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MetaOption Live cycle

  1. 1. What is LiveCycle ? Adobe LiveCycle® ES (Enterprise Suite) software is an integrated server solution that blends data capture, information assurance, document output, process management, and content services to help you create and deliver rich and engaging applications that reduce paperwork, accelerate decision-making, and help ensure regulatory compliance.
  2. 2. Capabilities of Adobe LiveCycle The Adobe LiveCycle products work together to provide organizations with the services they need to configure robust applications for document processing, forms management, and document-based process management. • • • • • • • • • • Accelerate form creation and processing Improve user experience with dynamic forms Generate form guides Improve efficiency with form fragments Assemble PDF packages Integrate with back-end systems via XML Enable offline form completion Employ digital signature and encryption capabilities Automate processes and workflow Eliminate costly errors
  3. 3. MetaOption LiveCycle Services MetaOption LLC has developed some of the most advanced Adobe LiveCycle solutions for enterprises around the globe. Our success and dedication has made us a renowned Adobe LiveCycle Solution partner. Our Adobe certified technicians are always ready to assist you and boost up your business with our innovative solutions. We at MetaOption offer a wide range of Adobe LiveCycle services to provide you’re technical as well as work flow needs. Some of them are as follows:       LiveCycle Solution Consulting LiveCycle Document Services: LiveCycle Application Development Services LiveCycle Customization Services: LiveCycle Communication Management Services LiveCycle Business Process Management Services:
  4. 4. Industry MetaOption has been developing advanced system solutions for all types of business enterprises for more than half a dozen years now. Adobe LiveCycle is one of the most advanced systems software offered by Adobe Systems Inc. It features many useful capabilities including content management, process management, document production, data capture and right management system. LiveCycle are very useful for these industry 1. Banking 2. Insurance 3. Manufacture 4. Automobile 5. Government
  5. 5. Advantages of Adobe Live Cycle  Capture and process information Reduce total cost of ownership by connecting and automating critical business processes. LiveCycle ES4 helps you create easy-to-use forms and data capture interfaces, publish them on your website so users can find them, and connect them to back-end business processes and systems. People can interact with these familiar interfaces using mobile, web, desktop and paper channels, increasing adoption rates and user satisfaction.  Communicate with customers Generate more secure, personalized electronic and paper documents, improving engagement and standards compliance while reducing costs. LiveCycle ES4 streamlines and improves user correspondence from creation to archival for system-generated, on-demand, or interactive communications.  Protect content Guard the integrity and privacy of sensitive client and organizational information no matter where it travels. Improve your regulatory compliance posture and user satisfaction in a single step.
  6. 6. Why MetaOption? We have gained years of expertise in developing Adobe LiveCycle. We have a pool of talented and experienced professional who develop applications keeping in mind the requirements of the clients and usage of the solution. • Adobe certified engineer • 8+ Year IT Experience • Best approach to build long term relationship • We are Adobe Solution Partner • Global Exposure • Domain Intensive Value Proposition • Technological Excellence across platforms • Avail competitive pricing (Reduce 70% cost, ensure 100% quality) • Sufficient and satisfying post development services. • Leading and foremost name in India for Adobe LiveCycle service
  7. 7. Client’s Benefits
  8. 8. Corporates Partnership • • • • • • • • Adobe Solution Partner Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Amazon web services Partner Quark Partner Sun Partner Oracle Partner IBM partner Mac Partner
  9. 9. Contact Us Email: Toll Free: +1-888-745-3321 Official website: