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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of output-
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Data Services, Inc. | International Data Quality Services Brochure
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Data Services, Inc. | International Data Quality Services Brochure


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Founded in 1967, Data Services provides a full spectrum of global data processing solutions for the direct and interactive marketing industries. We were the first company in the world to offer all US, Canadian, and International data processing services under one roof and are today able to correct, verify, house, and process data from nearly 200 different postal databases covering virtually every country and territory throughout the world. See how our experience makes yours better!

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Data Services, Inc. | International Data Quality Services Brochure

  1. 1. Put Us On Top of Your List We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of output- data and the most helpful customer-focused service possible. We would be pleased to answer any questions about how Data Services, Inc. can help your direct mail campaigns succeed. Please contact one of our representatives at one of our five locations listed below or you may e-mail us at info@dataservicesinc.com. Once you experience the differ- ence Data Services, Inc. can make to your bottom line, you’ll always partner with us to maximize the quality of your direct mail programs. > Data Processing Center 31516 Winterplace Parkway Salisbury, MD 21804-1883 USA Phone: 001-410-546-2206 USA: 1-800-432-4066 Fax: 001-410-546-2274 info@dataservicesinc.com > Executive and Information Office 3707 Washington Woods Drive Alexandria, VA 22309 USA Phone: 001-703-799-0816 Fax: 001-703-799-0817 jmesser@dataservicesinc.com > Sales and Information Office Data Services, Inc. 203 Summer Avenue, Suite A Horsham, PA 19044-2607 USA Phone: 001-215-956-1947 Computer Services for Fax: 001-215-956-1948 shewish@dataservicesinc.com Global Direct Marketing > Sales and Information Office 25 Sachem Road Greenwich, CT 06830 USA Phone: 001-203-661-4910 Cell: 001-203-253-9763 rsichler@dataservicesinc.com > Sales and Information Office 30 West 63rd Street New York, NY 10023 USA Phone: 001-646-351-6351 Cell: 001-703-201-7839 kmesser@dataservicesinc.com Data Services, Inc. www.dataservicesinc.com www.dataservicesinc.com
  2. 2. Are Invalid Mailing Addresses Data Engineering Data Warehousing Hurting Your Profits? Our highly trained staff of Data Engineers is available to convert even the most obscure file layout. Files are converted in an DSI is a leader in the development of databases supporting the sales efforts of major U.S., Canadian, and global marketers. accurate and timely manner as tracking and conversion begins These databases range in complexity from simple individual Do you want to: upon file receipt. You are continually apprised of list updates online lists and list cooperatives to complex data repositories. List > Mail to valid and accurate addresses? through e-Stat. Issues are identified that may affect your mailing, enhancement is available for US consumer and business lists. > Eliminate unwanted duplication? and incoming files are monitored for special international characters > Increase response rates? and other anomalies. List Rental Fulfillment > Reduce printing, postage Costs and INCREASE PROFITS? Our experienced list fulfillment representatives can handle any List Hygiene type of selection enabling us to guarantee you the highest DSI provides US Address Standardization with CASS certification, standards in quality and timeliness. No selection is too complex. If your answer is “yes” to any of the above, Data Services, Inc. (DSI) Canadian Address Standardization with SERP certification ONLINE Frequent communication assures all orders are output to speci- wants to support your efforts. We are dedicated to the proposition and our World Famous International Hygiene product ONLINE is fication. that your customer/ prospect lists and all of your mailings should be designed to make the best use of postal databases supplied for the source of INCREASED profits, rather than a source of NEEDLESS more than 200 countries worldwide. Online List Counts & Rental Fulfillment DSI is a proud supporter of the Switzerland-based Universal Postal LEX List Express is our user-friendly “STATE OF THE ART” waste. Union (UPU), which strives to improve the quality of service for Web-based application that brings list rental fulfillment services Established in 1967, our company is the recognized leader in international letter-post items through the cooperation of postal to your desktop. LEX allows immediate 24/7 access to your data processing services for the direct marketing industry, and administrations worldwide. list or your managed lists and databases that are warehoused stands alone as the one source for U.S., Canadian, and internation- at our secure data center. Queries, counts, order fulfillment, al data processing all under one roof. DSI is active in the Direct NCOA Services shipping, and order tracking can be performed instantaneously > U.S. NCOA – The National Change of Address database is a under your direct control. Marketing Association (DMA), Canadian Marketing Association consolidated record of U.S. mover information spanning the last 48 (CMA), Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing months. By meeting the NCOA move update requirements, you’ll be E-mail Campaign Services (FEDMA) and the International Mailers’ Advisory Group (IMAG). able to qualify for the maximum postage discounts available. DSI’s E-Mail Service offers a great solution to all E-Mail cam- Among our services are U.S., ONLINE Canadian and International > Canadian NCOA – - The Canada Post National Change of Ad- paigns. With the power to send out all types of E-Mail during any Address Hygiene, merge/purge, Comprehensive database devel- dress database has just fewer than 5 million records covering the time frame, you can customize every detail to fit your project’s last three years, is updated monthly and available ONLINE. needs. The information you need will be immediately accessible opment, list maintenance and ONLINE list count/order fulfillment through reporting and our support staff will make sure that no services. Our experienced technical staff is known throughout the > United Kingdom NCOA – The Royal Mail mover database is a 100% consumer based file. The database contains approximately detail is overlooked. industry for providing accurate and timely output and superior client 12 million mover addresses and is updated monthly. service. DSI is also distinguished by our extensive offerings in on- Data Entry > German NCOA – The Deutsche Post mover database is a 93% DSI’s capable staff can perform various types of data entry proj- line client support and list fulfillment, which none of our competitors consumer file. The database contains approximately 14 million ects, enabling us to guarantee you the highest quality output and can match. mover addresses and is updated monthly. quick turnaround. Our highly proficient team of data entry opera- >NCOA services are also available for other countries. tors is skilled in U.S., Canadian and international address formats DSI is a non-exclusive user of change of address software, services and equipped to handle long-term or short-term programs as well OUR SERVICES and databases. as one-time assignments. Merge/Purge Web-Based Client Support DSI offers business to business, as well as consumer merge/purge DSI combines our technological knowledge with our experience (duplicate elimination) processes for U.S., Canadian & International in direct marketing to provide our customers real-time access to our services via the Internet. With eDSI, our online client support programs. Our domestic and international merge/purge algorithms provide the highest quality duplicate identification based on coun- 1967-2007 Celebrating package, you get instant access to project or order information, try specific address elements. Do not mail suppression files are including: available for the U.S., Canada, and various international countries. 40 Years of EXCELLENCE! > e-Stat – Up-to-the-minute access to file receipt information and conversion file statistics These processes enable you to avoid: > e-List – Online access to List Fulfillment order tracking > Additional postage, printing and production costs for duplicate or improperly addressed mail pieces. > e-World – Online Canadian Address Hygiene and NCOA > Negative perceptions when your customer/prospect receives Online International Address Hygiene duplicate or improperly addressed mail pieces. Improve your address accuracy, your response and your bottom line PROFITS Data Services, Inc. - Contact DSI today, Internationally at 001-410-546-2206 or in the U.S. at 1-800-432-4066, or e mail info@dataservicesinc.com.