Taking Qualitative Research to the Cloud - Ericsson Consumerlab


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Presented by Jasmeet Sethi, Regional Head of ConsumerLab, Ericsson
at Qualitative360 Asia 2013
19-21 November 2013, Singapore

This event is proudly organised by Merlien Institute
Check out our upcoming events by visiting http://qual360.com/

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Taking Qualitative Research to the Cloud - Ericsson Consumerlab

  1. 1. November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360
  2. 2. Platinum Sponsor Media Sponsors Association Partners
  3. 3. TAKING QUALITATIVE RESEARCH TO THE CLOUD Jasmeet Sethi Regional Head- Ericsson Consumerlab
  4. 4. A journey through time Ethnography and Semiotic approaches accepted DIs & Focus Groups MROCs Social Media Neurological ……. …….. 1930 1960 1980 1990 2000Motivational research Internet mediated research 2013 Bulletin Boards Online Groups Digital Diaries Qualitative research has a much broader toolkit now than ever before. Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 2
  5. 5. Our life's are now mobilized! 40% check Facebook first thing in the morning 6% 32% sent an 20 % chat before email from phone while in toilets going to sleep at night. check horoscopes 30% use apps while driving! 14 year old in India In bed morning Source: Ericsson 2013-11-01 | Page 3 ConsumerLab Ericsson Internal | At school Early evening During dinner Late evening In bed
  6. 6. Our dilemma QUANTITATIVE Passive metering Transactional data HIGH CONSUMER ? SATISFACTION SCORES QUALITATIVE RESPONSES BASED ON RECALL, EMOTIONS MUTED OVER TIME MISMATCH Key Performance Indicators Operational data Source: Ericsson ConsumerLab Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 4 REDUCTION IN CHURN
  7. 7. Same old dance and song my friend! Boy meetsthe traditional film formula on its head torn apart Turning girl, parents object to the marriage, family is - a few fight scenes, dance routines later there is a happy ending. Source: Ericsson| ConsumerLab 5 Ericsson Internal 2013-11-01 | Page
  8. 8. a need to find a new script Uncover THE TRUE IMPACT OF POOR CONSUMER EXPERIENCE Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 6 ALL IN THE MOMENT
  9. 9. My eureka moment! Learning qualitative research from a 12yr old vaibhav: Uncle wants to know what's our experience with using 3G mobile internet! rohit: Speeds are not as promised, and connection breaks while indoor! Do you need to know more? Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 7
  10. 10. So can we take research to the cloud? You need to invest in a mobile MROC! 30% OF TIME SPENT ON SMARTPHONE IS ON CHAT APPS! Whatsapp even bigger than Twitter Source: Ericsson| ConsumerLab 8 Ericsson Internal 2013-11-01 | Page
  11. 11. Our approach a blend of traditional and mobile Traditional approach In-depth interviews Respondents pre-recruited based on screening criteria Source: Ericsson| ConsumerLab 9 Ericsson Internal 2013-11-01 | Page Incident Reporting Mobile App Respondents pre-recruited from depth interviews Mobile Group Chat Cloud Apps Same set of pre-recruited respondents are invited
  12. 12. Incident reporting app › Custom Reporting Android App as an incident reporting diary › 8 questions › Average time taken to complete: 2-3min › Average of 2 responses per day › 9-10 issues reported per week › Qualitative tracking: Geolocation › Ability to post responses in offline mode › Attach images or open comments › In-app notifications to ensure compliance Source: Ericsson| ConsumerLab 10 Ericsson Internal 2013-11-01 | Page
  13. 13. Whatsapp REPLACES FOCus groups Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 11
  14. 14. The Outcome In-depth interviews Incident Reporting Mobile App • Quite content with current mobile experience Issues arose lot of stress and frustration among users • Low recall of issues • High stated satisfaction and advocacy However rational decision making took over emotional outburst, no action taken! Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 12 Cloud Group Chat Users exposed to results from incident reporting app Consumers felt trapped in the relationship, see no differentiation, with opcos: low or no trust on customer service
  15. 15. What clicked for us? Reduction in travel and set-up time Freemium MROC No need for a dedicated mobile qual platform Cost SPEED On-demand insight community generation 35% reduction Not an alien environment; RICH INSIGHTS Expanding the data-collection window; 2hr F2F-> 3 day mobile project Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 13 Target Difficult-toReach Respondents Capture in-depth reaction to actual events as they occur Emotional Measurements and causal relationship identified
  16. 16. Some learning’s › Anonymity and privacy › Inability to observe facial expressions and body language › Moderation capabilities require comfort factor with devices and technology. › Device and connectivity issues may slow you down › Limited Language support and target population as data enabled smartphone users only Source: Ericsson| ConsumerLab 14 Ericsson Internal 2013-11-01 | Page
  17. 17. The future of cloud › Imagine recruiting/screening on the go! on-demand! › Emotional Measurements Polling via cloud chat apps › Hybrid approaches › Studio in your pocket Source: Ericsson| ConsumerLab 15 Ericsson Internal 2013-11-01 | Page Explory- a mobile storytelling app
  18. 18. Are you WILLING to be the researcher who will fill out your "toolbox" beyond merely traditional approaches? CLOUD IS A DEMOCRACY AND ITS FOR EVERYONE! APPS Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 16
  19. 19. So lets write the next blockbuster script! Ericsson Internal | 2013-11-01 | Page 17
  20. 20. Platinum Sponsor Media Sponsors Association Partners
  21. 21. November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360