The disruption and the promise of SOCIAL in market research today - Dell & icanmakeitbetter


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The disruption and the promise of SOCIAL in market research today - Dell & icanmakeitbetter

  1. 1. © icanmakeitbetterQualitative 360 EuropeApril 17-18, 2013 BerlinPresentation by:Barry Jennings, Global Insights Director: DellPaul Janowitz, CEO:
  2. 2. © icanmakeitbetter• Questions for you:– Why are you at this session?– What do you hope to learn?– Current experience with communities, social, MROC…buzz words this andthat?• Current state of market research• Where we need to go• Dell – Case Study• What we built –• How it is used• What we learned– Mistakes…that hopefully lead to best practices• Discussion (of course ask questions along the way!)2Agenda
  3. 3. © icanmakeitbetter• Barry:– Global Insights Director, Dell Business– Job: VOC – Data – Action – Executives– Qual and Qaunt – valid results are what matter – job is to turn those into BI– Uses a bunch of research vendors, has select partners• Paul:– Founder and Sentient Services– Gallup, Doxus, Agency– Qual and Qaunt – valid results are what matter – job is to deliver these –faster, cheaper, AND better– Loves research, but research is changing3About Us
  4. 4. © icanmakeitbetterThe big idea: Is social killing market research?The rise of social tools does not mean the end of market research but a transformation in the waycompanies implement it and drive business outcomes from it.The problem: The game is changing and so are the questions.So, how do we as market researchers maintain our seat at the table?The solution: Social tools as complementary assets to traditional methodologies.How can we leverage the movement toward social/engagement to reduce turn times, decreasecost and increase quality?The discussion: Dell, mistakes, insights and next steps.What did we learn building a solution from the ground up? We are (were) a market researchercompany, not a software firm…but we are now.410,000 Foot View
  5. 5. © icanmakeitbetter 5POVcurrent state of market research
  6. 6. © icanmakeitbetter 6Current StateMarketingProductCRMOperationsResearch
  7. 7. © icanmakeitbetter• At innovating as researchers (traditionalrecruiting in new wrappers, new segmentationstrategies each quarter, bad questions posingas data…)7We Have Not Been Good…
  8. 8. © icanmakeitbetter 8Most Research is…Retroactive
  9. 9. © icanmakeitbetter 9Up Nextwhere we need to go
  10. 10. © icanmakeitbetter• No more silos• Research buyers want to know:– What do we develop– How to increase engagement– How to improve marketing– Validation– NOW10A Seat At The Table
  11. 11. © icanmakeitbetter• “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill.They want a quarter-inch hole.” (TheodoreLevitt)11We need to deliver OUTCOMESImage: Amazon
  12. 12. © icanmakeitbetter• “The aim of marketing is to know and understandthe customer so well the product or service fits himand sells itself.” (Peter Drucker)12The Purpose of Marketing• To know and understand the customer– It’s a relationship (like a marriage)– The first step, last step, every step in a goodmarriage…The Purposes of Market RESEARCH
  13. 13. © icanmakeitbetter 13Market Research = Marriage = …Listening
  14. 14. © icanmakeitbetter• Focus, focus, focus• It only takes a tiny bit14New World = New Rules80/20/1%
  15. 15. © icanmakeitbetter• Fire starters: the law of averages or fast, realinsights?15Fire StarterNOVA$ vs. %
  16. 16. © icanmakeitbetter 16Dell – A PartnerBarry, this is my life
  17. 17. © icanmakeitbetter• What– Corporate researchers are constantly directed to bring MORE insight,MORE often, with NEW methods and LESS money and time• So What– To thrive in the “new normal” had to evolve from being a rock starresearcher to a consultative insights guru• Create time• Leverage hindsight, insight, foresight to drive the business• Drive research role in the social business• Now What– Adding new social tools to allow us to get broader perspective on whatwe know, and get dynamic learning on what we should be focused onand complements what we have always done17Barry
  18. 18. 18ORCheap(Pick Only 2)ANDCheap(All Three All the Time)THEN NOW
  19. 19. Then A Funny Thing Happened19“Engaging in honest, direct conversations with customers and stakeholders is a part of who we are,who we’ve always been.The social web amplifies our opportunity to listen and learn and invest ourselves in two-waydialogue, enabling us to become a better company with more to offer the people who depend onus.”-Michael Dell
  20. 20. Listen……to Be A Better Business,across the Business20From 4,000 posts/day to 26,000 posts/day
  21. 21. First company tohit $1M a day inonline revenueOne of the first companies tolaunch online supportFirst to sell complex configurableitemsLeader in online frictionlesscommerce from order to deliveryDell’s Direct & Online Heritage: Critical EnablerOne of the firstto launch online discussionforumsEarly adopter of social mediaDirect relationships are the basis of our business
  22. 22. Insights MUST Help Drive the Social Business22Develop a platform enabling us to create, share, and act uponconversations to drive innovation, engage customers, andconduct market research.
  23. 23. © icanmakeitbetterCorporate researchers must bring:MORE insightMORE oftenwith NEW methodsand LESS money.Is that all???23The Art of More
  24. 24. And you have to listen everywhere to getthe full picture……on premise…off premise…and in private24
  25. 25. Private: Leveraging Private Communities to CreateConversations and Insight25Data + Conversations = BIArchitected and overseen by research, driven and managed by the business.
  26. 26. © icanmakeitbetter 26What We, but not asales pitch
  27. 27. © icanmakeitbetter 27OverviewCreate instant, online feedbackcommunities.• Engage customers, employees,and partners to innovatecheaper, bring new productsto market faster, conductmarket research, and makebetter decisions - today.• Surveys, online focus groups,idea box and communitymanagement in a simple,single platform.
  28. 28. © icanmakeitbetter 28On-Demand Insights
  29. 29. © icanmakeitbetter29Integration of Asking and Listening
  30. 30. © icanmakeitbetter 30Where People Come From
  31. 31. © icanmakeitbetter 31Use CaseDell case study
  32. 32. © icanmakeitbetter• Spending lots of money, but needing more ROI• Getting the same people over and over• Timelines shorter• Global more important• Innovation and action from insights key• Engagement is the word32Dell
  33. 33. © icanmakeitbetterElegant, Intuitive and Powerful33
  34. 34. © icanmakeitbetterAll In One Place34
  35. 35. © icanmakeitbetter• How do customers want to be classified?• Michael Dell wants to know, this weekend!• Launch on a Friday – results on Monday.• Executives happy!35Real Results
  36. 36. © icanmakeitbetter 36Faster
  37. 37. © icanmakeitbetter 37Cheaper
  38. 38. © icanmakeitbetter 38Better – Way Better
  39. 39. © icanmakeitbetter 39Key Learningsin simple terms, how wescrewed up
  40. 40. © icanmakeitbetter• Time – it still takes it• People – software only as good as people• Focus – just because you can is not a why• Culture – has to be part of it• Process – you have to have one40Key Learnings
  41. 41. © icanmakeitbetter• Are you sure you want IDEAS?• Becoming a research SWEATSHOP.• Avoiding new tech with SAME problems.• Everybody loves MONEY…and will sign up.• Creating ENGAGEMENT – Workbench.41Stuff to keep in mind(where we messed up)
  42. 42. © icanmakeitbetter• Identify the following in your organization or aclient organization:– Research roadmap stakeholder (ensuringcommunity not overused).– Evangelist – who will tell about the results andensure company support?• Recruiting (who/how?) – should be easy (FB,Twitter), but it’s not! Why?• Process and Templates (I have some for you).42A Few Key Steps
  43. 43. © icanmakeitbetter 43Appendixexamples, documents
  44. 44. © icanmakeitbetter 44Discussionlet’s talk
  45. 45. © icanmakeitbetterPaul Janowitz: paul@icanmakeitbetter.comBarry Jennings: barry_jennings@dell.com45Thank You
  46. 46. © icanmakeitbetterHome Page46Simple FastIdea PostingSocialIntegrationCustomizeBrandingand ImagesEasy QuickCommunityView
  47. 47. © icanmakeitbetterIdeas Main Page47EasilyFeatureContentVoteFollowShareCommentIdea ForumsSurveysFocus GroupsHot IdeasSocialLeaderboard
  48. 48. © icanmakeitbetterSurveys48CreatePowerful,Easy SurveysInclude ImagesSkip LogicMatrixRankingOpen TextDate/Timeand MoreSeamless,Integrated SurveyInvitations (UploadEmail List, too),Facebook, Widget)
  49. 49. © icanmakeitbetterFocus Groups49Ask Answer and DiscussThreaded Comments,Images, Votes
  50. 50. © icanmakeitbetterResearch Recruiting Made Simple50Recruit byUser ProfilesRecruit by Site Activity(Votes/Comments/Ideas)
  51. 51. TrendingCommunityFeedbackSee Survey Activity, Select A Survey ToSee Interactive ChartsSingle View For AllYour SurveysHighlight Feed ForAll New FocusGroup ActivityIntegrated Dashboard
  52. 52. © icanmakeitbetterResults52Interactive ReportalPDF Exportsand MoreIntegrateOnlineQualitative andQuantitativeQuestions ForRich, ImpactfulInsights
  53. 53. Interactive DataVisualizationSwitch Chart Types With One-ClickInteractive Reportal
  54. 54. Multiple, Beautifuland InteractiveCharts Can BeExportedQuickly edit Data To Change ChartContent (here removed “rarely” and“don’t know” from chart – just clickon the options)Interactive Reportal