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Smart Fabric - This shirt knows when you are tired, excited or unwell! - Cityzen Science


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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  • 1. May 27-30, 2014 Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center #MRMW Organized by
  • 2. Title Sponsor Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors MRMW Chicago May 27-30, 2014 #MRMW
  • 3. Workshop Sponsors Association & Education Partners Networking Reception Sponsor Event App Partner Media Partners MRMW Chicago May 27-30, 2014 #MRMW
  • 4. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 1 Wired life made simple Chicago May 2014
  • 5. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 2 Cityzen Sciences • Company founded in 2008 • Spearhead of an industrial textile project, Smart Sensing, led by a consortium of businesses, which is strongly supported by Bpifrance • Cityzen Sciences is an innovation catalyst. Our mission is to ensure the success of our partners and clients in the development of connected textile products, tailored to their needs, their products and their values. • The project is supported by a Scientific Committee: • Charles Yannick GUEZENNEC and Yvan ZAGORI, renowned sports medicine physicians, involved with various sports federations. • Jacques BRETON / M.D., scientific counsel on data exploitation. • Professor Gilles COPPIN, Institut Mines-Télécom, specialist in new technologies and their uses.
  • 6. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 3 Cityzen presence and activities Electronic manufacturer Sports distributor (cycling, running) Academic Lab specialized in sensors and data Supported by IMT NASA 2013 SF subsidiary June 2014 Nagano (Energy) Beijing (Health) Boston Correspondant Lyon Sciences Paris Brest Data London correspondant Shenzen Electronic OEM/ODM Shanghai
  • 7. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 4 Smart Sensing technology : the D-Shirt™ Sensors (2014) ECG GPS Accelerometer Altimeter Bluetooth Connector Future sensors (2015-16) Temperature (both central and local) Respiration Hygrometry Muscles activity (EMG / MMG)
  • 8. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 5 The D-Shirt at a glance - Washable - Stretchable (bi-elastic wire) - Data / Energy transmitted directly via patented smart yarns - Real-time data analysis on your Smartphone - As light as a classic sport shirt - Less than 50g of electronics
  • 9. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 6 D-Shirt™ Awards CES 2014 - Digital Health Summit Everyday Health Innovation Awards Best Inclusive Innovation Electronic Business Group 2013 Top 10 most disruptive companies E-Health Award
  • 10. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 7 FROM embedded sensors TO services & Data Visualisation 7 TO AVOID heavy, intrusive, expensive and not accurate data
  • 11. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 8 CityZen GROUP From Textile Embedded Sensors to Big Data for Sport, Health, Safety, Business Intelligence & BRANDING @ @ @ @ CzS Leading the consortium Enhancing data management
  • 12. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 9 Cityzen Data A technological platform including innovative storage architecture and tools Cityzen Data designed to answer Cityzen Sciences needs in Sports, Wellness and Health including: • Geo time data • Data analytics from multiple sources • Historical and statistical data analysis • Weak signals • Predictive data analytics
  • 13. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 10 What about testing a product with new tools in the playground ?
  • 14. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 11 Cityzen Sciences & Cityzen Data solution to monitor athletes’ performance in real-time for an in-game follow-up, in collaboration with platform and displays. • Physiological data analysis • Tiredness level of the players • Comparison of the different athletes playing in the same position • Used for sport, for health & safety and for Brand Innovation Processes
  • 15. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 12 NEW DATA SETS TO DEAL WITH (structured vs unstructured)
  • 16. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 13 Quantified Self Disruption Vectors ▪ Interoperability is the most important Disruption Vector. Data integration across personal and professional sources is a huge challenge. The health care industry has been notoriously slow to integrate electronic medical records (EMRs). At this point, there’s no obvious data integration supplier or platform. ▪ Companies that can create a data analytics business model, particularly one that supports and encourages the potential for behavioral change, will be winners. Useful analytics feedback will engage users and encourage usage, which in turn will cultivate positive health and fitness behaviors. ▪ Tapping into social networks is table stakes for these devices and platforms. And ultimately, the industry must move beyond the early-adopter Quantified Self crew to achieve mass scalability for health devices and services.
  • 17. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 14 Running profiles in France More and more runners Run with their Smartphone Take part to races
  • 18. 03/06/2014Cityzen Sciences 15 Coming next : smaller and more integrated sensors 20M€ R&D project over 5 years New sensors, new garments Respiration, pressure, temprature, hygrométrie, muscular activity … Shorts, socks, soles … Nano sensors, developed with
  • 19. Title Sponsor Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors MRMW Chicago May 27-30, 2014 #MRMW
  • 20. Workshop Sponsors Association & Education Partners Networking Reception Sponsor Event App Partner Media Partners MRMW Chicago May 27-30, 2014 #MRMW
  • 21. May 27-30, 2014 Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center #MRMW Organized by