How varieties of discounts are some lucrative restaurant promotion ideas

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Restaurant Promotion Ideas in USA - - As the name implies these kind of discounts are given only when things …

Restaurant Promotion Ideas in USA - - As the name implies these kind of discounts are given only when things are purchased in bulk qualities.

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  • 1. How Varieties Of Discounts Are Some Lucrative Restaurant Promotion Ideas? 'Discount and free' are the two golden words that invite customers to a maximum extent because it's in the nature of human beings to spend less and get more. Moreover free things are something that is preferred by everyone no matter to what income level the person belongs to. ‘Free’ stuffs are more powerful than 'discounts' when it comes to attracting the customers. So something that cannot be missed out in the preparation of the to-do list of the restaurant promotion ideas. Even during the times of recession it is a good boost for the sales. The newbies might hesitate in taking such kinds of steps but the well established ones can confidently go for these. Quantity based discounts: As the name implies these kind of discounts are given only when things are purchased in bulk qualities. The same concept is applicable in restaurants also. The customers paying high bills are either given discounts or offered some free items in the bargain. Implementation of such restaurant promotion ideas is beneficial for the customers of course but also for the hotel owner. They will save more from the bulk orders and so giving out free items will not affect them much. However such kind of a discounting strategy is restricted to the high income level group. Discounts through coupons: Mainly for the regular customers who give frequent visits to your restaurant. This is a technique of holding back the existing customers so that they bring in the new ones. Such kind of a customer will be benefited by the coupons with a cutoff in the price on the items any time they visit the restaurant again. If your's is a family oriented restaurant then such restaurant promotion ideas will be moire handier for you because they will bring the other members of the family and so the chain will elongate.
  • 2. Special discounts: Special discounts are usually applicable to the special customers. The motive of offering such kinds of discounts is to attract a specific segment of the audience in the market. The focus is mainly on the audience belonging to a certain region where the popularity of your restaurant is beyond the reach. Special discounts are also given by the owners of the restaurants upon new opening of the branch. Such kind of a Restaurant Promotion Ideas in USA will usually never miss the target. The niche group can either be celebrities, renowned professionals like company heads, doctors, lawyers or reputed families. It is the belief of some of the business owners that such kinds of offers will be a loss for their business and it is true in one sense but on the other hand the after effects are very good. Some owners offer discounts to the elderly customers and some for the kids. Another smart technique is to offer freebies on the birthday of the customers.