Scientific consulting service in bibliographic searches and requests to Medical management units


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Scientific consulting service in bibliographic searches and requests to Medical management units

  1. 1. Merqurio Scientific consulting service in bibliographicsearches and requests to Medical management units
  2. 2. Medical and Scientific consulting service Relational trends, requirementesMedical management units of pharmaceutical companies receive a great deal ofdaily requests for scientific insights from the network of their detailers or fromphysicians and pharmacists directly.Meeting these needs is often difficult and expensive, especially when specificcompetences and bibliographic services are required. Furthermore, these needscan sometimes be more or less complex and their quantity may vary over time.Merqurio, in response to these needs, has launched a scientific consulting servicein cooperation with the most qualified experts in different medical areas. They areable to provide an answer to the multiple requests for medical and scientificconsultancy.
  3. 3. Medical and Scientific consulting service Relational trends
  4. 4. Medical and Scientific consulting service Guarantees Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008. Supervision and coordination by Prof. Rimoli, University "Federico II" of Naples Faculty of Pharmacy. Highly specialized Staff in pharmaceutical and scientific fields, provided with advanced degrees and PhD in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Regular attendance to training courses held by Mario Negri Institute, focusing on bibliographic research and treatment of medical information. Previous experience with pharmaceutical companies, documented by successful case histories. Proven experience in the field of medical and scientific consulting service. Working Group with extensive experience in managing bibliographic services, medical research activities and pharmacovigilance. Merqurios internal drugs database including technical specifications. Application "drugs and interactions" that shows the interactions between drugs by comparing the data sheets.
  5. 5. Medical and Scientific consulting service Performance Team of specialists with top-notch skills in bibliographic searches, scientific literature reviews, drafting and revision of scientific documents, monitored by an internal supervisor; Highly experienced team in the translation of scientific texts from English into Italian and Italian into English. Access to updated sources such as scientific references, corporate document archives, institutional archives, journals; Process and flow management through IT systems; Knowledge of normative documents on privacy (D.Lgs 06/08/2001 n. 231), pharmacovigilance, advertising of medical products (Decree 219/2006) and their compliance.
  6. 6. Medical and Scientific consulting service TargetTarget: Patients  Guidelines  Dosing and methods of administration  Safety  Interactions  Qualitative and quantitative composition
  7. 7. Medical and Scientific consulting service TargetInternal target of pharmaceutical company (marketing, medical, tenders, etc.)  Details about diseases/therapies  Guidelines  Publications  Updates
  8. 8. Medical and Scientific consulting service ActivitiesWritten answers to questionsWriting articlesDrafting and editing of slide kits in the medical-scientific field Specialized literature searches (free search / Mesh Database) on scientific databases of articles and abstracts for conferences presentations (Pubmed / Medline, Embase, Scopus)Scientific translations from English into Italian and Italian into EnglishCollect information on Pharmacovigilance reportsRevision of existing material in corporate databasesUpdating information when existing resources are not recent (more than 1 year)Italian translation of documents from other languagesDrafting of standard scientific letters in case of product changes/variations
  9. 9. Medical and Scientific consulting service About productsTo deliver qualified answers to all requests for medical and scientific insights, Merqurioprovides its experts with an updated and comprehensive database.Some information: Product-related scientific references Corporate document archives Institutional archives Specialized journals Etc.
  10. 10. Medical and Scientific consulting service Bibliographic searchesEvery bibliographic search is supplied with 2-3 full-text articles (if available).The articles are found in the libraries of the client company or retrieved fromexternal sources.Every search is accompanied by an explanation which describes methodologies,criteria and sources used.Each request is processed on average within 24 hours, maximum within 5 workingdays, depending on the difficulty in obtaining information.
  11. 11. Medical and Scientific consulting service A customized serviceThe Medical Service is able to offer a customized service to best meet the individual needs of corporate customers in terms of type, quantity and management of activities. Requests on call, from toll free, on ticket Reception sorting analysis execution delivery of all requests (internal and external). execution of a one type of activity
  12. 12. Medical and Scientific consulting services Standard lettersWorking exampleStandard letters are "answers" to questions received more frequently from everycompany.Merqurio, after retrieving the original questions, evaluates the responses according tothe last updates, latest discoveries and new studies.All standard letters and updates will be provided with the original documents quoted inthe bibliography.The bibliography will be attached at no extra costs along with the publication of thedisclaimer related to the type of contribution.The service ensures maximum care and attention to the criteria of reliability andconsistency with the official guidelines for every published product.
  13. 13. Medical and Scientific consulting service EditingThe coordination and supervision of experts’ work is carried out by an internaleditorial staff that is in charge with:Collecting users’ needs and communicating them to expertsEvaluating and ensuring a high-quality level of contents managementMaintaining relationships with experts in order to obtain their full cooperation
  14. 14. Medical and Scientific consulting service EditingThe advantages of Merqurio service solutions:Payment of the service with contract or pre-paid ticketProvision of a fast and reliable servicesPossibility to outsource only a part of the requestsPossibility to monitor and measure quality standards
  15. 15. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin Contatti: Chiamate nazionali: linea verde 800.014.863 Chiamate dall’estero: 00390815524300 Fax: 00390814201136 E-mail: