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Location Based Intelligence - Solutions for Business Insights - CPIT

  1. 1. Insight Valley Asia 2013 | May 16 & 17 | Bangkok, Thailand | www.insightvalley.com
  2. 2. Insight Valley Asia 2013 | May 16 & 17 | Bangkok, Thailand | www.insightvalley.comThank you to our sponsor & partners!Gold SponsorSupported byOrganised by
  3. 3. Jean-Yves FargeatSenior Solution Consultant at CPIT Co., Ltd.LOCATION BASEDINTELLIGENCESolutions for businessinsights
  4. 4. AGENDA• Introduction• What is Location Intelligence?• LI Benefits for Sales and Marketing• What about privacy?• Use cases
  6. 6. GALIGEOCOMPANY OVERVIEWAwards :• SAG Award in 2009• ESRI Corporate FoundationPartner of the year 2007• Awarded for outstanding growthachievement by Paris Region• IBM Smarter Commerce Awardfor Innovative SolutionsMore than 50 000 users of Galigeo Location IntelligenceSolutions• Bank & Insurance• Health• Local Governments• Retail• Safety & Security• Telecoms• Transportation• Utilities & Energy – Smart Grid
  8. 8. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATIONRay Kroc, founder of the McDonald’srestaurant chain:“ I’m not in the hamburgerbusiness. My business isreal estate. ”“ …real estate and itslocation is the mostsignificant factor in thesuccess of eachfranchise.”
  9. 9. BELOW THE TIP OF THE ICEBERGTraditional data representation (tables, charts, graphs,…) can’t tell you everything.Why are these 3regionsunderperforming?Competitor
  10. 10. LOCATION INTELLIGENCE CONCEPTLI allows to visualize business data, geo data and market data in thesame time from the same view. Who ? Why ? How much ? What ? When ? Where ?Traditional analyticsMapsPOIsSatellite views …GEO DATAERPCRMBusiness IntelligenceAccountingBUSINESS DATAMarket survey resultsGovernment statistics(population, revenue, ..)Competitor dataMARKET DATALocation Intelligence
  11. 11. UNDERSTAND AND ACTBI can display data on maps, LI allows you to take actions with Bi-directional BI-GIS.Record dataExport selected dataLaunch information andmarketing campaignBusiness IntelligenceProspectsStore ManagerBI + LISenior Manager
  12. 12. BENEFITS FOR SALES ANDMARKETING• Plan, survey, compare and select the location with the best potential• Manage sales territory, sales force distribution and support customer visit.• Understand your business environment, launch localized marketing campaignsand monitor the result to improve your strategy.• Two ways interaction between you and your customers .
  14. 14. ARE WE TRACKED?A few example of sources of personal location information:“Traditional”:• ATM Withdrawal  Banks• Payment with credit or loyalty card  Banks and Seller• Online Purchase Seller, ISP, Webhosts,…• Online Browsing/Search  Search engines, affiliated sites, …“Mobile”:• Placing a call  Network Operator• Roaming across the network  Network Operator• Geo-enabled apps  App provider (FB, Google, Apple,..)Location Data Collection is nothing new
  15. 15. IT’S ALL ABOUT TRUSTLocation Based Intelligence changes the perception customers have of their privacy.To ensure the best customer experience, and long-lasting business it is necessary tobuild a relation of trust.Transparency:Customers should know clearly what is collected, how it can be used, and have away to opt-out and take back this data.Accountability:Only neutral third parties (government, non-profit, businesses) can reassure thecustomers of the companies’ commitment to transparency.
  16. 16. USE CASES
  17. 17. GEOMARKETING USE CASE: RETAILCampaign 1: brochures forLarge VolumesDistributed in the tradeareas with directcommunication access toshopsResults35% of returnimproved from<10% usuallyEuropean retail chain with 100 supermarketsCampaign 2: brochures and ads in specificareas Target 1: retain inactive Gold customers Target 2: reactivate customers less active thanbeforeResults30% of customers return Reduce campaign cost Increase campaign response
  18. 18. SITE SELECTION USE CASE: RETAILInternational retail chain with 1500 supermarketsStep 1: Site Study SelectionMulti Factor Analysis by managementteam to pre-select interesting sites.Pre-selection sent immediately to on-siteteams.
  19. 19. SITE SELECTION USE CASE: RETAILBefore:Treams need to cross-analysemanually multiple data sources Save time and money spent on site study Get the best performance from stores from the startAfter:All info accessible from 1 map => fromstudy to planningStep 2: Site SurveyTeams report directly from mobile device about theirfindings:• Local competitors (location, size, …)• Ease of access• Trade area• …. Data is available in real time, removing the need ofreport collection and input like before.Tablet
  20. 20. SALES OPTIMIZATION: PHARMAMultinational Pharmaceutical Laboratory. Top 20 BioPharmaChallenges: Highly competitive environment with big spending on sales forceStep 1: Potential analysis and Team Management• Assess which area have the best potentialaccording to multiple and complex factors• Assign effectively each areas to a salesteam.
  21. 21. SALES OPTIMIZATION: PHARMA Optimize sales effort (time, distance, visit efficiency…) Get real-time data to and from salesStep 2: Customer Visit OptimizationMobile application with real-time data:• Potential Analysis Data• Agenda• Historical Data• On-the-spot reporting• Route calculation
  22. 22. THANKS!
  23. 23. Insight Valley Asia 2013 | May 16 & 17 | Bangkok, Thailand | www.insightvalley.comThank you to our sponsor & partners!Gold SponsorSupported byOrganised by
  24. 24. Insight Valley Asia 2013 | May 16 & 17 | Bangkok, Thailand | www.insightvalley.com