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Launching Assaults In The Virtual World
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Launching Assaults In The Virtual World



by James McSpadden, a student of JUS394 IT & Social Justice at ASU.

by James McSpadden, a student of JUS394 IT & Social Justice at ASU.



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    Launching Assaults In The Virtual World Launching Assaults In The Virtual World Presentation Transcript

    • Launching Assaults in the Virtual World: Cyber Warfare By James McSpadden
    • Basic definition of cyber-warfare
      • Neta Crawford – “conducting war and inflicting damage to another network by using the internet and computers”
    • Small time hacking
      • Defacing a website
      • Mafia boy and CNN
      • Managed to create large financial damages
      • His method was called “Denial of Service” and although this is a small time hacking job, the “Denial of service” can do lots of damage
    • The Yes Men
      • The political agenda
        • Using phony websites and impersonating higher-ups to achieve a political objective
      • Not very harmful to economies but an effective way of getting people to listen
    • The Zapatistas
      • Another group of people who use the internet as a means to fit a political agenda
    • More dangerous hackers
      • Hacking in to military installations
        • Issue false orders
        • Obtain classified information
        • Create confusion
    • Disabling infrastructure
      • Disabling power, water, fuel, transportation could create mass-panic and HUGE economic damage
    • Disabling infrastructure (cont’d)
      • Possibly the most damaging and most costly
      • Could decimate a population and cost billions
    • Estonia
      • Hackers damaged government files
        • Used a “denial-of-service” and “bots”
        • Took money from banks
    • Moonlight Maze
      • Moonlight Maze refers to a highly classified incident in which U.S. officials accidentally discovered a pattern of probing of computer systems at the Pentagon, NASA, Energy Department, private universities, and research labs that had begun in March 1998 and had been going on for nearly two years.
    • The investigation in to Moonlight Maze is still going on…
    • Eligible Receiver
      • The government test against itself
      • Very surprising information and very scary results about our vulnerabilities
    • Titan Rain
      • China’s alleged cyber attack
        • Discovered by Shawn Carpenter
        • Similar to break-ins on Lockheed Martin
        • Millions in damage and top-secret info obtained
      • “ The way these intrusions are conducted are certainly consistent with what you would need if you were going to actually carry out cyber warfare”
      • -John Vause (March 11, 2008)
    • Electronic Jihad 2.0
      • “ The latest version of the terrorists ‘software’, Electronic Jihad 2.0, makes it easier than ever to coordinate a denial-of-service attack on a Web site. You simply select the level of bandwidth you wish to use and hit ‘attack,’ and the attack is launched. It's really down to script kiddie level”
      • -John Mello (November, 2007)
    • Think about this:
      • Denial-of-service attacks make users unable to log in.
      • With the right people behind the keys, government agents (or entire agencies) could be unable to log in to their respective accounts.
      • Think of an entire government agency unable to issue orders.
      • Without the authority to issue orders, who is to say that an actual military attack could take place without much resistance?
    • This may be a big “What If” game…
    • …but if it happened before why couldn’t it happen again?
      • With all of this evidence about previous cyber-attacks, their effectiveness and our vulnerabilities, it does not seem unreasonable to believe that the United States may already in another cyber-war.
      • We just do not know who is fighting us.
    • It’s a lot scarier than you thought isn’t it?
    • Questions?
    • I hope you enjoyed my little presentation.