Uthango metaAfrica (tm) Project


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Uthango Social Investments presented their metaAfrica (tm) initiative to the nonprofit community in Africa at the SangoNet Conference in October 2009

Dorette Steenkamp (Alanagh Recreant in Second Life) presented a vision for assisting organisations to increase awareness for their causes and also share their best practice solutions to a global audience.

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Uthango metaAfrica (tm) Project

  1. 1. Presenter: Dorette Steenkamp (@metaMeerkat on Twitter)
  2. 2. Brief Overview of Virtual Worlds and particularly Second Life(R)  ~ adopting virtual worlds early and dealing with teething & digital diapers ~
  3. 3. What are virtual worlds? Online environments that have game-like immersion and social media functions without game-like goals or rules. At the heart is a sense of presence with others at the same time and in the same place (with an ability to grow/adapt to community needs). Courtesy: Jennifer Ragan-Fore, of ISTE quoting Giff Constable, of Electric Sheep
  4. 4. Digital Identity Brand or Reputation Your Organisation’s  I am an avatar  I am (also) an avatar  I have an avatar  I have friends who are avatars  What is an avatar? Why does it matter to have an avatar?
  5. 5. ~ Advocacy for Uthango’s development aims in Africa ~ ~ Investment to Address Information Poverty via Virtual Worlds ~ Kingston University UK Delaware College USA USC Centre for Public Diplomacy UN Workgroup on Internet Governance
  6. 6. ~ Advocacy for Uthango’s development aims in Africa ~ ~ Investment to Address Information Poverty via Virtual Worlds ~ Eolus Environmental Exhibition with IBM/Philips [e]bizikele with Hippo Technologies and RDV Animations (Muse Isle)
  7. 7. ~ Advocacy for Uthango’s development aims in Africa ~ ~ Investment to Address Information Poverty via Virtual Worlds ~ Annual Africa Day with Orange Telecoms (France) African-based events promotion
  8. 8. ~ Mandela Day inSL (@ Virtual Africa) ~
  9. 9. Gartner Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies 2008
  10. 10. The model for 100 years has been pretty simple: Target wealthy people or foundations or corporations, interrupt them with unanticipated, impersonal, irrelevant messages they don't want to get, delivered over and over and over again until they give you money or help...That model worked really well for a long...It's important to understand there's nothing wrong with this, because the ends do justify the means. The problem is that that's not working so well any more. - Seth Godin
  11. 11. Benefits Challenges Networking Bandwidth Access Experiential Learning Possibilities Hardware Requirements 3D-format Creation of Models Euro-centric Development Information-sharing & Advocacy Perception of VWs as ‘Games’ High Entertainment value Limited Understanding of Potential Immersive, Fun and Flexible Unrealistic Expectations Global Intercultural Dialogue Cost-Effective Marketing
  12. 12.  Approval by Linden Lab as Community Gateway  Workshops in November 2009: “Online Ambassadors and Digital Nomads”  Assist other organisations, businesses and professionals to establish in Second Life and develop a meaningful strategy  Secure investment capital for expansion, and further research and development into application of virtual worlds
  13. 13. Thank you for your Interest newmedia@uthango.org Follow @uthango and @virtualafrica on Twitter Join UTHANGO group in FaceBook Shout-Out for Old Mutual for making our participation at SangoNet 2009 Conferences possible, and showing a keen interest in our efforts...
  14. 14. slafrica.wordpress.com