Power UP Brilliance™ - Leadership workshop


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Leadership workshop for post-M&A integration teams, corporate university programs for high-potentials, innovation leaders, G&A departments carving out a larger role and making a bigger bolder contribution. Assess your leadership against 5 Courage Activators that power breakthrough success - and build your skills with hands-on simulations, gameification and real-time feedback. Then, apply what you've learned to achieve a quick ROIC now - and to encode PowerUP Brilliance™ skills for the next growth pinnacle in your career.

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Power UP Brilliance™ - Leadership workshop

  1. 1. PowerUP Brilliance™ • Leadership workshop Brilliance. It’s what CEOs seek in high-potential leaders. CEOs say they need more brilliance and creativity than ever in their high-potentials. And stars say they have too few opportunities to step up, reach out and say, “Follow me. Here’s where to go,” instead of just following orders. If you need leaders to break this logjam and PowerUP Brilliance™ in themselves and their teams, this workshop is for you. To mobilize matrix teams, rather than getting lost in bureaucracy. To wrestle down and solve the show-stoppers, in a way that leaves teams saying, “Wow, that was fun. Let’s do it again.” To unleash the potential for brilliance and apply it to seize promising opportunities for your enterprise and your customers. 5 Courage Activators equip leaders to PowerUP Brilliance™ 20+ years of business psychology research confirm what we’ve seen in innovation hotbeds and in traditional industries that have profited from new business models and new product/service offerings. By firing on 5 cylinders — even in adversity — leaders see how luck is within their control and is not random. They see how conflict can sharpen creativity rather than inhibiting it. They create mindflips to engage in adaptive generative thinking rather than defensive win-them-over debates. And come away with a formula, honed through gameified hands-on practice and real-life application. . PURPOSE RIGOUR so the compass aligns North to success CANDOUR so handoffs are so we adapt and learn, not smooth defend and justify and coordinated WILL so tough challenges lift our spirits RISK to trust, empower and invest in someone else’s success Action learning - because leadership isn’t a spectator sport How do leaders learn to PowerUP Brilliance™ in diverse mobilize matrix teams — to prepare for larger roles and earn a recurring ROIC? Experience. The kind they get with hands-on practice. Feedback. And more practice. In a setting where they can laugh, hit the reset button and try it again, until they get it right. With a roadmap that equips them to lift investor and customer confidence. Seize promising opportunities. Orchestrate larger initiatives with more moving parts. And do it in a way that builds comaradarie, gets diverse dispersed teams to jell and facilitates collaborative asset management by breaking down the walls between silos. © 2014 www.courageadvisors.com • Get our permission before copying or distributing • US Tel: +1.215.529.8918
  2. 2. Look beyond silo myopia and hierarchy traps. Make the most of the diverse perspectives in your matrix. PowerUP Brilliance™ gives your leaders a roadmap to decode matrix structures and networks. It starts with a fast vivid simulation. By the end, leaders know how to tell signal from noise and promising opportunities from illusions. They know how reach out, forge links, co-ordinate pods of activity and hold colleagues on belay - across the corridor and across the globe. Equip your leaders to use generative thinking techniques. To PowerUP Brilliance™ in every initiative they lead. Working step-by-step with the 5 Courage Activators, your leaders will break out of preconceptions to see new possibilities. They will master mind-flips that ask, “What more can we do?” rather than “Who’s to blame?” They will build the influence, presence and finesse to mobilize luminaries in other disciplines; and use diverse perspectives to sharpen their thinking. They will lift accountability, with a clear line of sight to commercial success — in a way that renews passion and joy, even when tackling tough issues. What your leaders will get from 4 half-day workshops, pre-work and pull-through: WHAT IS THE END-GAME? What is success? GENERATE NEW Why important? Why now? POSSIBILITIES Self awareness. How they impact brilliance in the teams they mobilize - at all levels Use new tactics, lead from the middle, Find hidden profits. Take a fresh look at old achieve ROIC routines to optimize revenue and growth WHO NEEDS Mindflips. Look at setbacks and difficulties from TO MOBILIZE? an accountable proactive perspective Recruit highWHAT CAN Uplifting influence. How to ennoble reluctant potentials YOU MITIGATE? Define initiatives partners to get unstuck and accelerate change Hands-on practice Profit from diversity. How to tap conflicting Vivid simulations perpectives and sharpen up adaptive thinking Reshape reflexes HOW READY Lean resource allocation. Build trust and a code ARE THEY? d’honneur for shared win/win/win solutions Are they ready Culture shaping. How to encode the 5 Courage WHAT WILL to step in, reach Activators into the DNA of every team they lead ENNOBLE? out and lift up? Serious fun - with vivid memorable simulations Uplifting challenges that translate to concrete application plans Diversity dialogues Generative thinking Your workshop leaders Merom Klein PhD and Louise Yochee Klein PsyD Business psychologists with 25+ years of experience equipping large corporations, entrepreneurial teams and government agencies to accelerate innovation and lead transformational change — M&A integration, product/ service innovations, restructuring, boldly highly service standards. Experts on matrix cross-line of business leadership. Wrote the book, PowerUP Brilliance. © 2014 www.courageadvisors.com • Get our permission before copying or distributing • US Tel: +1.215.529.8918