The Science of Listening


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This presentation sets out how to use data collection and player analytics in online games to create better experiences and environments for players. The Games Industry can use data and analytics to create pro-active Player Relationship Management and increase revenues and engagements.

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The Science of Listening

  1. 1. ` The Science of ListeningCopyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  2. 2. `PlayerRelationshipManagement Heavy investment in CRM to Big Data gives developers total create proactive and intelligent understanding of PLAYERS relationships with CUSTOMERS Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  3. 3. `Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011 Z
  4. 4. Analytics Hierarchy ` Personalised Messages Retention & Revenue Triggers Segmentation & Behaviours Player Metrics Game Performance Metrics Data CollectionCopyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  5. 5. Game Metrics Are OK` • Game performance metrics don’t help you understand So what if why players leave your average • Analytics need to be session per actionable user is 1.2? Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011 5
  6. 6. Player Metrics Are Better ` • The opportunity is to understand players • From analysing first session Frustrated Impatient can understand • How long do they play? • Are they coming back? • What was their experience? • Is the tutorial working? PLAYER Performance • What was their exit event? Metrics Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011 6
  7. 7. `Analytics Built-In• Data Collection part of development cycle• Standard events and custom events• Have data plan to monitor player status• Apply best practice F2P design principles• Then focus on player behaviours• Use beta to optimise game design with real players• And think about messaging strategy • If 70% players only have one session how do we get them to come back? • If 1% pay what about the other 99%? 7Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  8. 8. `• Monetization is weakest performing section – often too harsh• Game mechanics strong in mobile• Social games have poorer retention than mid/hardcore• Gambling mechanic least used – only implemented in 28%• Only 22% of games deliver good 1st 60 seconds for novice players• Levels of competitive play increasingCopyright GamesAnalytics ©2011 8
  9. 9. `PlayerSegmentationCopyright GamesAnalytics ©2011 9
  10. 10. `TechnologyCopyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  11. 11. `The Science of Listening Players move at socialise different speeds Resource Next Best Depletion Purchase through this Offers path Store Browsers VIP (Playing Level Pass Style) Strategy Exploring Mission First Loyalty the Store Defeat Payment Program Bundles Special Tailored Mentoring Gifting Content Tips Resource Gifting Resource Welcome 11Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  12. 12. ` Case Study• Mobile Racing Game on ioS and Android• Set Up Messaging based on behaviours • Pimp Your Car – Decoration Offers • Slow Coaches – Level Pass • Fast Track – Energy Discounts • Fast Track – Upgrade Discounts • Frustrated – Energy Gifts • VIPs - Status Rewards• 1 M downloads in 5 days – No.2 in Apple Charts• From data collection to messaging in two weeks• Results • Increased revenues by 38%, Improved retention by 95% 12 Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  13. 13. And finally… ` Players are trying to tell you about their experiences Let’s start listening…. 13Copyright GamesAnalytics ©2011
  14. 14. ` Thank You mark.robinson@gamesanalytics.comCopyright GamesAnalytics ©2011