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For the SharePoint developer the new version comes with a host of features that are both novel and interesting, these include, cloud app model, platform enhancements, mobile apps, development tools and much more.

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SharePoint 2013 | SharePoint Company New jersey

  1. 1. SharePoint 2013 Cloud Computing Advantage For Developers
  2. 2. SharePoint 2013 Cloud Computing Migrate Business Functions to Cloud For the SharePoint developer the new version comes with a host of novel and interesting features Companies can offer a vast range of SharePoint services Cloud App Model App Development Tools Platfor m Enhance ments Designing Tools Mobile Apps Mobile utility focus
  3. 3. SharePoint 2013 Development Tools SharePoint 2013 Development Tools SharePoint Designer Visual Studio 2012 App Develop ment for SP2013 MS Office apps Project Templat e App Napa with Office 365 Development Tools SharePoint Project Propertie s Windows Propertie s Pages Cloud App Model Support OData OAuth Workflow Manager Client 1.0 platform
  4. 4. Core Platform Enhancements Enhanced capabilities that make SP2013 support the cloud computing architecture and the app-driven framework Software comes with social networking integration and supports design and execution of rich applications SharePoint 2013 Development kit includes a range of new APIs for both server and client, Representational State transfer (REST) endpoints for web services and Remote event receivers along with client side rendering
  5. 5. Cloud App Model Cloud app model is the central element for development SharePoint apps are functional elements of the website to extend its capabilities Wide range of categories offering app development opportunities including SharePoint components such as workflows, lists and site pages Do not have any custom code and are unrelated to SharePoint besides the platform it is built on All custom logic moves “up” to the cloud or “down” to client computers The apps will feature on the Office Store or App catalogue
  6. 6. SharePoint Mobile Seamless Mobile Integration of SharePoint web applications Any new development must be desktop and mobile compatible Features can be built using existing Microsoft tools and technologies
  7. 7. SharePoint Mobile App Development Tools Visual Studio App Templates Push Notifications Visual Studios
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