Purple cow 2011 (wellness)


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Purple cow 2011 (wellness)

  1. 1. 1 Purple Cow 2011 Benefits ACCIDENT 2. ACCIDENT INSURANCE a. Accidental Death * Murder b. Disability * Assault HEALTH 3. MEDICAL HMO * 21,519 MD, 352 hospitals, 358 clinics 4. DENTAL HMO * 775 dentists, 645 clinics 5. Opt. Annual Physical Exam * 124 hospitals, 241 clinics, 31 mobile 6. Health & Wellness Program * 2x/year; tailored to utilization report LIFE 1. LIFE INSURANCE * Total & Perm. Disability Income LIFE – ACCIDENT – HEALTH Benefits Overview
  2. 2. 2 Purple Cow 2011 Benefits 18. Dental = HMO (775 dentists / 645 clinics) 6. Assault = __% of 5x MBL 24. Same benefits for all Dependents 23. Same benefits for all Employees 22. Health & Wellness Program 2x/year 21. Opt. APE = designated or mobile clinic 20. 1 permanent filling, 2 oral prophylaxes, etc. 19. Dental access to major malls in Metro-Manila 17. Opt. Outpatient Reimb. for meds, dental, vision 16. Special procedures = 30%/100% of MBL 15. Benefits on top of Philhealth 14. 100% Congenital Conditions coverage 11. HMO patient for no-cash-out 10. Max. Benefit Limits per disability per year 12. Private patient for reimbursement (HMO rate) 13. 100% Pre-Existing Conditions coverage 9. Combined inpatient & outpatient limits 8. Access to Big 5 Hospitals & Healthway 7. Medical = HMO (21,519 MD / 352 hospitals / 358 clinics) 5. Accidental disability = __% of 5x MBL 4. Murder = 5x MBL 3. Accidental death = 5x MBL 2. Total & perm. disability income = 5x MBL 1. Life = 5x MBL LIFE – ACCIDENT – HEALTH Benefits Summary
  3. 3. 14 Purple Cow 2011 Benefits +The Comprehensive Wellness Program is customized to meet your health & wellness needs through the following services: HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENTS: Comprehensive written assessment and detailed CUR (current utilization report) are provided which gives the employee and the employer the information needed to set wellness goals. HEALTH PROMOTION & DISEASE MANAGEMENT SEMINARS: Pooling from a wealth of resources and expertise available through the medical partners, numerous presentations and seminars are available for the client’s workforce to promote Wellness. HEALTH SCREENINGS: Periodic onsite health screenings such as blood pressure and body fat analysis are available in the program in addition to more extensive screenings such as blood analysis. HEALTH PROTECTION MEASURES: Scheduled vaccine administration program can be done within company premises. The vaccine may vary depending on the need/requirement of the company. EXCLUSIONS ASIANLIFE Health & Wellness Program benefits are covered on top of Medical HMO benefits <ul><li>+A company’s corporate wellness program is a key component of company success. Based on a company’s health and wellness needs/wants, AsianLife has developed the CWP that can motivate and maintain good health. AsianLife brings corporate wellness programs to the client’s location and implements a wellness program that suits the client’s actual health profile to achieve their unique needs and goals. </li></ul><ul><li>To effectively manage healthcare costs, organizations must include programs that proactively help employees maintain and improve their health. The road to better health (and fewer preventable health claims) is paved with small decisions we make every day. The result of doing nothing is continued skyrocketing health-care costs, rising absenteeism, and lower employee productivity. </li></ul><ul><li>Wellness Bottom Line: gains can include: </li></ul><ul><li>Improved employee health; </li></ul><ul><li>Increased workforce productivity; </li></ul><ul><li>reduced health insurance premiums; </li></ul><ul><li>lower workers compensation claims. </li></ul>1. Cost of vaccines 1. Comprehensive Wellness Program (2x/year) 6. Health & Wellness Program
  4. 4. 3 Major Employee Benefits in 1 Plan: you get Life, Accident & Health (medical HMO, dental HMO, optional APE, and Wellness program ) – all in one plan. (Unlike most HMO plans) You get all the Employee Benefits you will ever need 3 Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? Competitive Advantage #3:
  5. 5. Health & Wellness Program : ALGA will conduct a Comprehensive Wellness Program for your group 2x/year, based on your own set of health issues. (Unlike most HMO plans) You get seminars, screenings & protection measures 17 Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? Competitive Advantage #17:
  6. 6. Same Benefits for Dependents : Dependents can get the same benefits, terms and conditions as Employees (as well as the same costs in 2011). (Unlike most, if not all, HMO plans) Your Dependents are treated like Employees 19 Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? Competitive Advantage #19: