Digital Qualitative From Add-On to Core - GfK


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Presented by Nehal Medh, Managing Director, Consumer Experiences, GfK
at Qualitative360 Asia 2013
19-21 November 2013, Singapore

This event is proudly organised by Merlien Institute
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Digital Qualitative From Add-On to Core - GfK

  1. 1. November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360
  2. 2. Platinum Sponsor Media Sponsors Association Partners
  3. 3. DIGITAL QUALITATIVE FROM ADD-ON TO CORE Nehal Medh, Managing Director, GfK CE, Singapore Ashok Sethi, Regional Development Director, GFK CE, APAC 1
  4. 4. Digital qual – a large bag of tricks Video diaries/tours Online Diaries/Blogs Depth interviews Online ethnography Online communities Upload photos/images Group discussions 2
  5. 5. Toolbox Getting to know you! I live in the great hot and humid city of Taiwan. I am originally from Hong Kong and moved here 2 years ago. I came here site unseen, so I guess one way to describe myself adventurous or trusting. I knew I can adapt in most places, but so far so good. I came here as a baker selling biscotti online. Now, I work as a fitness instructor ( two colliding worlds). I teach outdoor bootcamps, yoga and Zumba. I started as a Indoor cycling instructor in Hong Kong and came to Taipei to continue those classes. I still teach Spinning, but now I own my own fitness business too. My best friends would describe me as loyal, hard working, committed, and lovable. I would say the same of them! I am passionate about being healthy and feeling the best I can. Being free spirited and not take what I do for a living so serious. It's supposed to be fun and I want all my clients to think so too. Life is about filling your small circle with people who make you feel yourself and being the best person you can be. Well the basics...32 years old, father of 2 boys, and married. The way my best friend would describe me is a happy, honest very simple person works hard and plays hard as well. They would also tell you that I am a automotive junkie and enjoy a good bike ride in the woods. I moved from London to Hong Kong 5 years ago and I love it. The thing that I am most passionate about right now is helping my 7 year old son and share his artwork. He has an amazing talent that hopefully the right person will take note of one day! 3
  6. 6. Toolbox Context Activities Show Me’s Pictures say a thousand words Sunscreens for Active Families Where Beer 'Lives' in the Home 4
  7. 7. Toolbox Behavior Activities Diaries TEXT & PHOTO DIARIES VIDEO DIARIES 5
  8. 8. Toolbox Example of specific activities Mark up tool The mark up tool let you integrate concept testing in the flow of your project, which makes individual connection between the platform and the concept testing more easy 6
  9. 9. Toolbox Analysis Word clouds and Word trees The Word Cloud is great for showing you the frequency of words in your data, at just a glance. The Word Tree make it easy to see what context words are being used in. The word tree allows for detailed qualitative analysis, as it illustrates the way in which language is being used within your study. 7
  10. 10. Case Study: ‘Digital Natives’
  11. 11. Qualitative examination using SocioLog 33 Digital Natives Research objectives • • • • 14 – 18 year olds 4 days 24 hours a day ~ 3100 hours for project Media use and Consumer behaviour, now and in the future This digital qualitative project was conducted to develop hypotheses for the year 2020 9
  12. 12. Themes that we identified 1. Online and offline world create a unified experience 2. Convenience and instant gratification 3. Stores become showrooms 4. Mobile devices are an extension of the body and of the self 5. Honesty, transparency and trust are valued in brand communication 6. Media consumption through various channels 7. Demand for specialized shops/ end shopping portals 8. Online offers a convenient and comprehensive alternative to offline shopping 10
  13. 13. DIGITAL GOES MOBILE Your personal ethnographer 11
  14. 14. APPLICATIONS OF MOBILE RESEARCH Exploratory Consumption / Use Diaries Brand Switch Decisions Service provider and consumer discussions Sales Force Effectiveness Call Backs A Day in the Life of .. Reveal hidden opportunities for your brand 12
  15. 15. The Brief This is the story of ‘Eating & Drinking on-the-go’ Using GfK’s online qualitative mobile app and inviting respondents from 10 countries/areas, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan. The aim was to understand the eating, drinking or snacking on-the-go in different countries within APAC… 13
  16. 16. The smartphone app Experiences are captured as they happen and instantly shared: The app is intuitive and easy to use. The app is free to download for the iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices, enabling the research team to be in the pocket of the consumer. Mobile diaries Capturing experience Shopping activity 14
  17. 17. Research – Key Facts The aim was to keep respondents engaged and refreshed across the 4 day core period The sheer volume of material generated across 4 days of activities – 225 pages no less! – testament to the depth of feedback we were able to achieve The level of access to each respondent over this period exceeded what we can achieve by using a face to face interviewing approach 27 active users 4 days with activities 9 activities 225 pages of output 15
  18. 18. Putting ‘play’ into practice Photo / texting on-the-go all the time Respondents were encouraged to take photos of any food and drink they were buying and any shops or food outlets which they visited throughout the whole research period. Uploading was via their smart phones. Getting to know you Respondents were asked about their lives, lifestyles, family life, AND how eating and drinking on-the-go fits with their daily routine. Bus Tour We asked respondents to take us on a ‘Bus Tour’ of their favourite ‘stops’ to purchase food on-the-go, helping us to capture what they buy, where they buy and who they are with Competition time! Respondents needed to write a letter to their favourite brand outlining their top 3 reasons why they love it. Quick Poll To break up the activities, we launched quick polls for all participants 16
  19. 19. Example outputs from Australian, Chinese and Indian participants Letters to brands reveal genuine vocabulary and real consumer thinking… 17
  20. 20. Example outputs from a Singaporean participant D C A B 18
  21. 21. Capturing on-the-go: Photo Gallery 19
  22. 22. Also ensures engaged and creative respondents Respondents consistently give us positive feedback on the SocioLog.dx experience… On the whole, it was a fun experience! It gave me many inspiration and very fun. Thank you so much! This is indeed a great app and loved the session. .. Very nice experience! Thank you for such creative design! Really enjoyed doing this research, thank you. 20
  23. 23. GAMES PEOPLE PLAY 21
  24. 24. Understand Gamification – the digital projective techniques As one of the key words in current digital world, Gamification is the practice of applying powerful behavior motivating techniques from traditional games to non-game experiences, to solve problems and engage audiences. 24 Game Mechanics of Gamification Blissful Productivity Bonuses Cascading Information Theory Achievements Appointment Behavioral Momentum Combos Community Collaboration Countdown Discovery Epic Meaning Free Lunch Infinite Gameplay Levels Loss Aversion Lottery Ownership Points Progression Quests Reward Schedules Status Urgent Optimism Virality 22
  25. 25. Gamification in Digital qualitative Avatar When registering for the research, respondents build their own avatar based on their own personal information (gender, age, occupation, etc.) They can use the points they get from survey to dress themselves. And some activities will give respondents limited edition items to motivate them. (e.g. a virtual smartphone after finishing a mobile-related survey). Are you…? Male Your occupation is…? Female General staff Student Management House wife Professional Step 1 23
  26. 26. Gamification in Digital qual Comics maker Happy Laugh Comics maker in SocialLog provides users various rage, funny faces to encourage respondents use them to create their own comics to express and share their feelings and experiences. Think Comic maker Shock Angry Sad 24
  27. 27. But why ask questions at all when consumers are baring themselves on social media? News Sites Client Sites Forums Review Sites Blogs Public Communities & Networks Video Sites 25
  28. 28. But extracting insights from social media requires ‘intelligence’ rather than just ‘mining’ or ‘analysis’ Moving the emphasis away from raw data… …and towards insight and recommendations 26
  29. 29. Example of SMA challenges Relevant or not? or or 27
  30. 30. Example of SMA challenges Positive!!! Ahm, wait… negative? “It’s so great, that the UK Olympics are sponsored only by American brands…” Irony, sarcasm, slang are common in the web and bias many analyses! 28
  31. 31. Example of SMA challenges What’s your point of view? Germany‘s soccer team is much better than that of the US. Positive! 29
  32. 32. Example of SMA challenges What’s your point of view? “Germany‘s soccer team is much better than that of the US.“ Negative! 30
  33. 33. To Sum 31
  34. 34. 32
  35. 35. The Tools Are There 33
  36. 36. HALLENGE 34
  37. 37. THANK YOU 35
  38. 38. Platinum Sponsor Media Sponsors Association Partners
  39. 39. November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360