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Merrow Scientific Biomass To Liquids



Detailed information on the range of system we supply for research into Biomass to Liquids

Detailed information on the range of system we supply for research into Biomass to Liquids



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    Merrow Scientific Biomass To Liquids Merrow Scientific Biomass To Liquids Presentation Transcript

    • Biomass to Liquids Research
    • Merrow Scientific?
      • UK laboratory instrumentation supplier
      • Exclusive UK representative for a number of overseas manufacturers. Including:
          • Autoclave Engineers (USA)
          • Rubotherm (Germany)
          • BEL (Japan)
    • Laboratory Instrumentation
      • Lab stirred reactors
      • Fixed bed/tubular reactors
      • Multi- reactor systems
      • Gravimetric sorption analysis instruments
      • TGA and high pressure TGA
      • Surface area and porosity analysers
      • Chemisorption instruments
      • And more……
    • Applications
      • High pressure chemistry
      • Gas storage/sorption
      • Fischer Tropsch (syngas conversion)
      • Gasification (coal, biomass to gas)
      • Surface area measurement
      • Catalyst characterisation
      • Materials testing/corrosion testing
      • Etc……
    • Presentation Focus
      • Laboratory systems for Biomass (and Coal) to Liquids Research, including:
          • Rubotherm gravimetric system for gasification research (Biomass to Gas)
          • Autoclave Engineers systems for Fischer Tropsch conversion of syngas to hydrocarbons (Gas to Liquids)
    • Biomass to Gas Production of syngas via the gasification process Using Rubotherm High Pressure TGA System
    • Rubotherm?
      • Spin out from Ru hr University ( Bo chum, Germany) Therm odynamics Dept nearly 20 years ago to become laboratory instrument manufacturer
      • Had requirement for high pressure gravimetric sorption equipment not available at that time anywhere, so developed own
      • Conventional instruments limited to approximately 20bar, Rubotherm have been up to 2000bar
    • Gravimetric Sorption
      • Measuring mass change of sample when subjected to gases and/or vapours being dosed over it under a certain environment (temperature and pressure)
    • Magnetic Suspension Balance
      • Rubotherm’s unique and patented gravimetric system uses a coupling and control system between high precision balance and sample
    • Unique Benefits
      • Precision microgram balance separate from sample – so can measure mass change accurately while subjecting sample to high pressures (<2000bar), high temperatures (<1550degC), corrosive environments
      • Re-zero and calibrate balance during measurement – avoid balance drift – maximise accuracy and long term resolution
      • Measure gas density near sample
    • Wide range of designs Designed to meet researcher’s exact requirements
    • Applications
      • Gas storage (e.g. H2, Methane, CO2)
      • Degradation (e.g. polymers in sour gas)
      • Gasification
      • Corrosion Testing
      • Catalyst Characterisation
      • Filter Material Analysis
    • New Range - DynTherm
      • Gravimetric analysis under high temperature and raised pressures:
          • 900degC @ 100bar
          • 1100degC @ 50bar
          • 1200degC @ 40bar
    • Biomass/Coal Gasification
      • Sample suspended in sample container in controlled environment
      • React material at high temperatures with a controlled amount of oxygen and steam (and also CO2 – recent research in Columbia Uni, NY) or other gases
      • This leads to formation of Synthesis Gas (Syngas) a mixture of H2 and CO
    • Studying Gasification
      • Rubotherm DynTherm – high temperatures and effect of raised pressures on efficiency of process and also H2:CO ratio produced
      • Flow different rates of steam, oxygen and CO2
      • Different process conditions and ramping can be set to study reaction
      • Sample mass change measured during gasification – external GC/MS can also be connected
      • Control and monitor wide range of parameters
      • Gas flows
      • Temperature
      • Pressure…
      • Measure:
      • Mass change of sample
      • Gas evolved (using external GC/MS)
    • Gas to Liquid Hydrocarbons Production of synthetic fuels via the Fischer Tropsch reaction Using Autoclave Engineers Reactor Systems
    • Autoclave Engineers?
      • Over 60 years as world leader in high pressure equipment
      • Fully meet highest PED grades
      • Wide range of fixed bed and stirred reactors and pressure vessels
      • Represented in the UK by Merrow Scientific
    • Fischer Tropsch
      • Catalysed chemical reaction converting syngas to liquid hydrocarbons
      • Aim is to produce synthetic petroleum substitute
      • Developed in the 1920s in Germany for coal to liquids, further developed by Sasol (South Africa)
      • Current interest as an alternative to oil based fuels
    • Reactors for FT Research
      • A number of options available, including:
        • Oven based fixed bed reactors
        • Slurry stirred reactors
      • Vary and monitor all critical parameters and measure reaction and process
    • Oven Based Reactors
      • For FT catalyst evaluation and process understanding
      • Custom configured to suit exact research requirements
      • B ench T op R eaction S ystem
      • Oven based environment to maintain constant temperature (avoid cold spots and potential condensation problems)
      • Wide range of pressures and temperatures possible
    • Oven Based Reactors
      • 3 major sections:
        • Feed section
          • Guard beds (for filtering)
          • Feed gases and mixtures
          • Mixer/Vaporisers for combining feeds
        • Heated process system
          • Fixed bed (or even stirred) reactor
          • Easy diversion of feeds
          • Sample (GC, MS, GLS)
        • Control Module
    • Slurry Reactors
      • Catalyst suspended in process or specialist catalyst basket
      • Stirred reactor – independent or integrated into BTRS system
      • Wide range of designs available and pressures and temperatures
    • Multi-Reactor
      • The previous systems can be designed to contain multi reactor systems (fixed bed and stirred reactors) to allow detailed combinatorial catalyst research to be carried out.
    • Complete Biomass to Liquids Research
      • Wide range of systems for complete Biomass to Liquids research:
        • Rubotherm systems for gasification studies (Biomass to Gas)
        • Autoclave Engineers systems for FT research (Gas to Liquids)
      • For further detailed information or any questions please contact us:
        • [email_address]
        • And also visit our blog for latest research news: