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Danger Of The Internet
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Danger Of The Internet



by David-Anthony Johnson, a student of JUS394, IT & Social Justice, at ASU.

by David-Anthony Johnson, a student of JUS394, IT & Social Justice, at ASU.



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Danger Of The Internet Danger Of The Internet Presentation Transcript

  • Danger of the Internet A Review of the Literature… By David-Anthony Johnson
  • Why this topic?
    • Because I want to explore the dangers of the internet young children and teenagers could potentially face.
    • I will talk about the negative and the positive effects the internet and the World Wide Web has on teenagers and children.
  • Utopian
    • The internet is a technology that had a great impact on our society.
    • It has made the world into a new global community.
    • It is good for our society because it benefits…
      • Education
      • Motivates children and others to learn more
      • People can communicate with others from all walks of lfie.
  • What has the internet become and what does it mean to us?
    • It has become our main way of communicating and searching for information to millions of users worldwide.
    • The World Wide Web is used by everyone
      • The young and old alike.
    • Some people view the internet with a positive outlook, but others view it as having negative side effects.
  • Dystopian
    • The dark and negative side where chaos and hostility are a part of the internet.
    • It exposes people to the distructive side of the internet.
    • The internet can alleante us from family, friends, and the real world.
  • Dystopian cont…
    • It can keep us from relating to real people.
    • It can keep us from reading real books.
    • The internet can have a negative effect of human behavior because of the available information to create destructive materials.
  • Dystopian and its main concern
    • Technology exacerbates human misery as individuals become increasingly controlled by what they fail to understant.
  • Potential Dangers while using the internet in the home, library and school?
    • We can all agree on
      • The internet is a great resource library
      • A great communication center
    • But it can also be a place where children and teenagers can be introduced to
      • Dangers
      • Inappropriate information and sexual predators
  • Potential dangers cont…
    • As much as we find it a place to access information sexual predators and pedophiles find it a place where they can prey on children and teenagers.
  • What should parents and teachers be aware of?
    • They should be aware of the dangers that children can encounter when going online, whether it may be information for school, to talk to friends or to communicate class assignments to teachers.
    • There is no such thing as being too careful, it’s better to be aware of the situations that could potentially occur.
  • My position
    • Even though the internet can be used as a great learning tool among young children and teenagers, it can also make them targets of online predators and other dangers.
    • I believe it is the parents’ responsibility to keep their children safe, and the government should use some type of censorship in order to protect young minds from all the filth that is readily available at the click of a mouse.
  • The argument
    • Even though sites such as facebook and myspace are monitored, it is not enough.
      • There have been instances where children and teenagers have become prey and/or sexually assaulted.
  • The problem
    • Anyone can be in danger and be a victim to violence.
      • These sites help predators to create a faceless identity so that they can be anyone that want just like you and me can become anyone we want on the internet.
    • Young people are more vulnerable because they are trusting toward the people they speak to complete strangers.
      • They are the hunters and young children are they prey
  • Solutions
    • The FBI and local law enforcement agencies are attempting to…
      • Increase the penalties
      • Change the labeling
      • Deter enablers (impose strict liability on organization that expose children to predators.
  • Solutions cont…
      • Empty the prisons (release nonviolent offenders and incarcerate sexual predators because most have only faced short sentences and probationary periods.
      • Increase prison sentences
        • Once we have them where the belong we should keep them there.
  • Who do sexual predators target?
    • They contact unsuspecting children in chat rooms, e-mails and instant messaging.
    • They lie to children posing as children,a 50 year old men can pose as a 12 year child.
    • They use different names and contact and exchange information with other predators.
  • Some statistics
    • 60% of sexual solicitations are made in chat rooms and e-mails with children 10-17 years of age
    • In 2004, NBC aired a show called Dateline, “to catch a predator,” this program tricked predators into believing that they were coming to meet young boys or girls, but when they got there they met the reporter and were arrested by police.
      • This program was effective until predators caught on. Just as we learn something new every day so do predators and they use that against us.
  • Some thing to keep in mind
    • A predator comes from all walks of life…
      • A Doctor
      • A Teacher
      • A Minister
      • A Relative
      • Even a neighbor
  • Conclusion
    • There are software and filtering to make the internet a safer place for everyone, but it still has not been enough.
    • Predators are out there and we have no clue who they are until their caught.