Innovation Fisher Marketing Ideas


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Ideas for different marketing collateral for Innovation Fisher

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Innovation Fisher Marketing Ideas

  1. 1. innovation fisher marketing ideas shay-jahen merritté 11/9/09
  2. 2. poster idea I thought instead of a traditional printed and lamintated poster, make one out of laser cut 1/8 inch plexiglass or dry erase board. I hope that we could use Prof. Bills connections with the design school to gain access to their laser cutter, which if anything like my undergrad instution would be very cheap like the whole thing should cost $30-50. I did something similar in the past and that was what it cost me. Then we can write all the sexy information on that ironic whitespace, or use it during events, etc. 3 feet 1/8 inch 2 feet 1
  3. 3. big idea chart I love ideation charts and diagrams, it’s my favorite part of starting new projects. This idea is attempt to engage the greater Fisher community in a big ass brain storming session. The idea is make a big poster to hang on the wall in a heavily trafficked area with pens and stuff to fill it out, hopefully with some kind of real tangible goal like designing the perfect, more comfortable chair for the lecture rooms. A more innovative or collaborative version of that “world’s largest crossword puzzle” I see on online gift guides all the time. New Fisher Chair (But like a lot bigger) 2
  4. 4. chalk promotion To promote events the week of/ reminder of the day we could make lined IF stencils to be used with spray chalk and chalk. We could create the stencil out of some laser cut heavy duty material like chipboard, that would probably cost like $10, the spray chalk would be like $6 and a box of chalk sticks would be nominal. Then we could just spray chalk the stencil and write in the information with chalk. Clean up would be easy... although totally bummer if we were trying to market during a rainy or snowy week. (+ chalk) 3
  5. 5. innovation of the day Everyday(ish) we could tweet/post to IF blog some kind of inspirational, innovative thing to our followers for a quick little bit of innovation to everyone’s day, while promoting IF. ( x 365) 4
  6. 6. innovation/inspiration library Basically a digital and analog version of the “innovation of the day idea”. I try to dedicate 30 minutes a day to develop an inspiration library for reference whenever I need jump start the creative juices. Maybe do the same thing that everyone can contribute to on the IF website. We could also create some kind of innovation library of related books/ articles/publications, if people wanted to read something more fun than the financial accounting textbook. (things go here) 5
  7. 7. whiteboard friends Just a variety of shapes and objects cut from that static- clingy stuff stamped with IF and website, to help people ideate when they’re in class/study rooms.... and to remind them of IF and the website. (it’s a robot) 6