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http://www.mesltd.ca - E-Forms in Ontario are more than electronic versions of paper forms. They’re a

sophisticated software application used for capturing, verifying, approving and integrating crucial data a government

agency needs to conduct business and serve citizens. Take a look at this presentation by Kevin D'Arcy, VP of Sales

and Marketing for MES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontario's leading document scanning and document management


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E-Forms in Ontario - MES Hybrid

  1. 1. E-Forms in OntarioProviding Major Advantages for Government Agencies
  2. 2. • Using E-Forms in Ontario helps optimize business processes and can have a dramatic effect on efficiency. Basically, an E-Form application is an electronic version of a paper form. It improves operations in four steps.• First, E-Forms in Ontario capture data from users within the company. Next, the application validates the data to make sure it’s complete and accurate. Third, E-Forms routes the data after it’s verified to appropriate users for approvals. Electronic signatures are used to confirm approval.
  3. 3. • The last step in the process involves transferring the data to the company’s business systems. These systems could be the organization’s accounting, human resources, sales, customer service, or any other system in which the data would be useful for running the business.• E-Forms in Ontario are best suited to companies completing numerous transactions, needing to streamline operations and requiring access to data for better decision-making. Healthcare organizations, educational institutions, manufacturers, service firms and government agencies are examples of perfect matches for E-Form applications.
  4. 4. Going Paperless at Government Agencies• Whether at the federal, state or local level, government agencies are prime candidates for using E-Forms in Ontario. This technology can help improve service to constituents, streamline processes, create greater transparency and cut operating costs. The big move to reduce paper is at the heart of using E-Form applications.
  5. 5. Some paperless initiatives have even beenmandated by law. Examples include HIPAA, USAPatriot Act, SEC, Basel II, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act,Sarbanes-Oxley, e-Recovery, e-Reporting, e-Permitting, GPEA and others. In every case, theseregulatory mandates require governmentagencies use a solution that facilitates, monitorsand enforces compliance. Any non-conformanceto these regulations can be costly in a number ofways.
  6. 6. The costs involved in managing paper can besubstantial. Government agencies owe it totheir citizens to work efficiently and cut costswherever possible. With E-Forms in Ontario,an agency can eliminate the high costs ofprinting forms, then re-entering the data intoa database application. Costs increase whenthe inevitable data entry errors occur or datais missing.
  7. 7. These costs can be slashed by as much as 90 percent whenan E-Forms in Ontario solution is deployed. When youthink about the government processes affected by digitalprocessing, you can easily see how the savings are real.For example, E-Forms in Ontario help process governmentfunded programs such as grants, healthcare,unemployment and more. The application can be used forenrolling in various services. It can also help withregulatory compliance and reporting. Court E-filingsystems, law enforcement reporting, permitting andlicensing are other functions in which E-Forms would be ofgreat benefit.
  8. 8. A Host of Benefits for Government AgenciesIn addition to reducing a wide variety of costs associatedwith paper-based processes, E-Forms can improve thequality of data entered into systems. The technologyensures completeness and accuracy of information fromusers through a validation function.Another major benefit is convenience. E-Forms in Ontarioare available whenever and wherever users need it. And,when government operations are streamlined, service tothe public is likely to improve. Citizens can be moresatisfied with better access to quality services.
  9. 9. E-Forms in Ontario are more than electronicversions of paper forms. They’re asophisticated software application used forcapturing, verifying, approving and integratingcrucial data a government agency needs toconduct business and serve citizens. Byreducing manual functions, agencies canlower costs, improve productivity and providebetter constituent services.
  10. 10. • Kevin DArcy is VP of Sales and Marketing for MES Hybrid Document Systems, Ontarios leading document scanning and document management supplier. For more information about E-Forms in Ontario, visit our website.