute b. Click New c. Click on Public Website
  8. 8. Setting Up a Public Website 1. When the Create Your Website dialog box opens, enter the relevant information including – a. Title b. Website Address c. Language d. Time Zone e. Administrator f. Storage Quota g. Resource Usage Quota 2. Click OK
  9. 9. METAOPTION LLC 574 Newark Avenue, Suite 210 Jersey City, NJ 07306 Phone: +1 (201) 377-3150 Fax: +1 (201) 377-3150 Email:
  10. 10. Thank You! For complete article, please visit: SharePoint Online
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