Integrating lead users into the innovation management process - TNS


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Integrating lead users into the innovation management process - TNS

  1. 1. ©TNS 2012Integrating lead usersinto the innovationmanagement processA case study from the financialindustryBerlin, 18th April 2013Qualitative 360 Europe
  2. 2. ©TNS 20122INTRODUCTIONA Case StudyOutlook
  3. 3. ©TNS 2012IntroductionBusiness growth is primarily driven by successful innovations …To make an impact on ourclients´business we need toidentify opportunities forinnovation rather thanfocusing on minimizing risk. … however 60 to 80 %of new product launches fail in the first year! Our Point of View:INTRODUCTION
  4. 4. ©TNS 2012 Strong insights to pave the way for strategically-focusedidea generation and concept development Co-Creation: the right consumer at the right time Balance of creativity and discipline Turning exciting ideas intodifferentiating and relevant concepts Strong cooperation betweenqualitative and quantitative researchTNS Qualitative is an experienced partner throughoutthe innovation journeyOur guiding principles and believes
  5. 5. ©TNS 2012TNS Qualitative: Our Co-Creation ToolsDiscover DevelopSuperGroupTMIdea generation based oninsight-platformsDevelopment of most promisingideas into concepts aligned with theclients strategic objectivesInsightmentTMRobust, actionable consumerinsights that inspire newbusiness opportunities,supported by observations ofhuman behaviorConcept Greenhousing• Concept training and concept consultancy• Supports and accompanies clients internal innovation processEarly Innovation Journey: Filling up the innovation pipelineTNSQualitative:additionalsupportBuildinginternalcompanyknowledgeSuperClinicTMQualitative concept evaluationand concept optimizationTrain
  6. 6. ©TNS 20126IntroductionA CASE STUDYOutlookCustomer UnderstandingCo-IdeationFrom Ideas to Concepts
  7. 7. ©TNS 2012The starting pointCustomers‘ trust intheir banks waskilled in thefinancial crisis.Digital technology isrevolting currentcontact points andcustomer relations.We need a totally newapproach to interactwith our clients.7CASE STUDY
  8. 8. ©TNS 20121. 2. 3.Needed: A new approach to tackle the challenge!Break through taboos,observe and accompanycustomers in their reallife environment withregard to their financialhabits anddecisionsMaking use of thespecifics of online as‚state of the art‘channel to gather inputfor the development ofnew contact ideas andprovide added valueMaximum Efficiency inthe early stage of ideageneration for the directinvolvement of stake-holders into the process
  9. 9. ©TNS 2012Our Approach: An online-offlinejourney from insights to conceptsCustomerUnderstandingIndividual blogsUnderstand customerneeds – as basis forinnovationCo-IdeationOnline CommunityCo-CreationDevelop ideasinteractively withmainstreamcustomers, creativecustomers & stake-holdersFilter &EnrichmentIdea Filter &EnrichmentWorkshopThe marketing & R&Dteam selects andcompiles the bestideas to build theminto initial draftconceptsCheck &OptimizationCreative ConceptWorkshopwith Super GroupersIdeas / concepts arerefined & optimized withconcept-trained creativecustomers
  10. 10. ©TNS 2012Step 1:Customer Understanding – Gaininsights to pave the way forstrategically-focused idea generation
  11. 11. ©TNS 2012Our online blog:2 weeks individual postings, mutual discussions and direct spotsinto real financial habits and motivations.11CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDINGHome Contact Security Log OutWelcome modern bank customers!Welcome to our forum about the subject of‚Modern Banking’!Forum – Day 1New: 3 Topics, 4 Posts, 9 CommentsForum – Today‘s TopicCenterpiece of our two weeks’ blog will always be the forum. We will work on a new topic eachday, which will be introduced to you every morning at 10h a.m. on the first page in the forum.Please, pay also attention to and make use of the navigation bar on the left side.Here, you will find useful tips, that should inspire and help you when replying to the various tasksand discussions we have prepared for you. Please, take a look for stimulation.Under “Inspiration & Pin board” would will find general inspiration. Here you will find space foryour own spontaneous ideas and suggestions – that may come to your mind when dealing withour tasks and topics.For all new arrivals: Please fill in your profile with a picture, a nick name and with some infosabout yourself.30 respondents, 2 weeks:Bank customers, using onlinebanking and internet forfinancial informationQuotas on income, mix ofsupplier, lifestyle, age,Interested in & open-mindedre financial issuesTalkative, eloquent
  12. 12. ©TNS 2012A meticulous plan of interaction12Today‘s TopicForum DiscussionIndividual BlogsIntroduction,Meet & Greet,RoutinesDefinition:ModernBankingRegular Habits& TouchpointsProduct ChoiceDiscuss andshare ideas:‘You, yourmoney, yourbank..?’Associations& thoughts:‚ModernBanking‘Discuss Today’sBankingtouchpointsInformationsources: “Whathelps you totake decisions”Fill in yourprofileDiscover thesiteCreate aCollage:‚ModernBanking‘AxisPlacement:“How do youmanage whatkind offinancialissue?”Photo album:“Show us yourinspirationsources forfinancialdecisions”Making use of the directness of the medium to break taboos andto get as close as possible to the reality of customers life.DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY …
  13. 13. ©TNS 2012Home Contact Log OutSecurityA variety of joint discussions, mini polls, activities…… to share and discuss ideas, thoughts, motivations13‚Modern Banking‘ –What does it stand for you? Tell us your thoughts, ideas and associations!Forum – Day 2
  14. 14. ©TNS 2012Home Contact Security Log OutA variety of joint discussions, mini polls, activities…… to learn how they handle financial affairs14Sort these tasksaccording tofrequency andtouchpointInvestment advisoryTOUCHPOINTSFREQUENCY
  15. 15. ©TNS 2012A variety of joint discussions, mini polls, activities…… to observe how they decide on financial products / offers15What did help you to take your financialdecision? Describe us how you did proceed!Show us what has helped you to decide? What did inspire you?Show us what has helped you to decide? What did inspire you?Of course, you are collecting information from everywhere,talk to friends, listen to word-of-mouth… BUT I wouldn‘tdecide without having consulted an expert… I would not takethe risk!“It’s quite simple to get the information you need. Isimply compare offers in the internet and then I decide.
  16. 16. ©TNS 2012A variety of joint discussions, mini polls, activities…… to collect direct spots and experiences from relevant touchpoints16Home Contact Security Log OutAll I need to manage my bank affairs is my banking cockpit –the key thing to have everything easily at your sight, I don’twant spending time to click around for a simple overview.These are my friend Harry, my father and Tim myinsurance agent, they know everything aboutinvestments. I had some money to invest, so I turnedfor their advise. There is no one I would trust more!‚Think back on any contacts you have had this week re financial issues, what areyour key touch points, when we speak finances?Blog – Day 3
  17. 17. ©TNS 2012Analysing data for insights17Findings are structured, compiled, analysed and interpreted to understandthe WHAT, HOW and WHY of today‘s banking behaviour.By digging into the gaps between needs and reality the central INSIGHTS arefound – apt to drive the market.What is an Insight? Our Insight Trinity„I tend to manage bank affairs onmy own …”„… because money matters to me,it’s part of my success!”„… BUT sometimes I just can’t keepup with the news!”
  18. 18. ©TNS 2012Topic: Carefree SimplicityTopic: Technology that shows a heartInsightplatforms18Insights are wrapped in common platforms!Being narratives of the reality, they serve as the starting point forinnovation!Description of the platform:This topic is about the wish to combine online conveniencewith a personal contact with experts to rise questions andto have some directly at your hands.Topic: Technology that shows a heartTopic: Technology that shows a heartTopic: Carefree SimplicityDescription of the platform:This topic is about the wish to minimize efforts andsimplification of financial issues and the request forfinancial service providers discharging customers andpreventing them to get stuck in complicated, long-windingdecisions and procedures.Topic: Carefree Simplicity
  19. 19. ©TNS 2012Step 2:Online Co-Ideation – Createinnovative ideas for a moderncustomer-bank relationship
  20. 20. ©TNS 2012Our creative online forum:6 Days of online-ideation. Output 40 idea profiles.20ONLINE CO-IDEATIONHome Contact Security Log OutWelcome to our creative forum!Our Community about ‚Modern Banking‘starts its second round!Creative Forum – Day 1New: 3 Topics, 4 Posts, 9 CommentsForum – Today‘s TopicMany thanks for being back again and taking part in our creative blog!Please read out these information carefully before we will get started on Thursday 13th ,September at 10h a.m.We have prepared a detailed plan of our creative blog and have gathered all relevant informationfor you to know, what to expect the coming 6 days.It would great if you could login each morning at about 10h a.m. for the introduction of the topicof the day and the explanation of the task we have figured our for you to get creative. But ofcourse this in not a pre-condition.Though, what is really important:On the following pages you will find some creative homework to warm up. Please take the timeto accomplish this tasks until we get started with our creative forum.
  21. 21. ©TNS 2012The team:The perspectives of a heterogeneous team are key to success216 Active BloggersNarrators of real lifeAs target group, they bringin their experience andlearning from the first blog,to help developing ideasthat link to theirreality.As engaged bloggers,they build on thecreative inputof the SuperGroupers.Conductors, steeringfrom the sidelineYou can steer the processwith your regular.New impulses toencourage and to takeideas further towardsalignmentwith your strategicobjectivesClient team (2)Conductors, steeringfrom the sidelineThey steer the process withregular feedback: Givingnew impulses to encourageand to take ideas furthertowards alignmentwith the relevant,internal strategicobjectives.6 Super GroupersGuarantors of creativitySuper Groupers injectcreativity and boost theprocess with their energy,they surprise with excellentout of the boxthinking.
  22. 22. ©TNS 2012Who are these ‚Super Groupers‘?22Some people have good ideas. Creative people have better ideas. Skilledcreative people have the best ideas!They are lead users with a keen sense of trends, prepared to questionthe status quo and to translate this into new ideas.Recruiting Creative CustomersRigorous testing and training to ensure that we recruitonly the best: Super Group applicants have to passthrough a multi-level process to become a Super Grouper.Super GrouperTM inject creativity andenergy are team player are extraordinary lateralthinkers are able to create lots ofsolutions to a problemfrom diverse perspectives are selected on categoryexperience are expert conceptwriters
  23. 23. ©TNS 2012A new orchestration of our proven principlesCreativity and discipline need to be evolved differently online!& DICSCIPLINReal-lifegroundednessneeds to inspire,rather thanslowing down theprocess!Inspiring creativityneeds to be ignitedand fostered despitethe virtual,asynchronousenvironment!The creative sparkneeds to be heldalive and motivationrenewed over alonger period!We have to ensure thatall are on the sametrack and work towardsthe same goal, thoughwe have parallel accessand asynchronousinterventions!
  24. 24. ©TNS 201224Getting started: Head GymIn an environment without faceto face contact support isextremely needed in order tofoster creativity. Individualexercises can help the way! Warm up! Open up! Train & practice! Discover secretly! Get motivated! Experience creativity!
  25. 25. ©TNS 2012 Individual preparationvia homework Individual brain-storming on first ideasHomeworkBe aware: Clarity and structure meet new challengesGroup dynamic and parallelism of posts require special attention25 Ideation rules toinspire and guide theprocess A class schedule witha common startingpoint for all each day;introducing theplatform and creativetask for each day Detailed introductionof participants andtheir different roles Precise explanationof the process overthe 6 days to comeRules & ClassscheduleIntroductionDAY 2DAY 3DAY 4DAY 6BSGCL
  26. 26. ©TNS 2012Above all: Creativity needs to be encouraged…Take advantage of everyday closeness & immediate online access!26Home Contact Security Log OutCreative Forum – Day 1New: 3 Topics, 4 Posts, 9 Comments
  27. 27. ©TNS 2012Home Contact Security Log OutInspiration & Pin board: Our creative galleryNew: 9 Posts, 3 Comments…and stimulated over time!Open for inspiration: A creative gallery for idea bits and input fromhomework or creative exercises!27
  28. 28. ©TNS 2012Step 3,4:Offline-Client Workshops: Filter,enrich, check and optimize to turnraw ideas into real concepts
  29. 29. ©TNS 2012A detailed process…FILTER, ENRICHMENT & CONCEPT WRITINGIdea Filter and EnrichmentIdeas are linked with strategy Review and screening Condensation Enhancing with existing ideas Clustering into idea clusters Enrichment with insights29To select the best…… Promising?… Relevant?… Unique?… Fits the brand strategy?… Feasibility? Realizable withinthe set time frame?
  30. 30. ©TNS 2012Co-Creative Concept WritingStrong ideas need strongconcepts!30Idea No 45: FinancialWikipediaI like managing financesmyself, as many matters to me.But I just miss the time tokeep up to really understandthe market dynamics.Xxx-Pedia now offers the newgateway from customers torcustomers, helping you tounderstand financial issues.Xxx-Pedia explains financialissues in customers languageshowing. Advanced andsuccessful investors reply toyour queries.XXX-Pedia take the easy way,become an financial expert. Direct co-creation betweenclients and Super Grouper Discussion of ideas Fine tuning with creativity Enrichment with goodbusiness sense Optimization by feedbackloops
  31. 31. ©TNS 201231IntroductionA case studyOUTLOOK
  32. 32. ©TNS 2012A new mix forinnovative ideaswith relevance:The Online forumgives way to a new,ideal combination ofcustomer closenessand creativityA new way to thelead user concept:Combine engagedcustomers andcreative customers;FacilitaterecruitmentA new approachfor efficiency:Clients involvementcan be streamlinedand mainly focusedon final conceptdevelopmentAt the End?32OUTLOOK