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2008 Chpa Gieskes


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  • 1. Opportunities for Chile Thos Gieskes - Rabobank
  • 2.  
  • 3. Global food prices have risen strongly since early 2007 off the back of increased demand Source: FAO
  • 4. Increased food demand is a result of population growth driven by Asia and Africa Forecast global population (million people) Source: UN, Rabobank Breakdown of world population
  • 5. It is not only population growth but income growth related to increased urbanization Proportion of population in urban areas Source: UN, Rabobank
  • 6. Chile is well positioned to meet the increased demand from consumers who are prepared to pay for value Sub- Saharan Africa Latin America, China, Middle East, India Eastern Europe North America, Japan, Western Europe, Australia Surviving Mass market Quality Individualised Health High-tech Specialised Convenience Foodservice International Food attributes & characteristics Income level Source: Rabobank Food Items Diet, functional, organic Fresh, convenient, segmented meals Prepared meats, snacks Eggs, meat, dairy, sugar, processed food Carbohydrate stables (grains, roots, tubers)
  • 7. Chile is already a key exporter in a number of these sectors
  • 8. Rabobank is financing companies all around the world Toronto Calgary New York Chicago Atlanta Dallas San Francisco Washington Mexico City Curaçao São Paulo Santiago Buenos Aires London Dublin Antwerp Frankfurt Paris Madrid Milan Singapore Mumbai New Delhi Jakarta Bangkok Taipei Hong Kong Beijing Shanghai Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Warsaw Poznan Moscow Istanbul Auckland Australia & New Zealand U.S.A. Ireland Poland Brazil Chile Country banking sales network:
  • 9. The global Food and Agribusiness Research (FAR) group has 80 members in 12 countries Christchurch Utrecht (Global HQ) Mumbai Sydney Mexico City São Paulo New York Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong Singapore New Delhi Jakarta Melbourne Kuala Lumpur
  • 10. Chile – Corporate F&A Banking
    • Opened Santiago as a Representative Office back in 1994
    • 40 Employees
    • Full corporate banking services to food and agribusiness sector:
      • Credit
      • Syndication
      • Trade Finance
      • M&A
      • Structure Finance/ABS
    • Some lending to production ag sector (focus on large farmers)
  • 11. Chile – Retail Banking
    • April 2007: Acquisition HNS Banco
    • 240 employees
    • 11 offices throughout length of Chile
    • Focus on SME sector (all industries)
    • Goal: Rabobank can expand lending services to include SME up through large corporate F&A clients, and achieve a nationwide presence throughout Chile
    Santiago Viña del Mar Punta Arenas La Serena Talca Temuco Antofagasta Pto. Montt Rancagua Lamb Fruit, Wine, Pork, Poultry Fruit, Wine Dairy, Forestry Salmon
  • 12. Thank you