Chapter 3 (use language that makes your messages memorable)
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Chapter 3 (use language that makes your messages memorable)






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Chapter 3 (use language that makes your messages memorable) Chapter 3 (use language that makes your messages memorable) Presentation Transcript

  • Use Language That Makes Your Messages Memorable. Outline1. Vivid words and sentences.2. Clarifying general statements3. Emphasis4. Make your messages more memorable in storytelling and marketing.5. 4C method
  • 1.Vivid words and sentences• listeners cannot simply re-read what you have said. effective verbal messages use vivid wording and appropriate emphasis to help listeners understand and remember the message
  • • Vivid wording is full of life, vigorous, bright, and intense. “De Gea leaped into the air with double coverage, made a “De Gea made a great save” spectacular one-handed save, and landed somehow with both feet planted firmly in the end zone”
  • • Vividness can be achieved quickly through using similes and metaphors.• A simile is a direct comparison of dissimilar things and is usually expressed with the words like or as. HeHe eating. He eats like a a He’s walks. walks like
  • • A metaphor is a comparison that establishes a figurative identity between objects being compared. Instead of saying that one thing is like another, a metaphor says that one thing is another. lemon Road hog
  • • Finally, although your goal is to be vivid, be sure to use words that are understood by all your listeners.• When you have a choice between a common vivid word or image and one that is more obscure, choose the more common.
  • Clarifying general statements Presenter: Minh Dang
  • Skill building• To make a sentence more specific: make general and abstract words more concrete and precise, and add more details if possible
  • Some examples for practicing• My neighbor has a lot of animals that she keeps in her yard.• My next-door neighbor, Sandy, has three small mixed breed dogs and five German Shepards that she keeps in dog-runs in her back yard
  • • When I was a little girl, we lived in a big house in the Midwest.• When I was four years old, my family lived in a five-bedroom Victorian house in Chicago, Illinois
  • • My husband works for a large newspaper.• My husband, Raul, is the sports editor for the Guardian.
  • • She got up late and had to rush to get to school. But she was late anyway.• Janet overslept by half an hour, so she didn’t get to take a shower or eat breakfast, and she had to park in the outer lot and take the shuttle bus into campus. But she was still an hour late for her chemistry class
  • • She got up late and had to rush to get to school. But she was late anyway.• Janet overslept by half an hour, so she didn’t get to take a shower or eat breakfast, and she had to park in the outer lot and take the shuttle bus into campus. But she was still an hour late for her chemistry class
  • • Where’d you find that thing?• Whered you buy the necklace youre wearing?
  • • I really liked going to that concert. The music was great.• I was so excited to be at the Pearl Jam concert! Our seats were great—we could see the whole stage. And they played all of my favorite songs
  • • I really respect her.• I really respect Alice. Last week she had an opportunity to retake a test she had flunked, and even though she was jammed up with other works, she studied for over six hours everyday and got an A
  • • My boyfriend looks like a hippie.• My boyfriend, Ray, has hair that hangs to his shoulders, and he has a tattoo of a heart with my name in it on his left forearm. What a hippie- like guy!
  • • She was wearing a very trendy outfit.• Nola was wearing a long aqua chiffon scarf tied in her hair and a short-sleeved cherry-red cropped T-shirt that exposed her navel
  • • We need to have more freedom to choose our courses.• Senior biology majors should be able to choose courses without getting the signature of their advisors
  • Use Language That Makes Your Messages Memorable Emphasis Presenter NGỌC CẨM
  • Emphasis• What to emphasize?• How to emphasize?
  • What to emphasize?Emphasis is the importance you give to certainwords or ideas.
  • How to emphasize?Proportion of timeRepetitionTransitions
  • Proportion of time• more time  more important• quickly mentioned  less important
  • Repetition• Saying important words or ideas more than once• Two ways of repetition: 1) Repeat the exact words E.g. The language of the resulting translation or interpretation is called target language-target language. 2) Restate the idea using different words E.g “The test will contain about four essay questions; that is, all the questions on the test will be the kind that require you to discuss material in some detail.”
  • Transitions• Using words or phrases that show the relationship between your ideas.• E.gClarification: in fact, for example, that is to say,…Summary: therefore, so, finally, on the whole,…Contrast: but, however, on the other hand,…Illustration: to demonstrate, to illustrate, as anillustration,…
  • Make your messages morememorable in storytelling and marketing
  • Storytelling• Inspiring people to do their best• Establishing a common language• Creating community• Making people stop and think• Learning from mistakes of others
  • Developing your story• Defining your purpose• Knowing your audience• Finding story ideas• Developing conflict and resolution
  • Storytelling success• Be who you are, do not need to be an actor and have a great voice• Understand that the best stories relate to many people in the audience; have an element of surprise or humor• Allow yourself to be natural; put yourself into the story; learn your own strong points
  • Marketing message• Keep it Short: when someone asks what you do, you must get that person’s attention quickly (< 10 sec.)• Use Simple Language: If you help people understand what you do in very simple terms, then they can express their need for your product or service.
  • • Make it Memorable: make your statement easy for people to remember and repeat• Make Them Think: cause people to ask themselves whether they have a need for your product or service.
  • How to Make Your Messages Memorable 4Cs ModelComprehension Connection Credibility Contagiousness
  • THE 4CS MODEL managers easy tounderstand coworkers clients simpleto apply customers
  • The Second C: Connection excitement meaning anger Emotional Level passionsignificance sadness
  • The Third C: Credibility WHO is talking? HOW it isWHAT i being saids being said?
  • Thank you for listening• Group 5 :• Minh Sang• Minh Đăng• Hữu Lộc• Ngân Giang• Tố Ngân• Ngọc Cẩm.