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Mobilizing urban parents around the world - How Quinny leveraged universal insights for global branding and innovation - Dorel & InSites


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. Qualitative 360 Europe 2014 Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Supported by Organised by
  • 2. Mobilizing Urban Parents Around the World Marieke Koningen | Market Intelligence Manager Dorel Europe Anouk Willems | Research Innovation Manager InSites Consulting
  • 3. Hi! I’m Marieke and I’m Anouk Market Intelligence Manager Research Innovation Manager Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 4. The story of the longboardstroller 1/Challenge 2/Approach 3/Insights 4/Impact Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 5. Urbanization is a trend we can’t beat Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 6. On a quest for universal insights Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 7. Immerse into the world of the Urban Parent Inspire entire Quinny team Understand daily challenges Context: mobility Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 8. 120 urban parents 7 cities 3 weeks 2900 posts Urban Parents Consulting Board Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 9. Challenge #1 Languages London Global generation Attitude Skills Berlin Seoul New York Tokyo Kuala Lumpur Sao Paulo Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 10. Challenge #2 Context Engagement Different feedback Higher relevance 65% 2x more visuals 47 vs. 87 words Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 11. Challenge #3 Engagement Thanks, Quinny... Now I can show off the buggy to my other moms out there and make them jealous because this buggy is not available in Malaysia and I OWN it...Yeay! By Asyikin, Kuala Lumpur Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 12. From data to universal insights In-sight |’in.sit| Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 13. #1 My love for my city is so big that I’m ready to take up every challenge accompanied with this lifestyle Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 14. The City for Life Parent Even with the problems that happen in this huge city, we love to live here. It has so many great restaurants, lots of theatres, shopping malls, parks, the cultural life is very nice here. SP is also the financial capital of the country so lots of business happen here. Changing experience with people around the world will help me and my family to deal with bad stuff that SP has, making our life more enjoyable. Clarissa Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 15. #2 Besides experiencing the dynamics of city life, I want my children to go ‘back to basic’ and not forget about the authentic things in life such as nature Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 16. 2. Going back to basic Starlitsky My daughter loves being outside, so much so that if she wants to go play outside, she will get her shoes and have me put them on and the get my shoes and try to put them on for me. So whether she is just sitting in the grass exploring or getting to run around on a playground she just loves being outside. Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 17. #3 The city can be quite impersonal and I don’t want my children to grow up thinking there are no people who care about them” Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 18. 3. The Modern Family My parents encouraged me to leave the kids at home with them as they love kids and would be more than happy to look after them. It is important in our family that we see the children grow up and they do not spend hours being looked after in a daycare center or a babysitter. We love to keep the ties with the children tight in the family. Supersavvy Sontschi Our families don’t live in Berlin. We Skype regularly with them. My 15month old daughter starts to realize, that her grandparents talk to her through the iPhone or tablet and she loves it. She waves her hand to them and talks something in her baby language. Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 19. #4 Although we live in such a big and sometimes anonymous city, I really want my children to feel safe and at home in our own neighborhood Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 20. Bigmamabrown 4. Getting around Routine trips are to the store, up into town to meet friends, to baby groups and group activities. If we’re staying local, we use the stroller because Iz LOVES to face out and stare at people as we pass, nosy little biddy.*lol*. We have regular play groups in our area, they’re very important for her socialization and for my sanity! Some of them have music and singing, all of them have friends for her to play with, and we love them. Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 21. And…Action! Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 22. Creating positive disruption Urban parents have many reasons for loving the city life, but what reason do parents mention most often when talking about why they like the city? A. Good schooling B. Wide offer of activities C. Many opportunities Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 23. Impact: Repositioning the brand Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 24. SKILLS From looks to skills, from me to we ME LOOKS WE Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 25. New social currency Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 26. New product innovations Prioritize product ideas Guide internal discussions Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 27. The story of the longboardstroller Partner Studio Peter van Riet Viral campaign OVAM Eco Award PRO 2012 Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 28. Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 29. Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 30. Thank you! Questions? Qual360 Europe 2014
  • 31. Qualitative 360 Europe 2014 Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Supported by Organised by