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  • •My Vizify biography will tell you more about me.
    •I am part of an international project called '42 Voices About Open Government'. The Catalan version was presented at the Mobile World Centre in Barcelona on April 10, 2014, with the participation of the Catalan writer Màrius Serra, who conducted the event. The English and Spanish versions will be coming (before summer). My topic is continuous improvement. Ref: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
    •The Catalan version is available for download. Learn about the making of the project on slideshare.
    •I have been interviewed and referenced by the news media for my OpenGov input and expertise.
    •The 2nd National Action Plan for OpenGov was released in 2013, and includes expert networking in the section on OpenGov to Improve Public Services. In 2011, I was a participant in the White House ExpertNet RFI via wikispaces.
    •My input to the 1st NAP for OpenGov was posted on the White House blog, and focused on open legislation, open innovation and ExpertNet as priorities. I still feel that these are the top priorities for OpenGov, as the US works more like an oligarchy than a democracy today.
    •I was a participant in the first wiki-bill in the US, an effort to reform California's outdated probate laws.
    •The White House is hosting its first Maker Faire this year. In 2011, I organized a booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire for NASA Ames.
    •My blog provides a good overview of the Open Government Partnership. There are 64 participating countries so far, including Tunisia, the first Arab Spring country to qualify and join, and France, one of the top 3 countries to visit my slideshare account, along with the US and India.
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Megan's cv pp

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Megan Ann Eskey EDUCATION: 1986-1987 University of Southern California M.S.C.S. Los Angeles, California 1979-1983 University of Southern California B.S.M.E. Los Angeles, California PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: NASA Ames Research Center January 2013 - Present: Independent Consultant for Open Government, Worldwide. Blogger: (initiated in 2009) – international following. Digital influencer effecting change on a global level, while simultaneously influencing national, state and local OpenGov priorities in the United States. Participant in the nation’s first wiki-bill, an effort to reform California’s outdated probate laws via citizen input. My Vizify bio captures the span of my impact and my most recent interactions via social media: My whohub interview provides a broad overview of my priorities and goals, and some background information about my blog: 2010 – 2012: OpenGov Lead for ARC. ARC Enterprise Architecture. Federal Intranet Content Managers, Steering Committee Representative for NASA. Design of a conceptual enterprise architecture for the federal community cloud. The user interface design was adopted by the NASA Spacebook team. The open stack module was developed by the NASA Nebula team, and released as open source in concert with Rackspace. The Open Stack Foundation provides oversight to hundreds of industry partners who have committed to Open Stack. Organized a booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire, to bring the “maker” movement to NASA Ames. 2000 – 2010: ARC Web Manager Web Services Manager for ARC. Responsible for oversight and management of ARC’s web presence, including over 500 web sites and 100 webmasters. Budget, Policy and Planning, Design and Development, Hosting, Curating, Registration, Marketing and Outreach. 1999 – 2000: Web Curator
  2. 2. Chief Information Officer Webmaster: curating and design for three highvisibility NASA web sites: Y2K, Outsourcing Desktop Initiative for NASA (ODIN), CIO. ARC Rep for NASA CIO’s IT Workforce Team. Produced and Directed “The Human Element”, an internet video. 1995 - 1999 Focus Manager for Marketing and Communications Implemented a marketing focus area for the Applied Information Technology Division at NASA ARC. Provided training for staff. Created a corporate image, logo, web pages, videos, and other collateral portfolio elements. Organized workshops and other events. Member of a self-directed team that assessed the viability of network computers and Java for NASA. Member of the NASA CIO’s communications team. 1994 - 1995 Group Leader, Intelligent Interactive Systems The group consisted of a variety of investigators with expertise in: intelligent hypertext systems; collaborative agents; remote advisory systems for scientists and engineers; intelligent infrastructure support tools; design knowledge capture tools; formal methods in software engineering. 1993 - 1994 Co-Investigator Visiting Scholar at Apple Computer’s Advanced Technology Group; design of an adaptive information retrieval tool; design of a tutorial system for an integrated on-line documentation tool; investigation of performance support systems and technologies. 1991-1992 Co-Investigator Design of a system that used Bayesian statistical methods to reconstruct paths of evolution from molecular sequence data. The project was in collaboration with the Life Science Division and the Planetary Biology Branch at NASA Ames. 1988-1991 Co-Investigator Design and implementation of a general purpose constraint-based scheduling system written in an object-oriented, interpreted language. The GPSS system has been applied to various domains including space shuttle maintenance operations and scheduling electrical power consumption. The application of machine learning techniques to the GPSS scheduling system. Search control rules were automatically generated by an explanation-based learning system. 1983-1986 Co-Investigator Various tasks related to V/STOL aircraft design: mission analysis using a FORTRAN-based system; flight simulation of the Grumman Twin Tilt Nacelle Aircraft; investigation of various Artificial Intelligence techniques for aircraft design.
  3. 3. Mid-Peninsula Access Corporation (Television and Video Production): 1999-2000 Producer, Editor, Director: “After the Apocalypse:Burning Man”, Director of several episodes of “Regular People” and “Arts and Minds”. Production Assistant, Talent: “The ToeKnee Show: Season #2, Episode #9”, Camera: “Regular People: Fun with Math”, “Regular People: Boys Talk”, Technical Director: “Regular People: Masquerade”, Audio/Guest Star: “Regular People: Burning Man” ME Mervich Productions (Independent Film Production): 2001 1nd Assistant Director: “Last Millennium” SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: Paluzzi, P.; Miller, R.; Kurihara, W.; Eskey, M., “ Network Computer Technology Phase I: Viability and Promise within NASA’s Desktop Computing Environment”, NASA Technical Memorandum - 1988-112219, January 1998. Zweben, M.; Davis, E.; Daun, B.; Drascher, E.; Deale, M.; Eskey, M., "Learning to Improve Constraint-based Scheduling", Artificial Intelligence Journal, Special Issue on Constraint Satisfaction, 58, December 1992. Eskey, M.; Zweben, M., "Learning Search Control for Constraint-based Scheduling", Proceedings of the Eighth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, (AAAI), July 1990. Zweben, M.; Eskey, M., "Constraint Satisfaction with Delayed Evaluation", Proceedings of the 11th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, (IJCAI), August 1989. Kidwell, G.H.; Eskey, M.A., "Expert Systems and Their Use in Augmenting Design Optimization", Proceedings of the Aircraft Design Systems and Operations Meeting, (AIAA, AHS and ASEE), October 1985. Eskey, M.A.; Wilson, S.B., III; Valckanaere, W.; La Reau, J.P., "Twin Tilt Nacelle V/STOL Aircraft", Proceedings of the Aerospace Congress and Exposition, (SAE), October 1984. PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS:
  4. 4. IMAGE (Independent Media Artists Group) Federally Employed Women, First Vice President of the South Bay Chapter, 1998- 2001 ARC Equal Opportunity Board, 1998 – 2001 Multicultural Leadership Council, 1997 - 1999 HONORS AND AWARDS: Top 10% Kred Influencer (2013) Top 3% Slideshare Views (2013) Fed 100 Award Nominee (2011, 2012) NY International Independent Film and Video Festival: “After the Apocalypse” (2000) Earthnoise “Best Documentaries”: “After the Apocalypse” (2000) Flambé Lounge “Video Best Fest”: “After the Apocalypse” (2000) “Top 5 Documentaries”: “After the Apocalypse” (2000) Group Achievement Award, Y2K Team (2000) 40th International Cinema in Industry (CINDY) Award: “The Human Element” (1999) Spotlight Award, Network Computer Technology Evaluation (1997) Group Achievement Award, Workgroup/Workflow Workshop (1996) Group Achievement Award, Multicultural Leadership Council (1995) Group Achievement Award, Continuous Improvement Team for Ames Affirmative Employment and Diversity Plan (1995) Recipient of Director's Discretionary Fund research grant, "Scheduling Electrical Power for Ames Research Center" (1990) "Twin Tilt Nacelle V/STOL Aircraft" winner of NASA Tech Briefs Award (1988)