Tactical co creation community research method


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Tactical co creation community research method - The Case of MROCs in Japan

Presented at QRWEBA2011 conference - organised by Merlien Institute

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Tactical co creation community research method

  1. 1. Tactical Co-Creation Community Research Method: The Case of MROCs in Japan Prepared for QRWEB2.0 Prepared by Shiggy Kishikawa, MROC Japan Ryota Sano, Talk Eye Haruo Yamasaki, Cross Marketing Davy Chen, MROC Japan Feb.23, 2011©MROC JAPAN 1
  2. 2. Agenda Online Qualitative Research (OQR) & MROCs in Japan Introduction of Tactical Co-creation Community (TCC) research method Discussion: How to expand OQR & MROCs in Japan and how to improve TCC©MROC JAPAN 2
  3. 3. Online Qualitative Research in Japan OQR is only 1% of MR total market size MR market size: $1,270MM (2009) Qualitative research 15% Online qualitative research 1% (Focus groups 8%) Online survey 38% •Excluding syndicated survey, $1=82 yen •Source: Japan Marketing Research Association©MROC JAPAN 3
  4. 4. MROC Japan Inc. First Leader of specialized MROCs company of business in MROCs in Japan Japan Three years Introduced experience in MROCs into online Japan market qualitative in Feb. 2010 by research the blog©MROC JAPAN 4
  5. 5. Cross Marketing Inc. The second largest online Social Media Research panel specialist in Company Japan since 2003 Listed on Tokyo Partnering Stock Exchange Mothers (market for your of the high-growth and emerging best stocks) decisions©MROC JAPAN 5
  6. 6. Social Media Research Services by MROC Japan TCC MROCs Social Media SCC Research Social Media Mining©MROC JAPAN 6
  7. 7. SCC SCC SCC: Strategic Co-Creation Community SCC: Strategic Co-creation Community  Long-term community   So calledwho share Insight Community, Participants MROCs, common interests Online research Community, etc. and have engagement with community  Identifying and solve the business problems  Fully equipped with Web2.0 tools in the platform©MROC JAPAN 7
  8. 8. TCC TCC: Tactical Co-creation Community Research method  Short-term community? Can we call it‘Short-term community’? Sounds contradictory?©MROC JAPAN 8
  9. 9. Short-term MROC? A short-term MROC which Im defining here as at least one month - PluggedIn ‘We do not call it a community unless the members can build relationships with each other!’ - Diane Hessan, CEO of Communispace On the other hand, ‘Communities do not have to be permanent; temporary communities work well for gathering insights for specific projects and initiatives.’ - Tom de Ruyck of Insites Consulting©MROC JAPAN 9
  10. 10. Key Elements of MROCs Building relationship Sharing common Interaction Creating natural LISTE interests conversation NING Strengthening engagement©MROC JAPAN 10
  11. 11. Objective of TCC Case Study To build the hypotheses on rejuvenation of ‘Fruitche’ brand of House Foods Corporation, especially generation of new product ideas©MROC JAPAN 11
  12. 12. Fruitche (1) House Foods needs to develop the revamp plan Convenient Sales has been snack/dessert by declining mainly House Foods, one just adding milk. because of very of the large food Parent and child competitive manufacturers make together. It market and the was launched in low birthrate 1976©MROC JAPAN 12
  13. 13. Fruitche (2) http://housefoods.jp/products/special/dessert/index.html©MROC JAPAN 13
  14. 14. TCC Research Design (1) Participants: 26 mothers aged 30s and 40s Current and lapsed users of Fruitche Group 1: 8 Innovators Group 2: 8 Influencers Group 3: 10 followers Length of TCC: 2 weeks©MROC JAPAN 14
  15. 15. TCC Research Design (2) Focus groups to compare them with 6 same participants Interaction before the TCC 4 topics (2 days for each topic) Discussion Guide:  Background information on Children’s foods and snacks /desserts + Free discussion  Discussion on usage and attitude of Fruitche  Idea generation of Fruitche new products at the end of week  Idea evaluation Natural conversation TCC evaluation survey after the TCC©MROC JAPAN 15
  16. 16. Comparison (1): TCC vs. Focus Groups Focus Massive insightful TCC Groups remarks on each topic at verbatim record of TCC against FG because of accelerating interaction Effective evaluation of each ideas at TCC©MROC JAPAN 16
  17. 17. #1 Premium Fruitche including #9 many real Coffee #8 Fruitche fruits flavored which makes Fruitche up the lack of #2 vegetables Fruitche for adults #7 Fruitche in small quantity #3 Fruitche #6 Fruitche with with less good nutrition sweet balance which #5 makes up for #4 Fruitche Fruitche the loss of with for nutrients collagen breakfast©MROC JAPAN 17
  18. 18. Comparison (2): Innovators vs. Influencers vs. Followers 10 potential ideas among To generate the ideas Innovators 19 new ideas from Innovators To judge if it is worth buzzing, word of mouth Influencers To check the acceptance of new ideas Followers©MROC JAPAN 18
  19. 19. Comparison (3): Discussion Guide vs. Free Discussion LISTENING ASKING Finding the Fruitche for adults©MROC JAPAN 19
  20. 20. Results of Survey on TCC (1) Participants were satisfied with TCC and will attend one next time Overall satisfaction • 15 very much satisfied, 11 satisfied, 0 dissatisfied Good points Intention of participation in future of • 19 will definitely participate, 7 will participate participation Interested to hear others’ opinions, which are helpful Convenient to participate in accessible time at home Can express my own view as much as possible without regard for others Can take time to think or organize my thoughts©MROC JAPAN 20
  21. 21. Results of Survey on TCC (2) 4 out of 6 participants who All participants preferred to attended both focus groups use ‘handle name’ rather and TCC told that they had than actual name, which something which forgot, or made them tell real opinions. did not come to mind at off- line group session. TCC Most felt appropriate both the length and All participants wanted amount of incentive. to hear the results.©MROC JAPAN 21
  22. 22. Conclusion & Discussion TCC, short-term MROCs would work, i.e., provide more effective insights than BBFG: IF: 1) we gather the participants who share the common interests, 2) we promote interaction among participants to build relationships and to create natural conversation TCC could be the good introduction to build the long-term MROCs for the Japanese clients Discussion: How to expand online qualitative research & MROCs in Japan and how to improve TCC©MROC JAPAN 22
  23. 23. THANK YOU! Q&A©MROC JAPAN 23