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Easter bunny proyect
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Activities for children (easter)

Activities for children (easter)

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  • 2. EASTER BUNNY ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN HAPPY EASTER SONG: Happy Easter, happy Easter I’m your lucky, honey bunny. Close your eyes, make a wish, If you believe in me, Your dream come true. http://www.youtube.com/v/WFWmvS3jprk&hl=es&fs=1"></param><param I LIKE THE FLOWERS: I like the flowers, I like the daffodils I like the mountains, I like the rolling hills I like the fireside, When the lights are low Boon de ah da, Boon de ah da Boon de ah da, Boon de ah da (x2) http://www.youtube.com/v/t6PKcnTGVX4&hl=es&fs=1"></param><param
  • 3. STORY EASTER BUNNY AND THE COLOURS NARRATOR Easter Bunny is very sad. He’s got no colours to paint the Easter egg. Then, he’s got an idea. EASTER BUNNY I know! The flowers will help me. Flowers! Flowers! Please, can you help me? NARRATOR But the flowers are sleeping… EASTER BUNNY I know! The rain can wake up the flowers. Rain –clouds!!! Come and shower the flowers with rain! FIRST RAIN –CLOUD Wake up flowers! SECOND RAIN-CLOUD Come on! Wake up, flowers! THIRD RAIN – CLOUD Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! NARRATOR The flowers wake up, but they are very cold and wet. They have no colours to keep them warm. FIRST FLOWER What was that? SECOND FLOWER Who did that? THIRD FLOWER Look! It was a rain – cloud. FOURTH FLOWER Oh! It’s raining! FIFTH FLOWER I’m wet and cold! ALL THE FLOWERS We are very sad! We are sleepy!
  • 4. NARRATOR Easter Bunny has another idea. EASTER BUNNY I Know! The sun can dry the flowers. Sun! Sun! Please, come and help me. NARRATOR The Sun comes. The Sun shines and dries the flowers. THE SUN Flowers! Let me dry you! NARRATOR The rainbow sees the rain-cloud with the Sun and comes to join them. The rainbow sees that the flowers are cold, RAINBOW Hello, flowers! Would you like some of my colours? ALL THE FLOWERS Yes please!!! Thank you, rainbow. NARRATOR The rainbow gives the flowers lots of colours. Now, the flowers are happy. They are warm and dry. Now, they can give some colours to EASTER BUNNY, so he can paint the EASTER EGG. That’s why… …Easter Bunny is very, very, happy. The end MORE ACTIVITIES  Reading: Melvin’s Easter basket.  Writing: Describing / Writing a letter.  Maths: Multiply; Graph.  Arts: Easter bookmark; Easter basket; Floppy-Eared bunny.  Make a bunny  easter scramble  make a calendar  match (body parts)
  • 5. Easter book mark
  • 6. Ears Eyes Nose Mouth Arms Legs
  • 7. NAME________________________________ DATE_________________ 2003abcteach.com MELVIN’S EASTER BASKET Look at Melvin’s basket. It is a very big basket. Melvin’s Easter basket is blue. It has a yellow ribbon. Melvin has a pink toy bunny for Easter. Melvin likes to color eggs for Easter. He hunts for the eggs on Easter Day. It is fun to hunt for eggs on Easter. Melvin has fun at Easter. Do you like Easter? ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. 1. Melvin has a __________bunny. a. green b. yellow c. pink d. blue 2. Melvin’s Easter basket is ___________. a. big b. little c. purple d. green 3. What does Melvin do on Easter Day? a. Melvin goes to school. b. Melvin plays baseball. c. Melvin hunts for Easter eggs. d. Melvin plays with his friends.
  • 8. Make a bunny
  • 9. Super Teacher Worksheets - www.superteacherworksheets.com
  • 10. Name: ___________________________________________ Easter Scramble How many of these Easter words can you unscramble? 1. aebkst _________________ 2. aduySn _________________ 3. nubyn _________________ 4. nuht _________________ 5. sarsg _________________ 6. pho _________________ 7. yejllneab _________________ 8. rgnpis _________________ 9. elocdro sgeg _________________ 10. tacror _________________ 11. geg edy _________________ 12. eraEts _________________ 13. eradap _________________ 14. hecacootl _________________ 15. edihnd _________________ 16. trbabi _________________ 17. hckci _________________ 18. rahd-iedolb _________________ How many words did you unscramble? 1 - 5 words - Hop to it! You can find more! 6-10 words - You did an egg-cellent job! 11-15 words - You're growing bunny ears! 16-18 words - You win the golden egg! Super Teacher Worksheets - www.superteacherworksheets.com
  • 11. Make a calendar