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Genres of books
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Genres of books

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An introduction to book genres for elementary students.

An introduction to book genres for elementary students.

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  • 1. Genres of Books When you speak about genre and books, genre means a category or kind of book .
  • 2. All categories of books or stories can be called either fiction or non-fiction .
    • Fiction
    • A made up story
    • Can tell about things that could happen
    • Characters and settings may be like real people and places or imaginary
    • Non-fiction
    • Has facts that can be checked or proven
    • The author is an expert on this information
    • It is TRUE !
  • 3. Genre
    • There are many catagories of stories and books.
    • Some common ones are:
    • Alphabet Books “How to” Books
    • Fairy Tales Folktales
    • Fantasy Mystery
    • Poetry Biographies
  • 4. Major Genres of Fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Historical Fiction
    • Mystery
    • Science Fiction
    • Realistic Fiction
  • 5. Fantasy
    • Animal characters, dolls or toys may act like people.
    • Characters may have special or magical powers.
    • Setting may be in another time or an extraordinary world.
    • Usually has a good vs. evil conflict.
  • 6. Historical Fiction
    • Stories focus on events and people of the past
    • Problems of characters are typical of the time period
    • Shows an accurate picture of an historical period.
  • 7. Mystery
    • Suspenseful plot – often involving a crime.
    • Suspects and motives are considered.
    • Clues throughout the story lead to a solution of the problem.
    • Conclusion ties up all unanswered questions.
  • 8. Science Fiction
    • Stories may involve science or technology of the future.
    • May use theories that could be partly true.
    • May take place in the future, space or a different universe or dimension.
  • 9. Realistic Fiction
    • Takes place in modern times.
    • Characters act like real people and are involved in events that could happen.
    • Characters feelings and behaviors are like real life.
    • Tries to solve a problem that could happen today.