Underline once main verb and twice auxiliary verb
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Underline once main verb and twice auxiliary verb






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Underline once main verb and twice auxiliary verb Underline once main verb and twice auxiliary verb Document Transcript

  • I. Underline once Main Verb and twice Auxiliary verb. Correct statement if it’s necessary. 1. I don't studied at night. 2. She don't work here anymore. 3. Do you attended this school? 4. Does he works here? 5. Do she work here? 6. Did your grandmother knows Truman? 7. Do wildflowers grew in your back yard? 8. My wife hates spinach and so does my son. 9. My wife don't like spinach; neither do I.
  • 10. Larry excelled in language studies; so did his brother. 11. Raul studies as hard as his sister do. 12. He does like spinach. 13. Do came in. 14. She always does manages to hurt her mother's feelings 15. You didn't did your homework. 16. Oh, but I did finished it. 17. Ridwell didn't took the tools. 18. Then who did take the tools? 19. They did returned some of the gifts. 20. Did Rinaldo got selected by the committee? 21. The audience didn't got riled up by the politician.
  • II. Fill in the blank using auxiliary verbs: Do, Does, or Did. 1. I ______________ not play football on Sundays. 2. _____________ she come today? 3. You _______________ your homework quickly yesterday. 4. He ______________ not go on holiday last year. 5. What ____________ they do tonight? 6. We ____________ not want to hear your music now. 7. She ______________ not like your coffee. 8. _______________ you live in Paris? I live in Marseille. 9. ________________ they do their laundry last weekend? 10. He _____________ not swim very well. III. Underline the Auxiliary verb that best fits in each question. 1. Does, Do, Did you like fish ? 2. Does, Did Do she come to work yesterday ? 3. Did, Do, Does she usually come to work on time ? 4. Do, Did, Does the shops usually close at six in your town ? 5. Did, Does, Do you see this film a year ago ? 6. Did, Do, Does Helen say she was sorry ? 7. Did, Does, Do we need the receipt now ? 8. Do, Does, Did they leave without saying good-bye last night ? 9. Did, Do, Does the shop close earlier last weekend ? 10. Does, Do, Did they like the fish you prepared for them ?