12 tips that made Steve Jobs inspiring


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12 tips that made Steve Jobs such an inspiring CEO

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12 tips that made Steve Jobs inspiring

  1. 1. Steve Jobs 1955-2011
  2. 2. 1.Think Different‘ is more thana slogan. Jobs aggressivelyseeked out, attacked andoverthrew conventionalideas.The key to thinkingdifferently is perceivingthings differently. To perceivethings differently, Jobs didhis best all his life to beexposed to divergentinfluences. For example:- when he hired musicians, artists, and poets on the original Macintosh team.- when he started the Apple Stores, he purposely avoided hiring someone from the computer industry. He tapped a former Target ( TGT - news - people ) executive, Ron Johnson- Etc.
  3. 3. 2.Go for perfect Jobs sweated over details. The night before the first iPod was launched, the Apple staff stayed up all night replacing headphone jacks because Jobs didnt think they were "clicky" enough.
  4. 4. bestTap the experts 3. Steve Jobs recruited renowned graphic designer Paul Rand to create the NeXT brand identity (the most famous graphic designers in the world who designed many corporate identities like IBM, UPS and ABC). He recruited Gaps former CEO Mickey Drexler to Apples board before launching the companys retail chain
  5. 5. 4. Jobs was proud of the products he had killed as much as he was of the ones he had released. He worked hard on a Palm Pilot clone, only to kill it when he realized cell phones would eclipse PDAs. That freed up his engineers to develop the iPod.Be
  6. 6. 5.Shun focus groups. Jobs famously said "People dont know what they want until you show it to them." So he acted as a one- man focus group, taking prototype products home and testing them for months.
  7. 7. 6. When designing early brochures for Apple, he checked over Sonys use of fonts, layout, and the weight of the paper. Working on the case for the first Mac, he wandered around Apples parking lot studying the bodywork of German and Italian cars. Never stopstudying
  8. 8. 7.simplify Jobs design philosophy was one of constant simplification. He ordered the iPods designers to remove all buttons on early prototypes, including the on/off button. The designers complained, then developed the iconic scroll wheel instead.
  9. 9. 8.Keepyour secrets Nobody at Apple talks. Everything is on a need-to-know basis, with the company divided into discrete cells. The secrecy allowed Jobs to generate frenzied interest for his surprise product demonstrations, and the resulting headlines
  10. 10. Keep 9.teams small The original Macintosh team was made up of 100 people; no more, no less. If a 101st person was hired, someone was ditched to make room. Jobs was convinced he could remember the first names of only 100 people.
  11. 11. 10. Usemore carrot Using more carrot than stick will take people and company than stick higher. Jobs was scary, but his charisma was his most powerful motivator. His enthusiasm was the primary reason the original Mac team worked 90-hour weeks for three years making the machine "insanely great."
  12. 12. 11. Everything Jobs did was exhaustivelyPrototype prototyped: the hardware, theto the extreme software, even Apples retail stores. Architects and designers spent a year building a prototype store in a secret warehouse near Apples headquarters, only to have Jobs scrap the project and start over.
  13. 13. 12.One more thing…
  14. 14. Great slides, simple, clear, visual, one idea per slide. Focus on customers’ benefits Positive language to conveyMaster at his enthusiasm.selling Use of humour. Excellent structure. Clear use of figures. Its not about numbers, its about what the numbers mean. Use of real-life examples. Repetition of the main selling points, to get the message across. Rhythm, breaking things up to maintain the audience’s attention with videos, demos and guest speakers Outstanding conclusion in a few words, often saving his strongest stuff for the end You can bet he worked and rehearsed a lot.
  15. 15. Thank you mister Steve Jobs forhaving raised the bar for salespresentations.Now the world will suck a bitmore without your insanely greatideas and booms and ‘one morething’.All your presentations were great,you have inspired a newgeneration of reps and CEOs whoshould never forget that they arethe first rep of their company.You are and will always remain atrue master for so many of us.Goodbye and good luck, master.We miss you.We will miss you dearly.
  16. 16. Designed by Jean-François MESSIERNew Technology Director at Mercuri InternationalMy blog: http://newsalespresentation.com/Voir cette présentation en français : cliquez iciInspired by:- The 10 commandments of Steve by Leander Kahney, in the daily beast.Photo Credit :- Slide 2: Flickr.com/ – Think different - M.J. Ambriola- Slide 13: Flickr.com/ - Steve Jobs Speaks At WWDC07 by acaben- Slide 14-15: Flickr.com - Apple CEO Steve Jobs showing the Apple Macbook Air series by TechShowNetwork- istockphoto.com/ – MERCURINT2010- thinkstockphotos.fr/ jfmessier-MERCURI INT
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