Sarah coleman helping your project sponsor step up to the challenge


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Sarah coleman helping your project sponsor step up to the challenge

  1. 1. EVA18 Conference Helping your sponsor step up to the challenge 11 June 2013 Sarah Coleman
  2. 2. “….. so your Project Sponsor is who?” Noah's Ark (1846) by Edward Hicks
  3. 3. That almost meant something to me a communication collision ….. … enterprise architecture … relational databases …firewall divisions… intra regional pops … real-time … US host systems … MPLS based network …. WAN technologies … ADSL …. SNMP out of band
  4. 4. a view from the other side (1)….. “ ….. exactly how are we supposed to get our sponsor motivated and maintain their interest? We thought this should be a necessary part of their role” “ ….. our sponsor was really involved at the beginning, but now seems to have a completely different set of priorities. It is a continuous battle to get time in her diary.” “ ….. they’ve given me a sponsor who has no authority and very little interest in responsibility” “ ….. the sponsor from hell – a micro manager …” “Ours is a long-term project and we’ve had changes of project sponsors on average every six months. Each time, we have to start all over again and build the relationship from scratch. There must be an easier way to deal with changing sponsors, or even to stop changing sponsors.“
  5. 5. project sponsorship: a team sport ….. Source: Peter Holmberg. Alinghi Team training in Dubai 2007.
  6. 6. building the individual & organizational capability
  7. 7. a balance of factors …..
  8. 8. do you speak project sponsorship?
  9. 9. question …… What are 3 key ways in which a project manager can contract successfully with a project sponsor?
  10. 10. “….. different projects require different types and degrees of sponsorship. This isn’t necessarily recognised by the sponsor.” “I think sponsorship is about balancing the needs of the organization against the needs of the project. If you get that right then you are executing the role effectively. However, we don’t review what’s „appropriate‟ when defining a sponsor’s role and we suffer accordingly.” a view from the other side (2)….. “What is „success‟ for the Project Sponsor role? If it all goes *!*s up then we know they‟ve failed!”
  11. 11. • How does your organization develop and support its own project sponsorship capability? • What kind of projects within your organization are provided with project sponsors? • Does one size of project sponsorship fit all project types within your organization,? • How does your organization measure the success of the role, and of the individual within the role? questions …..
  12. 12. and finally …..
  13. 13. thank you ….. e: w: b: m: +44 (0)7999 879870 t: +44 (0)1636 893716 Link, Join, Share … ….. helping your project sponsor step up