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Overcoming challenges of implementing mobile audience measurement studies in multiple countries - ComScore


Published on

Presented by Beth Uyenco, Senior Vice President, International Research - ComScore …

Presented by Beth Uyenco, Senior Vice President, International Research - ComScore
at Market Research in the Mobile World Asia-Pacific
30-31 January 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This event is proudly organised by Merlien Institute
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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. TM Proudly supported by Kantar, the Leader in Mobile Marketing Research January 30-31, 2013 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Organized byAsia-Pacific Edition 2013 WWW.MRMW.NET
  • 2. Thank you to our sponsors!Title Sponsor Platinum Sponsor Gold SponsorsSilver Sponsor Exhibitor Networking Evening Sponsor Networking Break Sponsor Association Partners Media Partners
  • 3. Overcoming the ChallengesImplementing mobile audience measurementstudies in multiple countries Beth Uyenco, Senior Vice-President | January 30, 2013 Market Research in the Mobile World Asia © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  • 4. AgendaWhat of mobile do we measure?What challenges have we faced? - How we’ve responded to these challengesOur Multi-Platform Vision - Why multi-platform is an imperative - How mobile would be measired and integrated © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 2
  • 5. What we measure in the mobile world:MobiLens /TabLens Mobile Metrix Ad Metrix Mobile / tablet Site rankings, trending, Display advertising behaviors, demographics on tracking across thedemographics and key mobile smartphones mobile internet landscape features © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 3
  • 6. MobiLensMonthly online surveys delivering insight since 2004Large monthly samples in eight countriesLinks demographics, device model, and consumption patterns Demographics Media Consumption Retail & e-Commerce Mobile Devices Age / Gender / Income Games, Music & Video Shopping activities 300+ device attributes Region / Employment 36 categories In-store behavior Satisfaction Education / Ethnicity 300+ brands Category & spend (Q2) Purchase profiling HH composition Tablet ownership Communication Social Media Marketing & Ads Subscriber Profile Email Social networking Web/app ad exposure Carrier / Plan Type SMS /MMS Location check-in QR codes Spend / Satisfaction Instant messaging Photo/video sharing Churn intent Multiple Access Methods Browser, Application, SMS Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 4
  • 7. MobiLens: Share of Total Smartphone Users by Device100% 3%90% 25% 29% 25%80% 45%70% US Android60% 26% Apple 44%50% 42% RIM Palm40% 27% 10% Symbian Microsoft30% 8%20% 21% 3% 34% 19%10% 19% 2% 2% 10% 6% 0% 2005 2007 2009 2011 Source: comScore Mobilens US © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 5
  • 8. MobiLens: Share of Total Smartphone Users by Device35,000 29.7 million30,000 1.8%25,000 Japan Symbian20,000 66% 15.1 million RIM* Microsoft15,000 6% Android Apple *RIM Not measured10,000 in 2011 61% 5,000 32% 33% 0 Q3 2011 Q3 2012 Source: comScore Mobilens Japan © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 6
  • 9. MobiLens: Insights on usage by device in Japan Took Photos 1-3x/month 0 100 200 300 400 500Watched any video on mobile phone 1X/week or moreEmailed almost every day for work or personal All Android Phone Users Accessed news and information 1x/week or more All Apple Phone Users Sent text message almost daily Accessed Social Networking site 1X/week or more Research product features via web browser 100 = All Mobile Owners 13+ years Q3 2012 Compared product prices 1-3x/month Played games on mobile 1X/week or more Research product features via application Listened to music almost everyday © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 7
  • 10. Mobile Metrix 2.0• Behavioral-level insights across iOS, Android and RIM platforms• App vs. Browser and unduplicated total audience reporting• Key metrics including unique visitors, reach & time spent• Demographic segmentation by age, gender and income © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 8
  • 11. Smartphones & Tablets have changed the digital landscapeBut the Mobile Ecosystem has unique measurement challenges • Limited usefulness of traditional methodologies • New and different data sources, each with blind spots • Requirement for new integrative methods to leverage best of each sourceTo See the Future of Digital Media Measurement, Look to Mobile © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 9
  • 12. Mobile Metrix Solution: Integrating multiple data sources PERSON-Centric Panels SITE-Census Measurement iPhone, Android, RIM via tagged sites and apps PANELS CENSUS Unified Digital Measurement™ (UDM) Patent-Pending Methodology Adopted by 90% of Top U.S. Media Properties © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 10
  • 13. Mobile Measurement Challenges Consistent Consistent Measurement Mobile Web Measurement ofacross Operating Device Std. Web; Mobile and Systems Technology Web, and Apps Application Fragmentation Technologies User / Integrate Best Publisher / User Platform DetermineData Sources into Network Fragmentation Unduplicated Unified Data Sources Audience across Methodology Multiple Platforms © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 11
  • 14. Managing Fragmentation Mobile Devices Publishing Digital — Users will access Technologies Consumption digital media — “The web” — Share of digital using 1,100 is no longer requirements different mobile singular shifting across handsets multiple devices — Must measure all forms of publication to capture full audience Must develop Metering must be Must synthesize methodologies to supplemented with publication channels measure degree of site-centric and and measure cross multi-platform network-centric data usage consumption © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 12
  • 15. What we learned:Site-centric measurement is Central Glue to tie together platform and network methods High quality ‘Tonnage’ measurement Low quality Unique IdentifiersNetwork-centric measurement can become Bedrock High quality Unique Identifiers Highly Secure, Robust Privacy Protection Partial ‘Tonnage,’ Wi-fi activity is off-network.Panels Matter, but Concepts must Evolve Meter Panels: deep visibility into platform usage Household Panels: visibility into multi-device consumption & incremental reach Demographic Panels: visibility into demo comp © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 13
  • 16. Our Multi-platform Visionand mobile’s place © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  • 17. The multi-platform vision is to integrate the measurement datacurrently collected through these 3 services Media Video Mobile Metrix Metrix Metrix Mobile Visitation, Page App Usage Video Consumption Visitation Devices supported: PC, Smartphones, Tablets © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Media Metrix Multiplatform v1 BETA available in Nov 2012
  • 18. Multi-platform Audience Measurement MethodsMulti-platform Measurement Strategy  Measure each Platform using best possible source  Estimate Audience Overlap across Platforms based on direct observation from smaller sourcesMeasuring Multi-platform Overlap  Power of comScore Census Network  Dynamic (“Virtual”) Panel techniques  Modeling entity-level overlap © comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  • 19. Learnings From our First Multi-platform Studies © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 17
  • 20. What We Learned about MethodologyBuilding large enough samples to measure cross-platform is practicallyunachievable 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 … not enough to measure the overlap between digital and TV. “Single source” continues to be a foundational and necessary methodology The key is to leverage census measurements for multi-platform measurementIt’s not possible to measure digital world with consumer panels alone The study exceeded its target of 5,000 panelists and had 10,000 panelists; However, digital media was only reportable at the highest level of the comScore dictionary.Advanced advertising strategies require new measurement solutions Solutions must be scalable, census-based with real-time platform for connection, analysis and application of data © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 18
  • 21. CIMM Next Steps: How to Scale? “…. such that it can affordably track exposure across platforms to different combinations of cross-platform content delivery for a majority of video content producers (one estimate is that at least 1M respondents might be required).” © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 19
  • 22. 2nd study:London Olympics Billion Dollar Lab for NBC 720 “ Tech-forward” Panelists Olympic Enthusiasts Television PCs and Laptops Tablet • Continuous, • Tracked visits to • Measured passive and, NBC measurement of social media sites Olympics Apps, WAP, Olympics on all and social media channels with set − In and Away from top box data Mobile Home • Measured NBC • Demos and Olympics Apps and location collected WAP usage with E-diaries − In and Away from Home © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 20
  • 23. More Screens = More Time Spent on Every Device Average Time Spent Per Day Following Olympics 8hr 29min 47 min Tablet 6hr 50min 40 min Mobile 51 min 55 min PC/Laptop 5hr 18min 59 min 50 min 6hr 7min TV 5hr 4hr 19min 4hr 28min TV Only TV Only TV + PC/Laptop TV + TV + TV + TV + PC/Laptop + TV + PC/Laptop + PC/Laptop Only PC/Laptop + Mobile Only PC/Laptop + Mobile + Tablet Mobile Mobile + TabletSource: comScore Single Source Multi-Platform Study. A18+. 7/27/12 – 8/12/12. Total Day. Screen Status Definitions: TV+PC Only = Followed the Olympics on TV andPC but not on Mobile or Tablet, TV+PC+Mobile = Followed the Olympics on TV, PC and Mobile but not on Tablet, TV+PC+Mobile+Tablet = Followed the Olympics on all4 screens. © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 21
  • 24. Building Blocks of Multi-Platform MeasurementUsing IP Address Digital Threading Pair-wise and 3-way Duplica-tion/ Overlap Smartphone Depth of Tablet, PC, Consumer Panel TV & Radio Multi- Platform Measure- Syndicated ment Breadth of Measure- ments Data Nationally Projectable and At Scale © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 23
  • 25. TV TV Demos Portable TV Viewing STB Data + Arbitron PPM People Meter™ Radio Radio Arbitron PPM PC PC PC comScore Census/Tag + comScore Panel Data Unified Digital Data Measurement™Mobile Phone Mobile comScore Census/Tag + Mobile comScore Tablet Data Panel Data comScore technology/input Arbitron technology/input © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 24
  • 26. TV-PC comScore panelists within STB subscribers TV PC TV-Radio PC-MobileArbitron PPM® Panel comScore Census Data Mobile Radio & Tablet TV-PC-Mobile comScore panelists within STB subscribers © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 25
  • 27. TV PCPPM® Code Detection Download comScore cookie(Measuring TV-Radio) (Measuring PC-Mobile-Tablet) Radio Mobile 2,000 Arbitron PPM® Panelists © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 26
  • 28. Thank You© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  • 29. Thank you to our sponsors!Title Sponsor Platinum Sponsor Gold SponsorsSilver Sponsor Exhibitor Networking Evening Sponsor Networking Break Sponsor Association Partners Media Partners
  • 30. TM Proudly supported by Kantar, the Leader in Mobile Marketing Research January 30-31, 2013 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Organized byAsia-Pacific Edition 2013 WWW.MRMW.NET