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MetaDesign Solutions is Software Development Company based in Gurgaon, India. We are STPI (Software Technology Parks India) Registered and Official Solution Partners to Adobe. For our customers outsourcing there Software Development and Maintenance work to us is the answer. Outsourcing to us has proven to be a wise decision and this has helped our customers focus on core process.

MetaDesign we offer a wide range of services including business process outsourcing, onsite technical consulting, offshore software development, and product lifecycle management. With the help or our domain expertise coupled with low cost offshore software development, our Offshore Delivery Model delivers enhanced productivity, a cost savings of up to 60%, and faster time to market.

Services We Offer:-
1. Web Development
2. Mac Development
3. PHP Development
4. InDesign Development
5. SalesForce Development
6. X-Platform Development
7. Photoshop Touch SDK
8. iPad Development
9. iPhone Development
10. Android Development
11. Cross Mobile Development
12. Windows Mobile Development
13. Mobile Websites Development
14. Plug-ins development
15. Plugins for Adobe Development
16. Plug-Ins for Mac OSX Development
17. Plug-Ins for Microsoft Development
18. Xtensions for QuarkXpress Development
19. Ruby on Rails Development
20. Cloud Application Development
21. Mobile Application Development
22. Custom Application Development
23. Porting Applications Development
24. Graphic & Web Design Development
25. HTML 5 Based Web Apps Development
26. Quality Assurance(QA) and Testing
27. Microsoft Technologies Development
28. Enterprises Application Development
29. Rich Internet Application(RIA) Development

Our Products:-
1. Plug-ins for InDesign
2. ProofPlus - Indesign Plugin
3. IndicPlus for InDesign (CS2 & CS3)
4. IndicPlus for InDesign (CS4 & CS5)
5. IndicPlus for Illustrator CS4 & Above
6. SpellPlus InDesign & InCopy Plugin
7. BrowsePlus InDesign & InCopy Plugin
8. SpotlightPSD - PhotoShop Images
9. SpotlightAS - ActionScript and MXML Files
10. SpotLightQXP - Search within QuarkXPress Documents
11. ADOVIEW - QuickLook Plug-in for InDesign, InCopy
12. Windows Preview Handler for InDesign & InCopy
13. Windows Preview Handler for QuarkXpress Documents
14. Windows Search Addons for QuarkXpress Documents
15. ADOView InDesign Viewer for Android
16. ADOView InDesign Viewer for BlackBerry PlayBook
17. InDesign Viewer - Mac, Windows and Mobile Devices
18. QuarkXPress Document Viewer - For Mac & Windows

Low Cost Smart Solutions
Highly Skilled Software Professionals
Vast Experience in Software Development
No Long term commitments
Transparent Business Practices
Reduce Time to Market

Govt. Of India
Awarded: 2007

Adobe System Inc.
Solution Partner
Awarded: 2006

Visit Our Website:-

Contact for Any Assistance:-
Tel: +91-124-4278595

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MetaDesign Solutions

  1. 1. An  Offshore    Development  Center(ODC)      
  2. 2. Agenda  —  Introduction   —  Our  Products  —  Infrastructure   —  Our  People  —  What  we  offer     —  Our  Customer  —  Our  Advantage   —  SDLC  —  Our  Expertise   —  What  we  have  in  store  for  you  
  3. 3. MetaDesign  –  So0ware  Development  Company      MetaDesign  Solutions  is  Software  Development  Company  based  in  Gurgaon,  India.   We  are  STPI  (Software  Technology  Parks  India)  Registered  and  Official  Solution   Partners  to  Adobe.      We  offer  full  cycle  custom  software  development  services,  from  product  idea,   offshore  software  development  to  outsourcing  support  and  enhancement.  At   MetaDesign  we  have  a  large  pool  of  software  engineers  coming  from  different   backgrounds.  We  provide  end-­‐to-­‐end  software  solutions  in  a  variety  of  industry   verticals,  including  publishing,  Print  Media,  Customer  Management,  Content   Management,  Retail  and  others.      At  MetaDesign  we  offer  a  wide  range  of  services  including  business  process   outsourcing,  onsite  technical  consulting,  offshore  software  development,  and   product  lifecycle  management.  With  the  help  of  our  domain  expertise  coupled  with   low  cost  offshore  software  development,  our  Offshore  Delivery  Model  delivers   enhanced  productivity,  a  cost  savings  of  up  to  60%,  and  faster  time  to  market.        
  4. 4. Infrastructure     —  120  Seater  state-­‐of-­‐art  self  owned  office  space     —  Internet:  2  Mbps  Leased  Line,  backup  2  Mbps  DSL  Line   —  Secured  Wi-­‐Fi     —  Systems:   —  Intel  PenJum,  Apple  (PowerPC  and  Intel  Macs)‫  ‏‬ —  IBM  servers   —  Secure  FTP   —  Secure  Dedicated  source  code  repository   —  So0ware:   —  Windows,  Mac   —  Popular  development  environments   —  IT:  Backup,  security   —  4,000  sq.  0.  office   —  Integrated  Power  back-­‐up  etc.      
  5. 5. OrganizaJon  —  STPI  Registered  —  DEBT  Free  —  Privately  Held  —  Self  Owned  State  of  Art  Infrastructure  in  heart  of  Gurgaon  —  Core  Values   Mission  Statement   “We  do  WORK  not  BUSINESS”   Vision   “To  be  globally  respected  for  what  we  do”   Goal   “Deliver  Cutting  Edge  Quality  at  Significantly  lower  cost”  
  6. 6. What  We  Offer   Microsoft   Mobile   RIA   Technologies   HTML5  based   Application   Plug-­‐in   Web  Design   Development   Mac  OS  X   web  app   Web   Development   Software   Silverlight   Development   Development                           QA  and   &      with     development   for  Adobe,  Development   WPF-­‐WCF   (PHP/ (iPhone/iPad/ Testing   FLEX,   for  Handheld   Apple  and   Graphic   &  Porting   Dynamics   Java/.Net)   Android/ Designing   SilverLight        &       Sharepoint   devices   Playbook)   Quark   JavaScript  
  7. 7. VerJcals   Print  Media  Workflow  Automation  Integrators   CMS   Web  Design  Connectors   HTML5  Tailored   Sales  and  Marketing   Support  for   Workflow  Solutions   Handheld   Automation  Language   Custom   Custom   Project  Management   Custom  Solutions   Modules   Development   Modules  Develop   Theming   End  to  End  solutions   Development   eCommerce  around  Adobe  Custom  Xtension  Development  for  Quark  
  8. 8. Our  Advantage   Low  Cost  Smart  Solutions   Extensive  domain  experJse   Highly  Skilled  So0ware   and  technological   Professional   competencies   Vast   Transparent   Experience  in   No  Long  term   Reduce  Time   Business   So0ware   commitments   to  Market   PracJces   Development    
  9. 9. Our  ExperJse   RIA   Mac  OS  X   Plug-­‐ins  –  Adobe/FLEX/AJAX/SilverLight/ Cocoa  -­‐  Carbon   Quark/Apple   HTML5   Mobile   FONT  Web  Development   Development   (PHP/Java/.Net)   Development  &   (iPhone/iPad/ Porting   Android,Playbook)   QA   Web  &  Graphic   .Net   Quality  Assurance   Designing   Webservices,  WPF,  WCF,   ASP.NET  
  10. 10. Our  Products   IndicPlus  –  InDesign  Plug-­‐in  (Windows  &  Mac)   •     Supports  CS2,  CS3,  CS4,  CS5   •     Typography  Support  with  OpenType  Unicode  Font  for  Indian  and  other  Asian  Languages   •     Numbering  Styles  for  all  Indian  Languages   SpellPlus  –  InDesign  Plug-­‐in  (Windows  &  Mac)   •     Supports  CS2,  CS3,  CS4,  CS5   •     Spelling  ,  Hyphenation  and  Thesaurus  supports  for  more  than  100  languages   •     Custom  Development  to  integrate  customers  dictionary  with    InDesign   •       Special  Dictionary  for  Hindi  Language  with  more  than  1,  25,000  words   BrowsePlus  –  InDesign  Plug-­‐in  (Windows  &  Mac)   •     Supports  CS2,  CS3,  CS4,  CS5   •     Integrates  internet  browser  within  InDesign   •     Ideal  tool  for  integrating  content  management  systems  with  InDesign   •     Supports  tab  based  browsing  and  bookmarks.     •     Custom  Development    to  integrate  BrowsePlus  in  different  workflows   MailPlus  –  InDesign  Plug-­‐in  (Windows)   •     Supports  CS3,  CS4,  CS5   •   Proofing  Solution  for  InDesign   •     One  Click  E-­‐Mailing  and  Watermark  solution  in  InDesign   •     Auto  Export  InDesign  as    JPEG,  PDF  or  EPS  and  apply  watermark   •     Auto  email  PDF,  JPEG,  EPS  or  InDesign  document  as  attachment  from  within  InDesign    
  11. 11. Our  People  —  Proven  experience  —  Excellent  education   —  Premier  institutes   —  16+  years  of  continuous  education   —  BS/BE/BTech  or  MS/ME/MTech  in  Computer  Science  or  related   disciplines  —  Certified  Professionals  —  All  engineers  are  fluent  in  English  
  12. 12. Our  Customers          100  +   10   1    Client  sJckiness:      100%  repeat  business  
  13. 13. Why  Outsource  to  MetaDesign  &  India   Supportive   Reliable  and   Low  labor   government   credible   costs   initiatives.   service.   Attention  to   Ever-­‐growing   Superior   quality,  client   IT  industry,   technical   privacy  &  IP.   experts.   expertise.   Strong   Fluency  in   engineering   oral  &  written   schools.   English.  
  14. 14. Communication   Bug  Tracking  System   Secure  Source   Secure   Web  base  solution  to  track   Code   issue  status   Repository   FTP  Offshore  Team   Client   Video   IM        Skype,   Telephone   Travel   Conference   MSN     Email   DSR   WSR   MSR   Monthly  Status   Daily  Status  Reports   Weekly  Status  Reports   Reports  &  Timesheets  
  15. 15. How  does  a  New  Relation  Work  Out  At  MetaDesign  we  always  take  the  required  initiative  to  establish  our  Customer’s  trust  &  lay  the  foundation  stone  to  a  long  lasting  relationship.   New  Customer  Query   Our  Response  coupled  with  supporting  documents  such  company   profile,  work  samples  &  case  studies  followed  by  reference  checks  &   one  to  one  interview  with  Project  Manager  &  Developers   POC  Stage  :  For  New  customers,  this  is  a  risk  mitigation  stage.   Customers  can  either  avail  a  free  POC  or  start  off  a  development   project  at  a  50%  price  for  the  first  month     Team  Building  &  Project  Kickoff:  Addition  of  required  resources  &   detailed  project  plan  is  achieved.  Contact  Details  of  each  developer  is   shared  with  customer.   Release  Cycle  :  Regular  Code  Drops  &  Binary  Releases  are  delivered   to  the  customer.  For  a  Web    Application,  a  hosting  environment  is     created    &  shared  with  customer    for  real  time  updates  
  16. 16. Models  of  Working   At  MetaDesign  we  offer  multiple  business  models  to  meet  our  global  customers   requirements.       Based  on  the  complexity  of  specifications,  technologies  and  other  factors,  our   customer  has  freedom  to  choose  from  any  of  the  business  models  below  or  choose   a  combination  of  them  for  different  phases  of  project.   Fixed  Price   Time  &   Material  
  17. 17. Stages  of  the  SDLC  Development  Model   1.  Planning                               The  planning  stage  should  account  for  5%   of  the  overall  time  spent  on  a  project.    The   Planning  stage  is  a  time  where  resources   are  allocated,  and  team  assignments  are   made.   4.  Release                                 The  release  stage  represents  about  10%  of   2.  Requirements                     The  requirement  stage  should  be  about  15%   the  software  development  project.    Here,   of  the  overall  time  spent  on  a  project.    This   the  users-­‐guide  is  completed,   stage  should  involve  the  developers,  the   implementation  checklists  get  created,  and   stakeholders,  and  the  future  users  of  the   the  release-­‐notes  finalized   system.   4.  Testing                           3.  Development             The  development  stage  accounts  for  about   Testing  represents  about  15%  of  the  project   lifecycle.    If  verification  testing  (alpha   60%  of  the  overall  work  of  the  project.     testing)  is  performed  properly,  validation   This  stage  includes  more  than  just  coding.     (beta  testing)  will  be  an  exercise  in  testing   Developing  the  test  scripts  to  test  the   development  code  is  performed  during  this   relevance,  rather  than  testing  robustness.       stage.  
  18. 18.  Software  Development  Process   Functional  Specification  (SRS)       Writing  Design  &  planning  document  &  Test   case     Documents  are    sent  for  acceptance   Comment     No      Review   Accepted   Yes   Coding   Software   Comment   Testing  Ready   No   Delivery    review   to  Delivery    Doc  form   Yes   Software  Delivery   No      Review   Accepted   Yes   Software   Delivery  Evaluation  form  
  19. 19. Security  —  Secure  FTP  —  All  employees  work  under  strict  observaJon  —  Electronically  controlled  access  doors  —  24  hrs  guard  room  —  Large  Uploads  and  CD/DVD-­‐Writers  restricted  —  Non-­‐Disclosure  Agreement  —  100%  Full  Time  Employees  —  Employee  contracts  include  Client  confidenJality  clause  
  20. 20. Project  Tools  —  Secure  FTP  —  Secure  Source  Code  Control  —  Online  Time  Tracker    —  Online  Tool  for  Ticket  Management  —  Online  Document  Management  Tool  —  Online  Tool  for  seang  up  discussions  and  forums  for  a   Project  
  21. 21. Bottom  Line  –  All  required  ingredients  for  a  successful  relationship   Excellent   People   Core     Competence   Transparent   Business   Practices   SUCCESS  !!  
  22. 22. Thank  You  Amit  Gupta   MetaDesign  SoluJons  CTO  Skype  :  amitgupta_skype   Tel:  +91-­‐124-­‐4278595  Mail  Id:   Fax:  +91-­‐124-­‐4278596  Work  No.:  +91-­‐124-­‐4278595  (Ext:  12)   Corporate  Office  Hand  Phone:  91  –  9818-­‐454-­‐488   57,  Udhyog  Vihar,  Fax:  +91-­‐124-­‐4278596   Electronic  City,  Sector-­‐18(P)         Gurgaon  -­‐  122001,  Haryana,  India