Mobile market research: a new drink or old wine in a new bottle?


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Mobile market research: a new drink or old wine in a new bottle?

Palanivel Kuppusamy - Founder & Chief Executive Officer - iPinion Surveys

Understanding the biggest value of mobile market research. Appreciating the possibilities of engaging with customers through various channels. Understanding why mobile market research is becoming a major tool in the research tool kit. Discussing how mobile market research is shaping the future of research.

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Mobile market research: a new drink or old wine in a new bottle?

  1. 1. Market Research and Consumer Insights in the mobile worldNew drink or Old wine in a new bottle ? Pala Kuppusamy CEO and Founder +1.614.822.8889 July 2011
  2. 2. The 10 billion phenomenonYou ignore mobile = Mobile users will ignore you 2
  3. 3. The journey so far…WE are just starting to realize the potential. 3
  4. 4. And the story of Elephant and six blind menSix blind men set out to find out how anelephant looks like. As they approached anelephant, each of them got in contact withdifferent parts of the elephant. The one whotouched the legs said its like a tree, the onewho felt the body said its like a huge wall,the one who held the tail said its like a rope,the one who got the trunk trunk said its likea python, the one who touched the earssaid its like a hand fan and the one whofelt the tusk said its like a spear.
  5. 5. The Avatars Quantitative Surveys Qualitative Surveys Media measurement Web / app usage analytics Behavior analytics Location targeting Face-to-face In-the-moment Social-Mobile-Local 5
  6. 6. New drink or Old wine in a new bottle ?I’ll give you MY answer upfront: It’s a new drink. 6
  7. 7. One thing everyone agrees lately:Smartphones are changing a lot of behaviors –not only the way people communicate, but alsothe way they consume media, information andentertainment. 7
  8. 8. Appliances to AppsIn the consumer goods proliferation era wherewe spent most of our lives, there was a productfor everything. Especially in the USA.Now there is an app for everything. No morePDAs, no more walkmans, no more voicerecorders, no more compass, no more books totake along, no more board games… Half amillion apps! 8
  9. 9. So what? What more will these smartphones and the apps replace? More importantly, what new behaviors will these create? And more specifically (and selfishly) what will this mean to us, Market Researchers and Consumer Insights professionals? 9
  10. 10. Then and Now 12 months back TodayResearchers were concerned about Companies like Bestbuy have testedthe representativeness of using and validated that smartphone surveyssmartphone surveys and samples. are statistically comparable to online survey data.There were questions like ‘Are there Nielsen projects that 50% of US mobileenough smartphone users?’ population will be smartphone users by Q3 2011.There were questions around who will Today, research shows that app usageprefer an App over mobile sites and has overtaken web usage onwhy. smartphones. 10
  11. 11. Client Differences Some were still trying to stuff their long 40 qn online surveys into these devices and were worried about the screen limitations and scrolling While Others were watchful of the user experience by making it engaging, interesting and in-the- moment. 11
  12. 12. Client Differences Some were expecting the same set of grids and complex conditions to be ported on to these small devices While Others were fascinated by the new ways of getting response using media functions and touch functions of the smart devices. 12
  13. 13. Client Differences Some were digging deep into the traditional quota management and worried not being able to do such real-time quota controls in offline survey responses while Others exalted at the offline capabilities solving many head-aches for them operationally. 13
  14. 14. Client Differences Some were concerned about the learning curve in launching surveys via smartphones while Others were thrilled about 10 cool new ways to launch a survey on these smart devices. 14
  15. 15. Client Differences Some experienced researchers argued that the smartphone surveys will not be representative while Some innovation leaders welcomed the idea of reaching to respondents in innovative ways, especially to specific demographics 15
  16. 16. Beyond the past How can mobile MR push the boundaries in engaging with consumers and in gaining holistic insights? – Rich designs to engage respondents – In-the-moment surveys – Passive data collection – Geo fencing – In-app experience – Game-like experience – Social media connect 16
  17. 17. Creating engaging experience‣ Media usage  Video  Audio  Images‣ Game like experiences - Concept Canvas - Perception mapping - Image sorting - Concept Test Heat Map 17
  18. 18. Multiple Touch Points For deeper Insights Cool ways to reach and engage • Push notifications • Geo triggering • Self initiated • Diary • QR triggered • Face-to-face with tablets • SMS • Email • Web / App intercepts • Ad networkMobile allows to reach and engage respondents in multiple ways
  19. 19. Richer engagement on Smartphones and tablets Online surveys  Richer experience with mobile survey designs
  20. 20. Convenience with QR codes QR code can be printed anywhere:  Cash receipts  Packages  Events Consumer scans the QR code and survey pops up instantlyIt is possible to embed information likevisitor code, date of visit, store no. etcin the QR code and automatically passit to the survey when initiated 20
  21. 21. Capturing the moments of truth  Mobile = In the Moment – 28% perform shopping activities on their mobile while in store 1 – 25% share shopping experience on their mobile while in store 21 Experian Simmons 2010 American Mobile Consumer Report, March 5, 2010 2 ListenLogic Mobile Social Shoppers Report, 2011 2 1
  22. 22. Convenience for interviewersTablet Surveys at the Exit / at the aisles • Long battery life • Offline capabilities • Better response / engagement
  23. 23. Talking their language: App Mobile offers possibilities to engage the new gen for surveys, in their way of doing things: • Native App experience • Push notifications • Social Media integration • Instant Rewards management • Location sensitive language options
  24. 24. From Surveys to Insights How can Mobile MR go beyond ‘surveys’ and become an ‘insights’ and analytics tool? – Ask only when you have to ask – Listen whenever you can – Ask only what you have to ask – Use technology to marry the data and connect the dots for continuum 24
  25. 25. We can guess the answers already Will smartphone data collection eat into the market of online surveys ? / CATI ? Will smartphone data collection increase the pie of MR data collection? Will smartphone data collection become important not because of survey capabilities but because of other powerful means of data collection? Passively for instance? Will smartphone data collection be a special tool serving only a niche in the overall MR data collection? Will smartphone data collection be more powerful for consumer insights than market research? 28
  26. 26. Field Forces : FOR Mobile Behavioral/lifestyle changes of survey takers Continuation of decrease in online survey completion rates An industry challenged on many fronts, most recently players practicing in social media offering services like “sentiment measurement” as an alternative to understand consumer attitudes Continued threat of being moved lower in the value chain 29
  27. 27. Field Forces : AGAINST Mobile A “classic” change problem (people, in this case researchers, don’t readily adopt change) Existing research models utilize questionnaires of specific length and structure Existing research programs funded by existing budgets 30
  28. 28. The iPinion Team Thanks You Executive Team Board of Advisors Pala Kuppusamy Founder & CEO Michael Skarzynski Advisor Former CEO, Arbitron Jeff Linenfelser VP, Sales Peter Milla Advisor Former CIO, Harris Interactive Hari Saravanan SVP, Product ManagementSteven von BevernSVP, Client Services
  29. 29. Presented at: Market Research in the Mobile World 2nd International Conference | July 19 & 20, 2011 AtlantaOrganized by: Thank you to sponsors:LinkedIn Group: Mobile MRUpcoming Merlien Events: GreenBook Directory: GreenBook.orgMarket Research Blog: New Qual Blog & Directory: NewQualitative.orgGet Inspired. Stay Informed. Cut Through the Clutter. Sign up for our free email newsletter