Online conversations: sense or nonsense? By Di Tunney & Rachel Francis


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Online conversations: sense or nonsense? by Di Tunney & Rachel Francis

Brainstorming session presented at Merlien Institute's QCRI2011 conference in Malta
7 & 8 April 2011

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Online conversations: sense or nonsense? By Di Tunney & Rachel Francis

  1. 1. Online Conversations: Sense or Nonsense?What do we need to know to get it right? Qualitative Consumer Research & Insights 2011 6-8 April 2011, Malta
  2. 2. Workshop ObjectivesA conversation to establish ‘best practice’ guidelines onthe following areas:• When and how to communicate with customers in social media communities• How to capture valid insights from online conversations• Where to draw the line in using the personal information that customers are revealing onlineAnd to do this we will leverage the conversationscurrently happening on line
  3. 3. Workshop Structure14.00 – 14.10 Introduction to workshop and discussion topics14.10– 14.15 You will be randomly assigned into 6 groups of approx equal size Each group will be given a topic to discuss and a guideline associated with that topic to develop14.15 – 14.45 Use the stimulus material to discuss with your group the topic you have been assigned. This could take the form of a debate with half the group identifying positive points about the topic – the other half negative points or just of people putting forward different points of view14.45– 15.00 Summarise your feedback on flip charts, identifying the best practice guideline associated with the topic15.00 – 15.30 Feedback in main group, summarising findings and next steps
  4. 4. Discussion Topic: Anything posted on social media is fair game for research purposesBest Practice Issue: Unrestricted access vs. restricted access to consumer generated content
  5. 5. Twitter users represent a relatively skewed sample of the population Thursday, May 13, 2010 by Joanne Simonis, Cvent Discussion Topic: You can’t get a representative sample on social mediaBest Practice Issue: Developing ‘new ‘vs. adapting ‘traditional’ sampling criteria/methods
  6. 6. Tom Cohen Discussion Topic: Some subjects shouldn’t be researched on Social MediaBest Practice Issue: When Social Media research or traditional research is more ‘appropriate’
  7. 7. Helium, Terrance Aym DiscussionTopic: Research bots will replace interviewers & analysts in the next 25 yearsBest Practice Issue: When and where to use ‘automated’ vs. ‘manual ‘data collection & analysis
  8. 8. What’s the right way to behave when listening in on online conversations? Jeffrey Henning proposes consumer-driven rules for social media monitoringDiscussion Topic: Listening is becoming more important than asking questions Best Practice Issue: When to just ‘listen’ vs. ‘steering the conversation’
  9. 9. Discussion Topic : Social Media research is a major departure from Traditional research and will involve learning a new skill setBest Practice Issue: Development and use of new skills vs. applying existing skills
  10. 10. Feedback• Prepare your feedback on flipcharts in a form suitable to present to the rest of the group• Nominate who will deliver the feedback• Feedback should show: 1. The key points arising from the discussion 2. The implications for Best Practice Guideliines• Feedback should be no more than 2 mins long• Flip charts will be collected at the end of the session so that the content can be published after the conference
  11. 11. SUMMING UP
  12. 12. Best Practice Issue Key Points ImplicationsUnrestricted access vs. restrictedaccess to consumer generatedcontentDeveloping ‘new’ vs. adapting‘traditional ‘samplingcriteria/methodsWhen social media research ortraditional research is more‘appropriate’When and where to use‘automated’ vs. ‘manual ‘datacollection & analysisWhen to just ‘listen’ vs. ‘steeringthe conversation’Developing and using new skillsvs. applying existing skills
  13. 13. Is it about balance?Social Media Research Traditional Market Research
  14. 14. Summing up• We believe that development of Best Practice in online conversations will continue to evolve - though transparent conversations amongst a wide spectrum of practitioners and clients• Next Steps – We publish the outputs from the workshop – Look forward to the ongoing conversation
  15. 15. Contact• Website:• Twitter: @liveinsights• E mail:
  16. 16. Presented at the International conference onQualitative Consumer Research & Insights 7 & 8 April 2011, Malta For more information Please visit: