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    1. 1.
    2. 2. “Jr. High school students fly to the amazing city<br />of New York!” <br />Students from Jr. High went on an amazing trip to the National High School Model of the United Nations (NHSMUN) this model is traditional in New York City, the model has taken place there for the last 37 years. The students also visited amazing places of tourism and big interest.<br /> -Gerardo Morton<br />Students in the General Assembly committee...<br />
    3. 3. “Students visit St. Patrick’s Chapel”<br />The St. Patrick’s Chapel is one of the most beautiful chapels in all New York, the art inside of it is simply amazing, and it´s extremely big. The outer part of the building is gothic style, the inside is part French art and part Italian mixed with British. <br />-Gerardo Morton<br />
    4. 4. by Ivan A. Ruiz S. 9B<br />Fear the beard: Magic players growing facial hair for rest of seasonThings are about to get hairy in the Orlando Magic locker room.In a movement spearheaded by small forward Quentin Richardson, the Magic players decided to grow out their facial hair from now until the end of the playoffs – whenever that happens to be."We're about to go like this until we win it or until whatever happens," Richardson said. The initiative started Wednesday night before Orlando defeated the New York Knicks. The rules are simple: You start from wherever you're at now, and you can cut your hair, but you can't shave your face.They're calling the movement, "Fear the Beard".The team kicked around a handful of other ideas, but in the end, full beards won out in a decision that didn't even require a vote."We talked about doing something as a team, and we thought about the bald heads but some of us – myself – don't look right with a bald head," Magic center Dwight Howard said. "Then we thought about letting our hair grow out, and we got a lot of guys who are going bald, so it was going to look funny, just patches on their head. So the beard is the only way to go."A number of Magic players – including HedoTurkoglu, Ryan Anderson, Jason Richardson, Malik Allen and Jameer Nelson – already wear a goatee, but none of them fashion a full beard. Gilbert Arenas had a full beard during his time with Washington, but he's kept his facial hair short so far this season.Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy is known for his trademark mustache, but it's unclear whether the coaching staff will be part of the growth movement.<br />
    5. 5. NFL today<br />Today the National Football League is living one of its worst moments in the last couple of decades. The problem is that players now receive about 60% of the total NFL income, and owners want to reduce that to about 42%, in addition to this, owners want to add 2 more games to the schedule, and players are not happy about it. During the last month, several reunions have had place to try to find an agreement for this problem. Even the commissioner had his salary cut to one dollar as a sign that he isn´t there for the money. In other news, the NFL draft is coming up, and the best college football players will be available for NFL teams to take. Some of the biggest names in this year’s draft are: Cam Newton, Ryan Mallet, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert to mention some. This draft promises to be one of the best ones in the last couple of years.<br />Oscar Vásquez Canales<br />Should Celtics, Lakers <br />give it a rest???<br />The other night, in the playoff-charged atmosphere of Madison Square Garden, Doc Rivers had a problem on his hands, one that a few other NBA coaches are familiar with at this time of the season.<br />With the Knicks showing signs of pulling away from Rivers’ Celtics early in the fourth quarter on Monday night, Rivers desperately wanted to reinsert Kevin Garnett into the game to restore some law and order at the defensive end. At one point, he looked down at Garnett and was just about to call his name, but then he remembered the number 34<br />
    6. 6. This year was a good year in the school Olympics. We did a lot of activities. There were two teams one was green and the other white. We competed and the white teams won overall. We also had a competition for the parents.<br />
    7. 7. Today you have to be alert for everything. Like when you go to the market, before you get out the car check if someone is around you or if there is someone suspicious. If you see someone suspicious it’s better to continue your way, don’t stop, don’t look back, just continue. Lock the doors of the car, of your house. Never open the door to strangers, because you never know who they are and what they want.<br />Almost in all the places we go to, we find people that want to ask questions, surveys or your opinion about something, your phone number, your name, age etc. Years ago, we were able to answer this type of questions, but now we can’t. Because there are people that only want information to harm you, your family or friends. So never give information to strangers. Be careful about all you say and who you say it to. We have to be aware.<br />Belinda JiménezKutugata # 14 9D <br />
    8. 8. Friday March 18 Valeria Marrosu celebrated her 15th birthday party at Hacienda Fundadores, it started at 8:00 p.m and finished more less at 1:00 a.m, she was very excited about it and was happy you enjoyed it.<br />Natalyalso celebrated her 15th birthday at Palacio Real, on April 16th from 7:30 to 1:00 am. There were a few band presentations like La Leyenda. Everyone was excited to be able to assist and also to meet the band.<br />
    9. 9. Interview to our Junior High Librarian<br /> – Paula Silvano<br />Sofia Kharissova (SK): Where were you born?<br />Paula Silvano (PS): “I was born in Portugal.”<br />SK: What is your favorite movie and book? Why?<br />PS: “My favorite movie is ‘Nobody knows’, because it’s from Spain, and my favorite book is<br />‘Las Mil y UnaNoches.’<br />SK: What is the reason that you decided to work here, in Colegio San Patricio, as a librarian?<br />PS: “The truth is because I enjoy working with students, and I like books”<br />SK: What is the best of spending a lot of time in the library?<br />PS: “The best is when I see students reading books.”<br />SK: What books and movies can you recommend to the students?<br />PS: “I recommend the classics, like Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, etc. The movies I recommend are also classics, like Harry Potter, Narnia, The Lord of the Kings, etc… because they doesn’t include bad words.”<br />SK: What can you tell me about the “digital stories” written by the students?<br />PS: “Well, most of them are really good, they are creative.”<br />SK: Approximately, how many books do you read in a month?<br />PS: “I try to read at least one.”<br />SK: How does reading books help developing people’s minds?<br />PS: “You can imagine the entire story and it develops writing skills. You start working with your mind.”<br />SK: What can you tell me about the book fair? Do many people buy books?<br />PS: “Yes, I was very pleased with the book fair because of the excitement of the students. More than $13,000 pesos were spent on books.”<br />SK: What books are rented the most?<br />PS: “I think Harry Potter and the Twilight saga.”<br />by Sofia Kharissova<br />
    10. 10. TheMusicSection<br />By: Daniel Bermejo 7A<br />There are many types of music in the world, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Classical Music, and many others, but today we will talk about musicians. First of all we will talk about Jonny Greenwood.<br />Jonny Greenwood, the English guitarist and sometimes pianist of the famous alternative rock band “Radiohead”, is noted by his aggressive style of playing, Greenwood is consistently named as one of the greatest guitarists of the modern era. The magazine “Rolling Stones” cited Greenwood in the list of the greatest 100 guitarists as the number 59. <br />Jonny continued as a member of Radiohead and in 2003 released his first solo album, Bodysong, the soundtrack to the film of the same name, by filmmaker Simon Pummell. His brother Colin is also featured on the album playing bassin one of the tracks. Jonny was hired by the BBC as a composer in May 2004. He continues being guitarist of Radiohead and recorded a new album named King Of The Limbs, he recorded it with the band.<br />
    11. 11. The next musician we will talk about is Justin Bieber. Well, the truth is I don’t like his music, but I like his story. From being a normal boy that uploaded videos on you tube, he became a super pop star and a great symbol for girls. During his childhood, Bieber was interested in hockey, soccer, and chess; he often kept his musical aspirations to himself. As he grew up, Bieber taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet. In early 2007, when he was twelve, Bieber sang Ne-Yo's "So Sick" for a local singing competition in Stratford and placed second. Mallette posted a video of the performance on YouTube for family and friends to see. She continued to upload videos of Bieber singing covers of various R&B songs, and Bieber's popularity on the site grew. Now this guy is very rich, famous, and considered very talented.<br /> To conclude this music section, I invite you to try learn any type of Art, try to learn painting, dance, music, acting, etc. It will help you to experience new things and see what you can be capable of you are still able to achieve you want. Well this is it. I hope you enjoyed it!<br />