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Enterprise product brochure.

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MetaCAM Enterprise Brochure

  1. 1. INTEGRATEDPRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT Leading the Industry in Innovative CAD/CAM Software
  2. 2. MetaCAM Enterprise is an Integrated Production Environment (IPE) that manages and automates production from a single window. Starting from the creation of part drawings, order generation & scheduling to completion of production enterprise is a single window to your shop floor. How many hours do you spend programming parts manually? How manySUPER mouse clicks does it take to program a part? Enterprise redefines programmingTOOLER – no more clicking just drag and drop. Files are automatically programmed in the absence of a programmer and made ready to nest.• Automatically tool parts for multiple machines• Quickly locate tooling errors and rectify them• Suppress machines from programming certaintype of parts• Update revisions across all machines on theshop floor• Only preview parts with errors and leave therest to EnterprisePOWER How much time do you spend searching for a part, browsing through network drives just to find the right part. Enterprise connects you to your CAD data likeSEARCH never before. Easily search through thousands of parts in a matter of seconds.• Create custom queries and save them for reuse• Search for Parts by name, material, size, tools or allthese criteria• Filter and Group parts by properties for easy analysis• Search through all types of files – Metacam,Soldiworks, DXF, 3d CAD
  3. 3. ORDERS - ERP/MRP CONNECTEnterprise connects to a variety of MRP or ERP packages using custom bridges that are used to easily importorder data into your production software. Simply setup your customized bridge and use Enterprise can pullin orders into production.• Bridge the gap between your ERP and MetaCAMsoftware• Use Spreadsheet to automatically create orders• Import Order relevant data, due dates, quantitiesand customer info into jobs.• Process orders by Work orders or Bill of Materials(BOM) DRAWINGS – PARTS/ ASSEMBLIESA robust and reliable database is used to store data across an organisation. Easily access through the networkgives complete visibility and control to various users across the organization.• Parts and Assemblies can be stored in the Enter-prise database and can manage smoothly forproduction and revision control.• Manually create assembly from part library• Assemblies and subassemblies are flagged uponrevision changes to any of their parts.• Import Static Nests created offline and createstatic assemblies• Automatically create jobs from assemblies bysimply entering the order quantity.• Create Assemblies from parts that are defined in aspread sheet.
  4. 4. CONTROL - REVISION TRACKINGEnterprise maintains multiple revisions of parts and allows users to easily access old revision. Old revisionscan be manufactured when needed as all tooling and relevant part information are stored.• Revision differences.• Inherit information from previous versions (tooling,material etc.)• Compare and review any two revisions to seechanges. PLAN - SCHEDULERProgrammers can directly schedule nests on the shop floor right from the office. Simply prepare the nestand once approved directly schedule it on a particular machine. The nest and relevant data such as NC code,reports and tool list will automatically appear on the operator console.• Eliminates manually transferring data to theshop floor• Keep track of production at each machine• Operator records production and reportsscrapped parts
  5. 5. MULTIPLE USERS - INTERFACESEnterprise has difference interfaces for the operator, programmer and the designer. Each interface isdesigned to maximize the productivity of the user based on the operation they wish to perform.• Operator deals with only Nest level information• Programmer gets to program parts and schedule orders• Designer can import CAD data and revise changes• Be notified via e-mail on events related to your role MULTIPLE USERS - 3D CAD - SOLIDWORKSTM INTEGRATIONEnterprise can also read and store solidworks files in the system. This can seamlessly integrate Solidworksdata with Metacam.• Seamlessly become part of MEnt workflow• Automatically create MetaCAM pdg files fromsldprt files and produce them• Create parts in SW and store in MEnt Vault• View/Checkout/Checkin SW parts in MEnt Vault• Manage revisions
  6. 6. TRACK -CHANGE PROPAGATIONEnterprise ensures a revised part is automatically flagged on the system including nests that are scheduledto run. Operators have the freedom to continue or re-nest the part.• Never produce bad or outdated parts.• Changing a drawing or tooling invalidates dependententities like layouts and prevents them from beingproduced.SHOP FLOOR -OPERATOR INTERFACE• Scheduled nests automatically appear on theOperator console• Operator can run jobs and keep track of nests• NC code and standard reports are easilyavailable.• Reduce the overall paper trail in the shop.• Actively keep track of jobs completed at eachmachine.• Error parts can be report and sent back forrenest.
  7. 7. DASHBOARD - DATA ANALYSIS Besides manufacturing parts Enterprise records key parameters and valuable data that can be used to make decisions on how to improve your productivity on the shop floor. Analyze history on parts, nests, sheets used, tools punched, run time scheduled on machines or just about any data related to your sheet metal equipment. Keep track of information.• Discover which machine/operator gives you mostproductivity• Be informed when you have to replace ageing tools• Keep track of productivity of each operator on a shift • Know whether you have to increase capacity • Find out if any machine needs maintenance • Schedule jobs on machines based on their work load
  8. 8. www.metamation.comDistributor / Dealer Stamp 1698 Meadow Wood Lane, Suite 202, Reno, NV 89502, USA P (775) 826-1717 | F (775) 826-1723 | E