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Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
Unit 6 food to go. nexus
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Unit 6 food to go. nexus


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Lic. Merari Sepúlveda
  • 2.
    • There are different forms to make comparissons:
    • more/less + 2or more syllable adjective + than
    • Alice is more patient than Liz.
    • Today, I have less free time than yesterday.
  • 3.
    • Another way is when you have one syllable adjective:
    • adjective -er + than
    • My house is bigger than your house.
    • Twilight book is nicer than Kissed by an Angel.
  • 4. Hp laptops are better than Acers. Dallas is farther than San Antonio. Adjective Comparative Spanish Good Better bueno/mejor Bad Worse Malo/peor Far Farther/further Lejos/ más lejos
  • 5.
    • When comparing things that are the same we use:
    • (not)as + adjective + as
    • A BMW is as expensive as a Jaguar.
    • Spanish is as dificult as Chinese.
    • My car is not as new as your car.
    • Robert is not as tall as Nick.
  • 6.
    • Choose the comparative.
    • Tall: a)taller b)taler c)more tall
    • Pretty: a)prettyer b)prettier c)more pretty
    • Intelligent: a)intelligenter b)intelligentier c)more intelligent
  • 7.
    • Stupid: a)stupider b)stupidder
    • c)more stupid
    • Good: a)gooder b)better c)more good
    • Bad: a)badder b)worse c)more bad
    • Happy: a)happyer b)happier
    • c)more happy
    • Beautiful: a)beautifuler b)beautifuller c)more beautiful
  • 8.
    • When we want to express something that no one can compare we use superlative as follows:
    • The most/ the least + 2 or more syllable adjective
    • This sofa is the most comfortable I have.
    • That music CD is the least modern the store has.
  • 9.
    • When we use a one syllable adjective we have to follow this rule:
    • The + adjective –est
    • She is the prettiest girl in the school.
    • That is the biggest tv on the store.
    • I have the nicest family in the world.
  • 10. My father is the best. That wine is the worst. Adjective Comparative Spanish Good The best El mejor Bad The worst El peor
  • 11.
    • My house is (big) ___________ than yours.
    • This flower is (beautiful) __________ than that one.
    • This is the (interesting) ____________ book I have ever read.
    • Non-smokers usually live (long) ____________ than smokers.
    • Which is the (dangerous) _________ animal in the world?
    • A holiday by the sea is (good) _________  than a holiday in
    • the mountains.
    • Who is the (rich) _________ woman on earth?
    • The weather this summer is even (bad) _________ than last
    • summer.