Jus394 Spring09 Intro


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Jus394 Spring09 Intro

  1. 1. JUS 394 CYBERPOLITICS arizona state university spring 2008 professor: merlyna Lim
  2. 2. What will we learn?
  3. 3. the visualization of Internet routes of a partial portion of World’s Internet connections Socio-technical landscapes of the ICT how the Internet has come about of chronological topography? focusing on the technological makeup of the Internet, in this part the physical and conceptual production of the Internet is analyzed. the discussion is focused on the technological of the Internet as a result of innovations in hardware and software, which basically are rooted in the use of distributed network and the creation of the Internet Protocol (IP), as well as social objectives embedded in these technical processes.
  4. 4. mutual shaping of (information) technology & politics what’s happening with certain socio-political arrangements if its technology is being replaced by other technology? moving from paper-based to computer-based system, what are the implication of such thing? is politics changed by such changes? are technologies merely passive tools in politics? what do you think Internet is capable of changing? what has Internet done to politics? what has politics done to the Internet?
  5. 5. democratizing society..... is that as easy as dragging “e- democracy” software to your application folder? does the Internet truly democratize society? if not, what does it do? has society so far been democratizing the Internet?
  6. 6. plugging political systems to the Net.... deliberation online...... or undeliberation online? online representation..... online public sphere.... what does all of those mean?
  7. 7. social movements, cyberactivism, global, national, local... from Battle in Seattle, Indymedia,1996 Serbia revolution to 1997 Zapatista movement to 1998 Indonesian Revolution to 1999 People Power of the Philippines and many other global events... what does Internet contribute? things may not work like they seem to appear.....
  8. 8. can the Internet punch you on the nose? think about surveillance, control, hacking, cracking, spamming, radicalism, uncivil society...... and list goes on and on.....
  9. 9. is this the future? well.... i don’t think so... and certainly hope it’s not so! what are possible scenarios of the future? hard to know...... but let’s think really hard about this!!!
  10. 10. life is not fair..... world is not... realities bite....... bytes don’t solve real problems? where things went wrong?
  11. 11. and here is the reality of life...... politics is embedded within broader social context the narrative of everyday life is not about ‘big’ politics..... some might be hooked to politics.... some look at the political stuff when certain issues emerge...... yet some just stay on ‘porn’ today’s and future’s politics is inseparable from culture