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Leveraging online qualitative bulletin boards for international research programs - SKIM

Leveraging online qualitative bulletin boards for international research programs - SKIM






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Leveraging online qualitative bulletin boards for international research programs - SKIM Leveraging online qualitative bulletin boards for international research programs - SKIM Presentation Transcript

  • expect great answersLeveraging online qualitative bulletin boardsfor international research programsModerating around the clockDaisy Lau, Marcel Slavenburg
  • Why, when and howto make use of onlinebulletin board?How to get the mostout of it?2Marcelpimp!How do I get the most out of …online bulletin boards
  • Help our client identify white space in theircategory• Global leader providing cleaningand hygienic products andsolutions for businesses to createa healthy workspace• To understand employees’behaviours and needs in theworkplace• Guide the development of newproducts and solutions
  • Why global online qual?• Developing global AND country-level insight• Immediate access to target audiences along with participationand buy-in of local stakeholders• Compressing the time for insight across multiple markets4
  • Why Online Bulletin Boards?• Creative, interactive & comfortable• Flexible in time• Client involvement• Customized questions• Multimedia touchpoints• Quant exercises possible• Semi-ethnographic results
  • What are online bulletin boards?• Moderated online discussion group• Not a free-for-all• Participants recruited and invited asin traditional qual research• Moderated as in traditional qual research• Like other online discussion forums,they are hierarchical or tree-like in structure
  • However, these advantages are accompanied bysignificant challenges and we have learnedimportant lessons
  • Project ScopeTwoweeksTencountries120respondents7,200pages oftranscriptsDailysynopses60% in languagesother than English
  • Time is not always on our side
  • Time is not always on our side• Time zones vary across countries, moderators, country clients,global clients• Challenge of managing and including a global client team (withcountry-specific stakeholders) in the process to provide strong buy-inand insight throughout the process
  • Customize timing to countries• Recruiting and timelines vary by country• Some countries, like Columbia and Brazil take longer to recruit andthe respondents start on the board more slowly• Stagger the recruiting time to start all countries at the same time,or conversely start all at the same time but be flexible in thetiming of when the countries end and when questions andexercises occur for each country• Allow longer response times in some countries
  • Customize recruitment to countries• Over-recruit for each country, as necessary.• China: not at all – 100% participation• Brazil: 50% loss• Think about using custom recruit,instead of panel recruit
  • Customize content to countries• Developing global exercises and questions• Will all exercises work for all countries?• No, they won’t - Especially in Asia Pacific, some projective exercisesare considered silly• Moderators, if they are native speakers, can customize exercises andexplain further as necessary for each country• We see differences in social and work behavior norms• Differences in ability and willingness to self-report by uploadingpictures and videos
  • Get the idiom right – native language moderatorsmake a differenceThank you for agreeing toparticipate in our bulletinboard‘Meu nome é Mario e onosso objetivo aqui é lhefazer diferentes perguntassobre o seu ambiente detrabalho, e tornar o seuenvolvimento neste projeto,在这两个星期里,您的主要职责是每天登录,因为我们大概每隔一天就要发布练习,需要您运用想像和创意来完成。此外,我们可能会每天向您提出新的和后续问题请您回答。Le forum en ligne nest pasun espace de discussion entemps réel. Il nest pasnécessaire de resterconnecté à chaque instant dela journée!Sie müssen sich allerdingsmindestens zweimal am Tageinloggen. Auch dies ist inerster Linie deswegen, weilwir Sie immer wieder darumbitten werden, eine kreativeÜbung zu absolvieren.Außerdem ist es gut, wennSie nachsehen, was esNeues an der Pinnwand gibt.Всего на форуме нас 15–20человек, которые будутделиться различнойинформацией.Nuestra cartelera estáconformada por personas queestán en situaciones similaresa la suya, en todo Colombia.Hay otras nueve cartelerasWe are eager tounderstand how your vhere may (or may not)different from those ofpeople in other countrie
  • Engage participants where they are• Build and maintain a personal relationship• Start with easy and exciting task• Show the bigger picture to stimulate discussion• Individual follow-up creates comfortableatmosphere• Easy to use platforms ensures importantinformation is not missed
  • Online qual enables multimedia responses.It’s great, yet challenging…Without native moderators, images may be interpreted incorrectly
  • Participants like the change of pace of ourMaxDiff exercisesMaxDiff exercises are also good because they are less affected bycultural/country variations so you can use the results comparatively andas a rollup across regions and globally.
  • Great results from heat maps arose from serialconcept testingDifferent markup and highlighting tools generated individual responses.Heat maps provide country specific as well as global insights
  • It has been fun though at thebeginning. I liked the shift inquestions (…) using a variety oftools, and thinking outside the box.It definitely got me thinking about myhealth around the office this past week,lets hope I dont wind up catching acold now!This is the first time that I have participated in anonline discussion board, and I think that it is auseful tool.It was really interesting to see what different people found important. We all havedifferent histories and experiences with health and our responses show this.Engaged respondents = good data
  • Communicate, communicate, communicateDebriefsessionwith clientModeratorsdebriefsessions inSKIM
  • Concrete personas to guide and stimulatebrainstorming“I always start my day with a cup ofcoffee…In my ideal workspace,there will be lots of windows...Iwish I can have more natural lightin my current workspace…Health isimportant to me because…I’m veryanxious about getting sick duringflu season…I think it will be helpfulif my employer can provide mewith…”
  • Questions
  • Daisy Lau | Project Manager HealthcareD.Lau@skimgroup.com+31 10 282 35 26Marcel Slavenburg | Research Director Qualitativem.slavenburg@skimgroup.com+31 10 282 35 71contact us or follow us online!